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L.A. Noire Game Guide: Arson Cases Walkthrough

In L.A. Noire, the Arson Department is working in connection with Los Angeles Fire Department, focused on investigating crimes that involve burned structures.

The Arson Department is the last department in the game, and Cole Phelps will work here after he completes all the cases at the LAPD Vice Department.

When he is promoted to the Arson Department, his captain becomes Lachlan McKelty, and his partner Herschel Biggs.

To successfully beat the game, players will have to complete five cases: The Gas ManA Walk in Elysian FieldsHouse of SticksA Polite Invitation, and A Different Kind of War.

The L.A. Noire Arson walkthrough below offers additional information, tips and tricks that can be used to advance in the game faster, and solve all cases.

Some of the elements available in the game will remain unpublished in this guide, but even so, readers should be aware that the guide still contains spoilers.

Before completing the last case, called A Different Kind of War, players should also know that they will not be able to return to the game, unless they select one of the previously solved cases.

The Gas Man

The first case that must be solved in Arson department is called The Gas Man. Cole Phelps is asked to investigate a house fire which destroyed two residential houses, and eventually stop those who started this fire.

The guide below explains how to complete The Gas Man case in L.A Noire.

During this case you have to investigate two crime scenes. The first is Steffens house.

There are three clues you have to find here. The firs is located near the fence affected by the fire. It is a heater serviced by Ryan.

The second clue, as well as the third can be picked up from Don.

After you gather all clues, find Don Steffens and talk to him.

Don Steffens Interrogation

First question: – Travel competition – Truth

Second question: – Suburban Redevelopment – Doubt

After the interrogation, use the phone for additional information regarding Suburban Redevelopment.

Now, you can investigate the second crime scene.

When you arrive at Sawyer’s house, talk to the coroner.

Move to the crime scene and and check the right corner of the house. You will find an Instaheat valve.

You will also have to deal with a pyromaniac.

When you’re done, go to Gulliver’s Travel Agency.

Check the ledger and you will find Sawyer and Steffens names.

Find John Cunningham and talk to him.

John Cunningham Interrogation

First question: – Suburban Redevelopment – Truth

Second question: – Promotional travel contest – Doubt

After this interrogation, you will be allowed to investigate Suburban Redevelopment.

When you reach this location, go inside and examine the desk.

You can no go to Fire House No. 32, where you will have to solve a puzzle, for two additional clues.

The right order is: balloon on the right, valve in the middle and pilot on the left.

You will find the the InstaHeat Model 70 and a heater serviced by Varley.

Visit the InstaHeat Factory and talk to Ivan Rasic.

Ivan Rasic Interrogation

First question: – InstaHeat Model 70 – Doubt

Second question: – Heater Service History – Lie

Evidence – Heaters serviced by Ryan or VarleyAfter the interrogation use the phone and then return and talk to Rasic again.

Reach the lockers room.

Investigate Walter Clemens locker for the first Anarchist Pamphlet.

Investigate Matthew Ryan locker for the second Anarchist Pamphlet.

To the same for Reginald Varley and you will find the Mosquito Coils.

The next step is to interview Walter Clemens. You will find him at his worksite.

Walter Clemens Interrogation

First question: – Knowledge of Varley – Doubt

Second question: – Employment with InstaHeat – Doubt

Third question: – Knowledge of Ryan – Lie

Evidence: Clemens pamphlet

After this interrogation you need to find the rest of the suspects and bring them to the Police Station.

Go to Varley’s worksite and when he tries to run, aim at him, but don’t pull the trigger.

Go to Ryan’s worksite and when he runs, ram his car.

Return to the Police Station.

Go to Interview Room 2 and talk to Reginald Varley.

Reginald Varley Interrogation

First question: – Work at Sawyer residence – Lie

Evidence: – Heater serviced by Varley

Second question: – Suburban Redevelopment – Lie

Evidence: – Matthew’s Statement

Third question: – InstaHeat Model 70 – Lie

Evidence: – Mosquito coilsLeave the Interview Room 2 and go to Interview Room 1.

