Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 26 Caeled Coast

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning players who need additional help to complete all quests in Caeled Coast, can use the 26th part of our complete KoA Reckoning walkthrough, and find the answers that may appear while exploring the final zone in Klurikon.

In Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Caeled Coast is the largest and last area you have to explore while traversing Klurikon towards Alabastra.

Caeled Coast can be divided in two parts: the northern part and the southern part. While exploring the first area, you will find the following points of interest: Odi’s Camp, Castle Gastyr and Damalroc.

The first quest giver you will meet is in Odi’s Camp, and his name is Brun the Bard. Talk to him and you will start a side-quest named after him.

Side Quest: Brun the Bard

Objective: Clear the Bolgan Camp

For this side-quest, all you have to do is to follow the main road and kill all Bolgans in the first camp you enter, and then wait for Brun. Listen to his story, then push forward and clear the camp near Gastyr’s entrance. Wait for Brun, and then proceed west from Gastyr and clear the last camp, near the road.

Wait for the Bard to catch up with you, and he will ask you to recover a letter for him. Enter Gastyr and begin your investigation. Near a large gate, in the eastern tunnel, look for a quest giver named Hillared Gastyr. Talk to her and you will start a side-quest named The Last Gastyr. Follow Hillared through the castle and she will take you to the boss you have to kill, a Fae named Racinon.

Except for the boss and two Leanashe you have to kill, the castle is populated only by Bolgans. In the same room where you kill Racinon, you will find Brun’s Letter, in a chest, behind the throne.

Pick up the Letter from Lord Erran Gastyr, then talk to Hillared to complete The Last Gastyr quest. Exit the castle and travel to Odi’s Camp. Talk to Brun to complete his quest as well.

Now, from Odi’s Camp, travel east, and near the road you will see a small tent and another quest giver, named Aloff the Hunter. If you talk to him, you can start a side-quest named Worthy of Chernobog.

Side Quest: Worthy of Chernobog

Objective: Clear the Bolgan Camp

To complete it, you have to gather 10 Bolgan Eyes. Return to Aloff when you gather the required amount, and from his location travel east, inside the mountain. Place the eyes on the altars, to summon Chernobog, and kill him using the same strategy you have used to defeat all Bolgans encountered until now.

The side-quest ends when the boss is defeated.

Now, you should focus on your main quest which requires your presence on the coast of Klurikon. From Odi’s Camp, travel west, and you will see Alyn Shir, and Cydan.

Talk to Alyn Shir, and if you are ready to meet Ventrinio, step through the gate near her (Shadow Walk). You will be automatically teleported to Dannestar Isle.  Talk to Alyn again to update the objective of your main quest.

Main Quest: Echoes of the Past

Objective: Enter Dannestar Tower

Explore the island and kill all Sons of Laz, and then accompanied by Alyn enter the tower. Ascend the tower killing every creature that stands between you and Ventrinio, and loot all chests.

At one point, Alyn will depart and you have to reach the top alone. When you enter the main chamber, talk to Ventrinio and ask him about your death and your life as his assistant. Many questions you may have will be answered by him.

Protect Ventrinio during the next phase and make sure you loot as many corpses as you can, because when the tower falls you will be automatically teleported outside. Talk to Ventrinio again, and ask him to help you to get to Alabastra.

He will tell you that the only way to get in is to get past Dren, a powerful Fae guarding the entrance to the House of Pride.

However, Ventrinio will help you but he wants you to wait for him on the Field of Huber.

At this point the Echoes of the Past ends, and a new main quest starts: Pride Before All. Abort it for now, and focus on the Faction quest, named The Eldest.

If you remember, from our previous walkthrough, Bisarane wants you to visit Damalroc, located in the northern part of the coast. Travel to this location and, since you have the key, get inside.

Faction Quest: The Eldest

Objective: Travel to Damalroc

Leave Dannestar Isle and go through the Shadow Walk, back to Caeled Coast. When you enter Damalroc, your objective changes and you have to go to the Scale.

Explore the dungeon, and follow the main tunnel (SE) to reach the Scale. To bypass the Scale, push the Erathi Sigil-Stone in the main chamber, near the large plant. Advance through the door that opens and you will reach the Eldest (Caelrod). Now, return to the Scale and use the sigil again, to open the next door.

Note: If  the door won’t open, make sure you stand on the platform near it when you are attacked by the Murghans.

Go through the next tunnel and you will meet the remaining Eldest, named Alarane. Follow her and you will have to choose one of the Eldest to follow you: Alarane or Caelrod.

We decided to go with Alarane. The Eldest Faction quest ends here, and a new one named The Weeping King, starts.

