Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 8 Lorca-Rane

Located east of Glendara, Lorca-Rane is a region featured in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 8 Lorca-Rane explains how to solve every quest while exploring this area.

The game guide is the eighth part in our full Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough, created with the purpose of helping players who have purchased the video game.

Those who wish to access other parts included in this KoA Reckoning guide, can use the table of contents below.

We left Glendara behind and traveled north to Coilsbain, since from this location, we can travel faster to Lorca-Rane, and to its most important point, Warden’s Bridge.

The quest log shows the following active entries:

Old Friends, New Foes – Main Quest

The Road Patrol – Faction Quest

What Lies Beneath – Faction Quest

The Treasures of Meropis – Side Quest

Shadow of Enfamanir – Side Quest

Long Overdue – Task

From Coilsbain, travel east, on the main road and you will meet Grim Onwig, who wants to know if you wish to join the Travelers. Depending on your decision, you may receive a quest from him.

We decided to see what Onwig has to offer, and a new faction quest started: The Guided Hands.

Continue your journey on the main road, and up on a bridge you will see a woman named Jedda Kerning. Talk to her and she will ask you about a man named Turin. If you manage to find him, you will complete a side-quest called Lost.

Side Quest: The Road Patrol

Objective: Report to Warden’s Bridge

Push forward until you reach the Warden’s Bridge, and look for Ost Ordura.  He wants you to find what or who attacked the caravans. To complete this part of the quest, you have to approach the marked spots on the ground, and inspect them for clues.

This part has three phases, and during each phase you must inspect 5 clues. Pay close attention to your map, because after the first phase, to the east, near the road, you will find a character named Osduin. Talk to him and you will start a new quest, named The Flowering.

Now, return to the current quest and inspect the rest of the clues. Continue to follow Ost, until you reach a cart. Here you will fight against a Niskaru (very weak against fire attacks). Kill it then talk to Ordura again. Follow him and you will find a new location named Brigand Hall.

At this point The Road Patrol side-quest ends, but if you wish you can start a new one called:  The Heart of Sibun.

Side Quest: The Heart of Sibun

Objective: Enter Brigand Hall

Follow Ost inside the Brigand Hall Caverns and help him clear them.  For the first part, all you have to do is to follow Ost, but be very careful, because the caverns are filled with traps.

Eventually, you will reach a large cavern where you have to defeat several Fahrlangi mages. Unfortunately Ost won’t survive to see you defeating them.

After the cutscene, clear the cave and continue through the main tunnel. When you reach the end, you will have to fight a Niskaru Tyrant. This creature is very powerful and almost invulnerable to all fire spells. Don’t try to cast them on him, because he will resist and you will waste time and mana.

Make sure you drink a potion that increases your resistance to fire, and try to cast some lightning spells. If you play as a melee fighter, you can opt for a poisoned blade, but make sure you stay mobile. Entering reckoning mode is also useful if you wish to finish the Niskaru Tyrant faster.

After he dies, explore the chamber and then pick up the Heart of Sibun, located near the red circle on the ground (where the Tyrant was summoned).  Exit through the eastern tunnel, then fast travel to Shieldring Keep.

Talk to Tine Delfric, to become a Pledged of Shield. Give him the Heart of Sibun, and you will start another faction quest named Lock and Key. To complete it you have to travel to Helmgard Keep, north of Tala-Rane, in the Plains of Erathell.

Now it is time for you to return to Warden’s Bridge.

As soon as you arrive, select The Treasures of Meropis side-quest and look on your map.

Side Quest: The Treasures of Meropis

Objective: Recover the treasures

The last treasure is under the bridge in the water. Recover it, to complete the quest, and then select The Flowering side-quest.

Side Quest: The Flowering

Objective: Gather the Chrysalae

The seeds you need to gather are clearly marked on your map. Three of them are to the east and two can be found  in the northern area of Lorca-Rane. While searching for them, to the east, make sure you find the Brunuath dungeon.  Near the dungeon, also to the east, you will find Turin’s corpse and a contract. Break the seal then return to Jedda.

After you gather the Chrysalae, return to Osduin inside Brunuath, and plant the seeds on the marked spots.

Kill the sprites that attack you while standing on the central platform, then talk to Osduin again. When he attacks you, take him out, then his Sprites. Exit Brunuath and travel to Brigand Hall Caverns. From there go south until you reach the ruins protected by three Jottuns.

Inside their camp you will see a man in a cage. He is Oreyn Vilsar, and after you talk to him, you have to set him free, in order to start a quest called The Antelope.

Near Oreyn’s cage, to the west, you will find Marga Sammoc. Tell her what happened to Oreyn, and she will reward you.

At this point, all quests in Lorca-Rane have been completed, but before traveling to Star Camp, you should also explore Ohn’s Stand (southern Lorca-Rane) This dungeon is inhabited only by Jottun, and is a good place to earn additional XP points, some unique items, and gold. While exploring  Ohn’s Stand remember that the Jottun may be powerful, but they are not intelligent creatures.

Take them out one by one with your daggers.

When you are ready to move forward in the game, locate the main road, and travel west, to Star Camp.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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