Matthew Ryan Interrogation

First question: – Anarchist literature – Lie

Evidence: – Ryan’s anarchist pamphlet

Second question: – InstaHeat Model 70 – Lie

Evidence: – Rasic’s statement

Third question: – Suburban Redevelopment – Doubt

Fourth question: – Attempted murder charge – Lie

Evidence – Ryan’s criminal records.When you finish this interrogation, charge Matthew Ryan in The Gas Man case.

A Walk in Elysian Fields

The case called A Walk in Elysian Fields continues the story started in The Gas Man. Cole Phelps discovers that someone is trying to drive people away from certain areas of the city, by burning down their houses.

Below, is the L.A Noire Arson guide (walkthrough) which explains how to solve the case named A Walk in Elysian Fields.

The case starts when you arrive at the burned house.

Go to evidence marker A and investigate both bodies.

Go to evidence marker B and examine the photo.

Go outside and look in the search the yard, especially the right side, where you will find a newspaper.

Search the right side of the house for an additional clue.

Check the neighbor’s yard. Pay close attention to the left side of his house, where you will find two more clues.

The neighbor’s name is Dudley Forman. Talk to him.

Dudley Forman Interrogation

First question: – Morelli fire witness report – Doubt

Second question: – Planned demolitions – Doubt

Third question: – Promotional travel contest – Truth

Fourth question: – Suspicious activity – Doubt. Before moving forward, you will receive an origami crane from Herschel. Examine it and you will see that it is a flyer marked Elysian Fields Development.

Use the phone to find the exact address for Elysian Fields Development.

When you reach Rancho Escondido, check the building to find poor quality cement.

When you arrive at Elysian Fields Development, check the scale models, and talk to Leland Monroe.

Leland Monroe Interrogation

First question: – Elysian linked to Arsons – Doubt

Second question: – Promotional travel contest – Lie

Evidence – Elysian fields flyers

Third question: – Local land acquisitions – Doubt

Fourth question: – Rancho Escondido fire – Lie

Evidence – Poor quality cement

After the interrogation, go to the secretary’s office and check the desk. You will see Herbert Chapman’s name there.

Use the phone downstairs to find Chapman’s exact address.

Go to Chapman’s location and talk to the neighbors.

Examine his car, especially the trunk. You will find several contest flyers, mosquito coils and some ammunition.

Be prepared for a chase because Chapman will appear.

Ram his vehicle and shoot him.

House of Sticks

The third L.A. Noire Arson case is called House of Sticks, and players will assume the role of Jack Kelso. Follow the guide below, in order to complete this case.

When you start, read the case file and the papers from Elsa.

Find Elsa and talk to her.

Elsa Lichmann Interrogation

First question: – Disputed claim payout – Doubt

Second question: – Connection to Buchwalter – Doubt

Third question: – Motive for dispute – TruthAfter the interrogation, go to Elysian Fields.

Look for a trailer and search inside it. The desk on the right holds a demolition order and a memo.

Now, search the desk on the left and you will find a demolition receipt.

Go outside and beat the foreman. He will tell you everything and lead you to the house where Lou died.

Search the left corner of he house, and you will find two pieces of wood.

Put them together and you will find a stamp.

Be ready as a foreman driving a bulldozer will try to kill you.

Shoot the bulldozer to slow it down and run as quick as you can.

After the chase is over, use the phone to find the address to Keystone Studios.

When you arrive at the location, check the wood pile, bribe the guard and climb over the gate.

Enter the theater and use the projector.

Fix the focus by using the top knob and the speed by using the bottom knob.

Hit play and you will see a movie which reveals some of the suspects, including Benson, Sandler, Fontaine, Monroe, Gordon, and Worrell.

Check the table on the right to find a film reel.

