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L.A. Noire Game Guide: Locations List

Our L.A. Noire locations guide below presents some of the most important points of interest that must be visited by players while exploring Los Angeles, as Cole Phelps, the main character of the game.

The guide offers additional information about these locations, as well as their in-game addresses and other tips that will help detective Cole Phelps to solve the cases faster.

Released on May 17, 2011, L.A. Noire is one of the most expected video games of 2011.

The title was developed by Team Bondi in association with Rockstar Games, a video games studio well known among those who played other open-world action adventure games, such as GTA or Mafia.

Unlike the GTA video games, L.A. Noire is focused on reproducing the City of Los Angeles as it was almost 60 years ago, when the action in the game takes place.

Some of the locations existed in real-life, while others were created by developers.

Furthermore, players should know that in L.A Noire, the city of Los Angeles is divided in neighborhoods, such as Downtown, Hollywood, Westlake and Wilshire.

The fastest way to reach a location in L.A Noire is by driving a car, especially because the player is allowed to skip the driving scenes, thanks to the trip-skip mechanism implemented in the game.

L.A. Noire Locations List

111 Club – One of the locations visited by Cole Phelps, as a Vice Desk Detective


Boo’s Bros Cafeteria

Bullocks Wilshire – The Wilshire department store. Address: 3050 Wilshire Blvd.


City Hall

Central Morgue – Dr. Malcolm Carruthers location

Central Police Station – HQ of the LAPD, in L.A. Noire. Located in the Downtown neighborhood, at the intersection of 1st and Hill Streets.

Central Receiving Hospital – L. A. Noire City Hospital. Located near the Central Police Station.

Crossroads of the World – The outdoor shopping mall located in the Hollywood neighborhood.


D’Assine – Fashion Store located in the Hollywood neighborhood. Address: 6582 Hollywood Blvd.


Egyptian Theater – Also known as Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre.

El Dorado – A bar and one of the locations that must be visited during The Silk Stocking case investigations.


Grauman’s Chinese Theatre – Located in the Hollywood neighborhood


Hall of Records – Also known as Los Angeles County Hall of Records. Can be found west of the City Hall.

Hartfield’s Jewelry Store – Located in the Downtown neighborhood. Address: 535 S. Broadway.

Hollywood and Highland Center – An entertainment complex located in the Hollywood neighborhood.


Joe’s Drive-in Diner

Just Picked – A fruit market located near El Dorado (across the street).


L.A. County Art Museum – A museum located on on Exposition Boulevard.

Los Angeles Public Library -One of the locations that must be visited during the The Silk Stocking case.

Los Angeles Times Building – HQ of the Los Angeles Times newspaper. Located in the Downtown neighborhood.


Mallory’s Cafe

Mocambo – A nightclub which existed in real life. It was opened on on January 3, 1941, and closed 18 years later.

Musso & Frank Grill – Address: 6667 Hollywood Boulevard.


News View Building

Nunn Bush Shoes – The crime scene in the Buyer Beware case. The store is located in the Downtown neighborhood at 605 W. 7th St.


Parsons Boarding House

Pacific Electric Railyard – A railyard located in the Downtown neighborhood of L.A

Pershing Square – A park in the Downtown neighborhood.


Ray’s Cafe – A Restaurant in L.A.

Riverside Slaughterhouse – One of the locations that must be investigated in order to solve The Driver’s Seat case.

Roosevelt Hotel – In L. A Noire the hotel can be found at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard.


Superior Laundry

Shoe Emporium – A shoe store located at 2065 W. 6th St.


The Bamba Club – A bar visited by Cole Phelps in the The Red Lipstick Murder case.

The Blue Room – A Jazz club located on Broadway, in the Downtown neighborhood.

The Broadway-Hollywood – A departments store in the Hollywood neighborhood.

The Moors – A crime scene the Hollywood neighborhood.

The Silver Screen Prop Store – A store visited by Phelps in The Fallen Idol case. The store can be found in the Downtown neighborhood of L.A, at 248 S. Figueroa Street.


Union Station – A rail terminal located in the Downtown neighborhood.


Westlake Savings & Loans – A bank and a crime scene located in the Westlake neighborhood.

Wilshire Police Station – In L.A. Noire this police station is also known as the Wilshire Division. It can be found in the Wilshire neighborhood of L.A.

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