Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 7 Glendara

Located, north of Haxhi and on the eastern side of Lorca-Rane, Glendara serves as the next stop in our Kingdoms of Amalur journey.

The most important location in Glendara is Didenhil, a small town surrounded by mountains and forests.

We arrived here from Webwood, in order to continue some of the active quests from our journal:

Old Friends, New Foes – Main Quest

The Hunters Hunted – Main Quest

What Lies Beneath – Faction Quest

The Road Patrol – Faction Quest

The Treasures of Meropis – Side Quest

The Natural Order – Side Quest

Shadow of Enfamanir – Side Quest

Long Overdue – Task

The following Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 7 Glendara explains how to solve all quests in Didenhil, and all adjacent zones, within Glendara.

When you arrive in Didenhil, locate Kester Barclay near the central well, and talk to him, in order to update the objective of The Natural Order side-quest.

Now, it is time to explore the building, to see what merchants have to offer, and eventually, pick up new quests and better weapons.

Start with the Crafting Hall located on the eastern side of Didenhil.

On the ground floor make sure you talk to the Murdoc Hain who wants you to find some reagents, and gives you a new task called Gathering Flames. Make sure you check the quest’s details, because maybe you already have some of the herbs he needs.

Go outside and investigate the Barclay House. Since Kester is outside you can loot everything, without alerting the guards.

Exit and enter the Three Lamps Inn and go to the bar, where Agarth awaits.  Talk to him.

Main Quest: The Hunters Hunted

Objective: Follow Agarth to the Hunter’s Pit

Agarth wants you to follow him to the Hunter’s Pit where he located the Tuatha. At this point all you have to do is to keep an eye on him and go where he goes. Eventually, you will find the Hunter’s Pit.

Inside, you will have to locate an item called the Eyes of Tirnoch. It is a scrying mirror used by Tuatha to find you. You goal is to find and break this mirror.

The Hunter’s Pit is a straight dungeon, meaning that you have to follow only one tunnel, guarded by Tuatha Riders. At the end of the tunnel you will find the Eyes of Tirnoch, guarded by a Tuatha Rider mage. While exploring this place, you have plenty possibilities to assassinate the Riders.

A good idea while fighting the mage at the end of the tunnel, is to save your fate bar and unleash all your powers against him. Additionally, you can opt to take him out silently, or with a bow, as long as you maintain a fair distance from him. Otherwise, he will cast his spells on you.

After you clear the last room, attack the mirror and Gadflow will appear, as well as Agarth. Talk to both of them in order to complete The Hunters Hunted main quest.

Exit the Hunter’s Pit, using the passage to the east.

Now, return to Didenhil and locate the Healer’s Cottage. Talk to Wyl Rendig, to update the objective of the Road Patrol faction quest. Also talk to Astrid Frisk and give her the Plagueshield you already have.

You picked it up at the town’s entrance; however keep in mind that you need to find three. At this point the Plagueshield side-quest starts.

Exit to the central area, in order to start your next quest in Glendara.

Side Quest: The Natural Order

Objective: Enter Coilsbain Caverns

In Coilsbain Caverns you have to find the Jottuns that live there, and kill them, so the boggarts can return to their natural habitat.

The Coilsbain Caverns are located NE of Didenhil.  When you enter, you will notice that this dungeon features only one tunnel. Follow it and you will encounter 10 Jottun warriors.

These giants should not be underestimated, since their powerful hammers inflict high damage. Try to avoid any direct confrontations and take out as many as you can, using you assassin’s skills. If you can’t avoid a direct battle, make sure you dodge when the Jottun strikes.

Continue to follow the tunnel and after you kill all targets just head forward. Eventually, you will reach a chamber and inside it, you will see a man named Balthasar.

No matter how you answer he will still attack you, so get ready.

You will notice that Balthasar can summon skeletons. Don’t focus on them; kill him, because when he falls, his minions will vanish. After you kill him, read the large Ancient Tome, then exit the caverns and return to Didenhil.

Talk to Kester Barclay for your reward, and start the next quest.

Side Quest: Plagueshield

Objective: Gather the lost Plagueshield

The Plagueshield you are looking for can be found NW of Didenhil, near the Bloodstone Deep entrance. The item is near the road, to the left. Make sure you look for a round white stone.

Pick it up, then continue N to discover a new location: St. Hadwyn’s Mission.

Go inside and talk to Brother Udo. Tell him that Fallon was killed in the forest and give him Fallon’s Prayer-Beads.  At this point, you can start a new side-quest: Brother Fallon’s Beads.

Side Quest: Brother Fallon’s Beads

Objective: Visit the three shrines

To complete this quest, you must visit 3 shrines of Mitharu: St. Hadwyn’s Shrine, St. Odwig’s Shrine and St. Eadric’s Shrine. The first one is locate south of the mission, while the second is in Odarath, near the temple. The last one, is south of Star Camp, in St. Eadric’s Mission.  Visit all of them to complete this quest.

At this point, you should return to Didenhil and talk to all quest-givers, so you can collect your rewards.

Another point of interest in Glendara is Luminitsa’s Cottage, located in the southern region, near the lake. Make sure you visit it because inside you will find one of Til’s Books.

Check the second floor of the cottage.

To NW, while standing near Luminitsa’s Cottage, is the Ironhold Passage. Inside this dungeon you can find the reagents for Murdoc, and you will be able to complete his quest.

Ironhold Passage is a small dungeon, inhabited by Kobolds.

After you gather all the items, it is time to leave, Glendara. Our next stops will be: Lorca-RaneStar Camp and The Sidhe.

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