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L.A Noire Game Guide: Collectibles List

L.A Noire, the title developed by Rockstar Studios and Team Bondi, features a series of collectibles that can be found during the game.

Our L.A Noire collectibles guide below, presents some of these items, offering additional information about them, as well as tips and tricks that will eventually help players to find them faster.

Players, who manage to gather all the L.A Noire collectibles, will unlock special achievements or trophies, as well as in-game bonuses such as suits.

The collectibles in L.A Noire can be categorized in: Gold Film Canisters (Reels)Police Badges and Landmarks.

While the Canisters and the Landmarks are available in all L.A Noire versions, the Police Badges can be gathered only by players who pre-ordered L.A Noirefrom EB Games, GameStop or Game.

L.A. Noire is a video game released on May 17, 2011 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The tile, rated M for Mature, allows the player to assume the role of detective Cole Phelps who is asked to investigate a series of crimes in Los Angeles.

The action in the game takes place in 1940s, presenting the elements of noir films.

L.A. Noire is the first video game presented at Tribeca Film Festival in 2011.

L.A Noire Gold Film Canisters (Reels) List

The first list of collectibles that can be found in L.A Noire includes the Gold Film Canisters.

These canisters are scattered in L.A, and they are similar to the pigeons from GTA, but each canister is named after a movie from 1940s.

Players who mange to collect them all, will unlock the trophy/achievement called: Hollywoodland. The list below reveals the location of each L.A Noire film reel:

The Big Sleep: – Go to the west side of Hollywood Boulevard and search the tracks.

Gilda: – Find The Circle K gas station in Hollywood, and you will find another film reel.

In a Lonely Place: – Search the Hawaii Golf course and tee eight.

The Letter: – North side of Crossroads of the World.

Brute Force: – Go to Schrader Blvd. and search near the football field.

Odd Man Out: – Go to St. Andrews and look for it on a porch.

The Night of the Hunter: – Go to Hillside Motel and search near the pool.

Nightmare Alley: – Look for the dumpsters at the intersection between Ivar Ave. and Franklin Ave.

Where the Sidewalk Ends: – The Palladium theater.

The Spiral Staircase: – Near a bird bath in the park.

The Woman in the Window: – Look for a table on Wilton Pl.

Sunset Boulevard: – On Melrose Ave, is a mall. The reel is under a tree.

The Narrow Margin: – In a garden near a red house.

White Heat: – On Alexandria is an apartment building. Enter the building and reach the second floor.

Crossfire: – Go to The Southwestern Motors and look for a trailer.

The Third Man: – In Wilshire, find the park and search the trees.

The Lady from Shanghai: – In Wilshire, find the baseball field.

The Killers: – At 1st St, search for a house without roof.

M: – At Clinton and Rosewood, find the see-saw.

Thieves Highway: – Search Joe’s Diner

Shadow of a Doubt: – Go to Wilshire airport and search the hangars.

Laura: – In Wilshire children’s park, on a table.

The Set-Up: – At New Hampshire Ave and Berendo St. on a porch.

The Killing: – Search the church on Hoover St and 6th.

Night and the City: – Go to MacArthur Park and look for a gazebo.

Rififi: – On 6th is a turquoise house. Check the porch.

Sweet Smell of Success: – Search the construction site on 3rd and Union.

The Big Clock: – Look for a white house in Wilshire, near Grand View and Alvarado.

The Naked City: – On Bonnie Brae and Beverly Boulevard look for a house with two floors.

This Gun for Hire: – On Beverly Boulevard and 1st Street, search the construction site.

Murder, My Sweet: – Search the passage that leads to an exit to Burlington and Beacon.

The Big Carnival: – At 9th and Figueroa.

Mildred Pierce: – The train tunnel on 4th St.

Key Largo: – Search Ira’s ranch

Leave Her to Heaven: – Near Figueroa and Flower search for a pool.

Touch of Evil: – On the roof of the Los Angeles Theater.

Strangers on a Train: – Check Bell Systems Depot.

Angels with Dirty Faces: – At Spring and 2nd Street, look for a construction site.

The Maltese Falcon: – At Bakers on Grand Avenue, look for a car lot.

