Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 30 Amaura

When you enter Amaura, on the main road, you will see Cydan fighting Tuatha. Hurry up and help the Fae, then talk to him. He will tell you that in order to proceed, you have to wait for Agarth, and the rest of the party

When Agarth arrives, speak to him, and, as you have probably noticed Alyn Shir and Ventrinio are missing. Agarth informs you that he will continue to fight the Tuatha, outside, while you make your way to the House of Vengeance.

The points of interest in Amaura are the Prismere Basin, Cann-Rane and the House of Vengeance. Keep in mind that the Tuatha camps are filled with enemies, and they re-spawn very fast. There is also a vast number of Prismere Trolls waiting for you.

If you wish, you can visit Prismere Basin, which is a small dungeon populated by Tuatha and Giant Spiders. There are no quest-givers inside, but you will find additional items and you can earn more XP, if you didn’t reach the level cap by now.

Now, travel to Cann-Rane and talk to Master Belne (north-eastern side of the dungeon), to start a side-quest named after him.

Side Quest: Master Belne

Objective: Obtain a Shattered Tuatha Weapon

For this quest, travel SW in the dungeon, and kill the two Tuatha Overlords protecting the large round chamber.

Get the Shattered Tuatha Weapon and take it to Master Belne who will craft a weapon for you; however, make sure you choose your weapon based on your character’s class: Belne’s Staff of Ire (for spell-casters), Belne’s Daggers of Ire (for rogues) or Belne’s Sword of Ire (for warriors).

Return to the round chamber and talk to Master Farraglen, to start the next side quest.

Side Quest: Master Farraglen

Objective: Bring Master Farraglen Raw Prismere

To get the Raw Prismere Shards, go SW, and in the first chamber, look for a chest under the stairs. Continue SW and you will reach a dead end. Look around for a chest containing the second shard.

Now, turn back and follow the eastern corridor, until you reach a round chamber.

Take the third shard inside the chest located near the western wall and go back to Farraglen to receive Farraglen’s Gem. In the same room, talk to Master Kiftal.

Side Quest: Master Kiftal

Objective: Obtain the Sorrogweth Fungus

The Sorrogweth Fungus is located in the river west from Cann-Rane. Make sure you exit from Cann-Rane through the eastern door.

After you retrieve the fungus travel back to the dungeon and give it to Master Kiftal. You will obtain a potion (Kiftal’s Elixir) which allows you to pass through the magic barrier inside the dungeon (SE).

Side Quest: Heroes Shall Not Pass

Objective: Bring Down the Magic Barrier

While standing near the barrier, press A (on Xbox 360) to deactivate it, then advance and kill Witch Knight Anira. Continue to explore Cann-Rane, looting all chests, then return to Kiftal.

NOTE: At this point you should make the final preparations for the last act of the game. Repair your gear, purchase potions and improve your weapons and armor using the gems you have. If needed, visit your mansion and get the items you have kept while playing the game. When you are ready to continue, fast travel to House of Vengeance.

Main Quest: Taking Vengeance

Objective: Conquer the House of Vengeance

NOTE: If you reach the House of Vengeance and you can’ unlock the gate, it means that one of your companions (probably Agarth) is missing. Make sure he is near you when you reach the entrance, otherwise you won’t be able to open the door to the House of Vengeance.

Enter the imposing citadel and begin your exploration. Remember that your main goal is to slay Gadflow’s rabid beast, the Cur.

Inside the House of Vengeance, follow Agarth and your allies, and move from one chamber to another, killing all Tuatha inside. Try to protect your party members and when you reach the Cur of Vengeance, focus on the Tuatha near him, until your fate bar fills.

While Agarth distracts the boss, drink a Damage Boost potion, then enter reckoning mode and take out the Cur. He will continue to hit Agarth, allowing you to attack him from behind.

NOTE: Make sure you loot the Cur’s corpse because it carries only set items.

After you beat the Cur of Vengeance, Agarth will tell you that you are ready to enter Bhaile, and look for Gadflow.

Proceed through the gate north of your current location, and follow the passage in front of you until you see Alyn Shir, near Ventrinio’s corpse.

Talk to her and then fight your way toward the Court of Winter (west), accompanied by Alyn.  When you are ready to face the final boss in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, enter the building with Alyn Shir by your side.

Stay calm and don’t enter reckoning mode, because in this chamber you will fight only against Gadflow’s projections. Drink some potions (Greater Damage Boost and Master Steeled Curtain), if you wish to take them out faster, but don’t waste your fate bar.

After you kill Gadflow’s projections, the main quest, Taking Vengeance ends, and a new main quest starts: Reckoning.

Main Quest: Reckoning

Objective: Stop Tirnoch’s Release

Follow Alyn Shir deeper into the Court of Winter, and eventually you will enter Amethyn. Amethyn is a medium dungeon with only one tunnel that can be followed.

From time to time, you will have to kill one or more Splinters of Fate, spawned by Tirnoch from your body. Make sure you avoid their attacks by rolling around. Advance slowly and pay attention to Alyn’s voice. Enter the throne room to face Tirnoch.

Get near the throne and watch the cutscene, then get ready to fight Tirnoch. The final boss battle, features several phases:

Phase 1: Tirnoch spawns Splinters of Fate to attack you. Kill every Splinter of Fate to fill up the fate bar and enter Reckoning Mode to bring Tirnoch down. Attack the boss (focus on his head) until you are teleported to a new area.

Phase 2:  Tirnoch continues to spawn Splinters of Fate allowing you to fill your fate bar. During this phase he will drop some crystals to the ground. Avoid them by rolling around and enter reckoning mode to bring the boss down, then melee him.

Phase 3: Similar to the previous phase, but this time, Tirnoch will use his head to attack you, and the boss spawns more Splinters of Fate. Random circles of fire will also appear on the ground.

Avoid them at all costs.

Drink a Greater Damage Boost potion to increase your damage against the Splinters, and a Steeled Curtain potion to increase your armor. A Warrior’s Strength potion is also useful during this phase. Enter Reckoning Mode as soon as you can and attack Tirnoch’s head when the boss hits the ground.

Phase 4: Features a quick event. Approach the boss and press A, while near Tirnoch’s horn. Continue to tap/mash the button, and watch Tirnoch falling into the abyss.

Watch the final cutscene of the game, and the credits. New achievement/trophy unlocked: Destiny Defiant. New Twist of Fate Awarded: Destiny Defiant (+5% Damage, +5% Damage Resistance, +10% Mana, +10% Health).

NOTE: At this point you can continue your journey through any of the areas included in the game, and complete all un-finished tasks, side-quests, or faction quests, but the main story quests end here.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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