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L.A. Noire Game Guide: Handguns List

L.A. Noire is an open-world action adventure video game, and also a third-person shooter.

Since the action in the game takes place in Los Angeles, and the main character, Cole Phelps is a detective, the presence of various weapons in the game, was a necessity.

The list of weapons in L.A. Noire can be divided in categories: melee weapons, handguns, rifles, shotguns and sub-machine guns (SMGs).

Each category includes more than one weapon, and every weapon has different stats and attributes.

The guide below refers strictly to the handguns featured in L.A. Noire. Some of the weapons described below, can be equipped by the main character, or by Cole’s partners.

Other weapons may appear during certain investigations, or are used by suspects to defend themselves; however players should know that each handgun in L.A. Noire is different.

Our L.A. Noire weapons guide tries to offer additional information about the handguns included in the video game developed by Rockstar Games and Team Bondi.

L.A. Noire Handguns List

Star Model P

The Star Model P is a handgun (pistol) and Cole’s main weapon in L.A. Noire. This handgun is also known as theStar Bonifacio Echeverria Model P, and it was used between 1945 and 1997. The Star Model P handgun is made in Spain, and its features are similar to those of a Colt M1911, including the .45 caliber.  The weapon’s weight is 1085g, while the barrel has 122 mm. Star Model P is a semi-automatic weapon capable to carry up to 7 bullets.

Browning Hi-Power

The Browning Hi-Power semi-automatic pistol was also designed by John Browning, but unlike the Colt M1911, the project was finished in Belgium, by Dieudonné Saive at Fabrique Nationale.

Another difference between this handgun and the M1911 is that the Browning Hi-Power’s magazine can hold up to 13 rounds and it is a .40 caliber handgun.

.38 Detective Revolver

In L.A. Noire, the .38 Detective Revolver is a handgun used by several detectives, including Roy Earle, Stefan Bekowsky, and Herschel Biggs. It is a single-shot revolver featuring a barrel that can hold up to 6 rounds.

The production of this weapon started in 1927 and ended in 1986. The weapon’s name indicates that this revolver was a weapon favored by LAPD detectives.

Smith & Wesson Model 27

The Smith and Wesson Model 27 Magnum is an L.A. Noire weapon used in one of the traffic cases. This revolver is also known as the .357 magnum Registered Magnum, and the first piece was produced in 1935, as a custom handgun.

FN Browning 1922

During their investigations in L.A. Noire, players will find another handgun, the FN Browning 1922. The production of this pistol started in 1922 and ended in 1983. In the game, the weapon is found in a trash can.

The FN Browning 1922 is a semi-automatic weapon, equipped with a magazine that can hold 8, or 9 bullets, depending on the weapon’s model.

M1917 Revolver

Produced between 1917 and 1920, the M1917, is a six shot revolver which appears in L.A. Noire. It is also a .45 caliber handgun, featuring a barrel which holds 6 bullets.

Nickel Plated Pistol

The Nickel Plated Pistol is an exclusive weapon in L.A. Noire, and it is included in the Sharpshooter Suit pre-order bonus.

This handgun is an alternative to the Colt M1911, and is only available to players who pre-ordered L.A. Noire from Best Buy or Zavvi.

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