Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 5 Yolvan

When all quests in Ettinmere have been completed, the next area that should be visited is Yolvan.

Our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning part 5 Yolvan walkthrough explains how to complete the faction-quests, tasks, and side-quests, available in this specific Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning area.

Yolvan is the zone located between Webwood, Odarath and Glendara.

Shieldring Keep can be found in the southern region of Yolvan, while to the north is the House of Ballads, which is also part of Odarath.

Since the last quest completed was in Ettinmere, we have to travel to the east, until we reach Webwood, and then north to Shieldring Keep.

The quest log shows the following active entries:

Old Friends, New Foes – Main Quest

The Hunters Hunted – Main Quest

Ballad of Bloody Bones – Faction Quest

The Road Patrol – Faction Quest

Shadow of Enfamanir – Side Quest

Rallying Cry – Side Quest

Long Overdue – Task

We will focus first on The Road Patrol faction quest, which must be completed in Shieldring Keep.

Faction Quest: The Road Patrol

Objective: Travel to Shieldring Keep

The Road Patrol is a chain-quest which starts in Odarath. We already have Ost Ordura’s commendation and we have to find Tine Delfric, inside the keep.

Fast travel to Arden’s Hut and then NE, until you reach the keep.  Enter through the main gate and step inside.

When you reach the main gate, talk to Tine Delfric, located on the central platform, to complete the first objective of The Road Patrol quest, and to receive the second one. For this, you will have to travel to Didenhil.

Side Quest: Rallying Cry

Objective: Bring the news to Shieldring Keep

After you get the quest from Tine Delfric, talk to Idwold Freward, who is patrolling in the main hall. You will learn about the board, which displays more jobs you can complete.

Since we already finished the Rallying Cry, in Ettinmere, we can collect the reward from him.

Approach the board on the eastern side of the hall, and see what quests are available. At this point, we started two additional quests: Ungentle Beasts and A Brutal Contract.

While in the keep, make sure you repair your equipment and explore the area. When you are ready to continue your quests, exit Shieldring Keep.

Side Quest: A Brutal Contract

Objective: Locate the Former Contract holder

The contract holder is located in Webwood, south of the Ballads Library. If you can’t find the library, travel to Canneroc and then north-east, through the pass.  After you have found the library, continue south, through the pass; however, make sure you stay on the road.

You will find Declan Malus (the holder) on the left side of the road, while moving south. Declan wants you to kill 5 mountain trolls, in Haxhi.

From your current position, travel south and then east, but make sure you travel on the main road, to find your targets. Kill them and then return to Declan Malus to complete your quest, and to Shieldring Keep to get the reward.

During your hunt for the Mountain Trolls, in the south-eastern area of Haxhi you will see a bridge. If you cross it, you will discover the Splitrock Depths dungeon.

Before crossing the bridge, you should look around, for a camp and a gnome named Stellan Reitan. Talk to him and you will start The Heights of Crime side-quest.

Side Quest: The Heights of Crime

Objective: Find Stellan’s journal

Stellan’s journal is in Splitrock Depths. Cross the bridge and enter the dungeon. Here, you won’t encounter any special enemies or bosses. Stellan’s Journal can be found in a passage south-east. Look for the corpse of Despero near the fireplace.

Another item you should pick up in this area is a Tattered Journal. It is in the same cave where you have found Stellan’s journal, near a wooden cage, to the south.

After you pick up these two items, exit Splitrock Depths and give the journal to Stellan Reitan, in his camp.

Side Quest: Ungentle Beasts

Objective: Search Overgrown Thicket

Overgrown Thicket is a dungeon located on the eastern side of Yolvan. Since the exact location of the Ungentle Beasts book was already revealed in our previous walkthrough, the quest was completed.

Now, because we have completed all active quests, in Shieldring Keep, it is time to travel north, to the House of Ballads, because the faction quest called Ballad of Bloody Bones must be continued.

Faction Quest: Ballad of Bloody Bones

Objective: Return to King Wencen

Fast travel to the House of Ballads and enter the court. Talk to King Wencen and he will give you the next quest, called Two Knights and a Troll. To start it you will have to find a Fae Cairn, in the Ballads Library.

The building is in Webwood.

After you pick up this quest, exit the Court of Enchantments and look for Alyn Shir inside the Hall of Accolades.

Main Quest: Old Friends, New Foes

Objective: Join Alyn Shir

You will find Alyn Shir, in the Hall of Accolades to the right, near the Echostone. Talk to her and then talk to Glianal who asks for the Codex of Destiny you have found in Ettinmere.

Give it to him then talk to Alyn again.

Alyn will send you to meet Nyralim, who can help you to reach the High King in Ysa, and who can provide additional information about the Codex of Destiny. Nyralim can be found in the south-western part of The Sidhe.

At this point, you should travel back to Shieldring Keep, for one last side-quest.

Just outside Shieldring Keep, to the south-east, near the main road, you will see a small camp.  When you reach it, talk to Oleander Sinclair and you will start a quest called Knowledge Lost.

Side Quest: Knowledge Lost

Objective: Locate the potion

The potion Oleander needs is inside Shieldring Keep. Enter the fortress, then follow the corridor to the left, and move north until you reach the last chamber.

The potion is inside a chest which must be looted; however, you will alert the guards. A good idea is to loot the chest, then kill the first guard that attacks you.  After you kill him, run outside, and then run away from Shieldring Keep, by jumping off the ledge to the right.

The guards will not follow you too far. After you lose your followers, visit Oleander and get your reward. You can also opt to fight the guards if you wish.

Your notoriety level in Shieldring Keep will decrease in time. Until then, you should visit Webwood and Glendara.

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