Call Curtis Benson and he will offer additional information.

You will arrive at the second Elysian Fields site. The house you must check, has the lights on.

Go to the top room and fight with the three enemies you find there. Don’t worry if you loose.

A cut-scene starts, and after this you have to quickly get into a car and drive back to Elsa.

Be careful, because you will be followed during this event.

A Polite Invitation

A Polite Invitation is the fourth case in the Arson Department. It continues the events started in House of Sticks. The L.A Noire case guide below, explains how to complete this case.

You start the Polite Invitation case when you reach Benson’s apartment.

Enter the apartment and check the table behind Curtis. You will find a certificate.

Also check the desk to the left for an Insurance Agreement.

Talk to Curtis Benson.

Curtis Benson Interrogation

First question: – Motive for fraud – Lie

Evidence – Shares

Second question: – Suburban Redevelopment – Lie

Evidence – Insurance Agreement

Third question: – Buchwalter case settlement – DoubtA small cutscene will start.

When you arrive at California Fire and Life, you will have to solve a small puzzle.

First, take the elevator to your office.

Examine Lou’s files and pay close attention to the dependent land value.

The blueprints will also indicate the latitude and longitude.

With all the information you acquired so far, you will have to talk to Cole and go to the Hall of Records.

Go to the land registry office and search the shelf marked S.

Turn to page two and point out Courtney Sheldon’s name.

Search for the city map inside the office and enter the following coordinates:

  • Latitude: 0340429
  • Longitude: 1181757

You will receive the lot number which is 1876988.

Use the calculator and divide 1876988 by 90,000.

You will be asked to add one; therefore the answer is 21.

Go back to the shelfs but this time look for the one marked U.

Look for lot 1876988.

After you solve this puzzle you will be attacked by three thugs. Make sure you are prepared for a fight.

After all enemies are defeated, go back to Kelso’s apartment and use the phone.

You will be directed to Monroe’s house.

Before entering this location, be prepared for a big fight. You need to clear the place and there are many opponents waiting for you.

After you defeat them all, go to the second floor, and follow the corridor to the right.

Enter the room on the left to find Monroe.

First, check his safe and you will find a notebook, the Suburban Redevelopment shares, and an LAPD file on Fontaine.

Check his desk and look for a picture.

The final step is to check the same desk, where you will find a newspaper.

Read it and you will end this case.

A Different Kind of War

A Different Kind of War is the final Arson case and the final case in the game. A Different Kind of War continues the events presented above, and the guide below shows how to complete it and eventually beat (finish) L.A Noire.

The first thing you have to do when this case starts, is to check the counter near you, to find a newspaper.

Read it and you will gain additional information about the case and the objectives

The next sequence allows you to assume the role of Cole Phelps, and you have to investigate Fontain’s office.

Make sure you examine the victim’s body, especially his head and his left arm.

Check the desk inside the office and you will find a newspaper. Use the pencil on the article’s markings to discover a map.

On the floor you will find a crystal ball and broken glass.

Look for a side table and examine it. You will find Fontaine’s Blackmail Papers.

In the room that leads to Fontaine’s office, you will find some Morphine in the cabinet.

The next phase is played as Kelso who arrives at Rancho Rincon.

You will have to smash the door and search the right side, for a flamethrower.

Go to the next room and search the cranes and the back wall where you will find a map for the L.A tunnels.

On the table, you will find another origami flyer.

On the wall you have to examine the Okinawa Photo.

Go outside and look on the porch, where you will find a film reel.

In the next phase you will be asked to escort Kelso and make it to Ira’s hideout.

Make sure you are prepared for a car chase.

When you arrive at Ira’s hideout you will control Keslo again, but the fight will continue.

Kill all opponents and explore the tunnels.

When the water starts to rise, make sure you use the bridges.

To find Elsa and Ira, you have to follow the tunnel on the left.

You will end this case and the game when you reach your destination.

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