The Big Heat: – Angel’s Flight on 3rd St by Central.

Scarlet Street: – Go to Palmetto near Alameda, and search the nearby alley.

Gun Crazy: – East side of 1st St.

Body and Soul: – Go to the second level of the bridge on 7th St.

House of Bamboo: – Search the Western Iron Works factory

Double Indemnity: – North of Olympic Boulevard, is a military base. Look inside it.

The Asphalt Jungle: – Go to Main St Terminal and search the train platforms.

Out of the Past: – South part of Broadway, look for a trolley station.

Pickup on the South Street: – Go to Union Station and look inside the gift shop.

Detour: – Find Bay Street and look near the tracks.

Notorious: – South of Olympic, look inside an warehouse.

L.A Noire Police Badges List

Players who pre-ordered L.A Noire from EB Games, GameStop or Game, will have access to an extra in-game challenge named The Badge Pursuit.

The goal of this challenge is to find 20 police badges, while exploring the City of Los Angeles.

When all the badges are found, players will unlock the Button Mansuit.

Additionally, each badge provides 5XP points that can be used to unlock intuition points.

L.A Noire Police Badges Locations

The following list reveals the locations of all police badges that can be found in L.A. Noire.

Police Badge 1: – In MacArthur Park, on a barrel. Search the dock to find the barrel.

Police Badge 2: – Behind a building called Musso & Franks.

Police Badge 3: – In a niche located near Hotel Roosevelt.

Police Badge 4: – Go to Main Street Terminal and look for a subway car. The badge is on the tracks in front of it.

Police Badge 5: – Go to Max Factor and search around it, until you find a fence. Jump it and look near the trash cans.

Police Badge 6: – Go to Los Angeles Examiner, and enter the parking lot. Look for some plants and the wall near them.

Police Badge 7: – Go to RKO Theatre and search near the entrance, where the film posters can be observed.

Police Badge 8: – Enter the Union Station and look to your left.

Police Badge 9: – In Westlake Tar Pits, you will see a white house. Search the porch.

Police Badge 10: – Go to Pershing Square and explore the park’s center. Look for a hot-dog stand and approach it. The badge is in front of it.

Police Badge 11: – In Chinatown, look for two lions and for the “Kam Tong Chinese Foods” sign. The badge is in front of this sign.

Police Badge 12: – Go to Bullocks Wilshire, and search the bottom of the stairwell.

Police Badge 13: – Go to Los Angeles Public Library and climb to the roof. The badge can be found on a ledge.

Police Badge 14: – Go to The set of “Intolerance” and search under the altar.

Police Badge 15: – Find the sixth Whittlier Street Viaduct and search the central pylons.

Police Badge 16: – Go to L.A. County Art Museum, enter the right parking lot and follow the path left of the parking lot

Police Badge 17: – Find the cross section in Crossroads of the World, and you will see another badge.

Police Badge 18: – Go to Angels Flight and look under the tracks.

Police Badge 19: – Inside Hall of Records, on a desk in the building’s lobby.

Police Badge 20: – Find Grauman’s Theater and go to the left side of the courtyard. The badge is in front of the door.

L.A Noire Landmarks List

Another good way to earn additional intuition points in L.A Noire is to discover the landmarks in the game.

There are 30 landmarks that must be observed in L.A Noire, and for each landmark discovered, Cole Phelps receives one intuition point.

If the player discovers all of them, he will unlock the Star Map achievement/trophy.

Some of the landmarks included in L.A Noire are:

Crossroads of the World

Egyptian Theatre

La Brea Tar Pits

Los Angeles Public Library

Musso & Frank Grill

Pershing Square

Roosevelt Hotel

The set of “Intolerance”

Union Station

R.K.O Theatre

Angels Flight

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Max Factor Building

Brown Derby

Bullocks Wilshire

L.A County Art Museum

MacArthur Park

Park Plaza

The Good Samaritan Hospital

The Mayfair Hotel

Christ Crown of Thorns

Herald Examiner

Main Street Terminal

The Bradbury Building

Civic Square

L.A Cold Storage

National Biscuit Factory

6th Street Viaduct

4th Street Bridge


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