It’s time now to take a closer look at the southern area of Caeled Coast. The points of interest in this area are Ansilla’s Camp, Castle Ansilla, Seawatch, Sinsear and House of Pride.

You should make your first stop in Ansilla’s Camp where two quest givers await: Drewn Ansilla who has The Blades and The Seal side-quest for you, and Private Janara who wishes you to complete The Lady’s Children side-quest.

For The Lady’s Children quest you have to find five dolls. If you track the quest you will see their locations clearly; however one of them is very important.

NOTE: One of the dolls is located near Castle Ansilla, and it is carried by a Tuatha soldier. Near the castle you will also see a quest giver (General Fynn) and a jump point. Jump down and talk to General Fynn and you will start The Lost Squad side-quest. Make sure you track it because it will take you to Til’s last book.

Side Quest: The Lost Squad

Objective: Sneak into Castle Ansilla

Near General Fynn, is the entrance to the castle’s sewers. Enter the building and begin your exploration. Follow the main corridor and you will eventually find Ridge Gautliffe fighting the Tuatha.

Talk to him, and he will tell you that you need to reach the throne room and find the Tuatha leader, Ticneri. Stay behind him and he will take you to the boss.

NOTE: When you reach the lever that must be pulled, look around you and you will see a bookshelf. Inside it you will find the last book needed to complete the Long Overdue Task. It is Til’s Collection X.

Don’t leave the castle without it and if you have all books, make sure you travel back to Odarath to complete the quest. In the same area, but on the other side, is a chest containing another Ansilla Doll. Take it, then pull the lever to unlock the door to the throne room.

Enter the large throne room, take out the Tuatha Soldiers and then engage Ticneri (a Tuatha Priest weak against sharp weapons). Unfortunately, when he dies ,he will place a curse on you (Soulbind), and you have to find the Soulbind Cure.

Ridge will help you find it; but don’t leave the room without looting every chest, especially the one to the south which contains another Ansilla Doll. Starting now, all you have to do is to follow Ridge who will take you to the Mysterious Cure. Drink the purple liquid, then exit Ansilla Castle and talk to General Fynn.

Side Quest: The Blades and the Seal

Objective:  Acquire the Ansilla Key

Assuming that you have followed out walkthrough up to this point, all you have to do is to travel to Castle Gastyr and talk to Hillared. Make sure you mention the Ansilla Key, then persuade her to give you the item. Exit and fast travel to Seawatch.

Seawatch is a very small building. The passage you have to follow is the one to the south. You will find the Verdant Blades and the Seal of Ansilla in a chest well protected by spells.

Take them, then look around for a NPC, named Byrn Elgar. Near him, you will see a bookshelf which contains the last Ansilla Doll required to end the Lady’s Children side quest. After you grab the doll talk to Byrn Elgar and begin the Ghosts of Seawatch side-quest.

Side Quest: Ghosts of Seawatch

To complete this quest  you have to find the old serving staff of Seawatch. Conni, the alchemist, is in Castle Ansilla (use the pipe to enter).

Search for the key to his cell, in the eastern wing of the castle, free him, and return to Byrn Elgar. Next, is Erion Odi. Look for him in Odi’s Camp, and you will be asked to find Private Cornall to replace Odi.

Cornall can be found NW of Castle Gastyr. Persuade Cornall, then go back to Odi’s Camp, and to Seawatch. The last member you have to find is Astor Colliane. Look for Astor in Mel Senshir, and buy the Tuatha Dagger he wants from Fridi Edstar in the tavern.

Return to Seawatch and talk to Byrn Elgar, for your reward: The Castle of Seawatch. Explore your new mansion, and when you are ready, focus on The Weeping King faction quest.

Faction Quest: The Weeping King

Objective: Reach Sinsear

Sinsear is located south of Seawatch. When you reach the dungeon, the NPC you have picked earlier will wait for you inside, in order to aid you. You are asked to find five votives: Votive of Stone, Votive of Leaf, Votive of Flame and Votive of Water.

All votives are clearly marked on your map, and the dungeon features only one main tunnel. As long as you follow it and you loot all creatures, you won’t encounter any problems in completing the first part of this quest. For the second part you will have to find the Crying Eyes.

When you reach the Crying Eyes, you have to solve a small puzzle. Stand on the platform near the levers and pay close attention to the tears that come out from the statues. When the first statue (the one to the left) starts to cry, pull the lever in front of it, then pull the last lever (the one to right) followed by the lever in the middle.

If you fail to do so, place your hero on the platform and restart. The trick is to make all statues cry at the same time. Once you complete this task , follow the tunnel to the north and claim the key (Withered Branch). Return to the House of Sorrows and talk to Bisarane.

Looks like our friend betrayed us, and he brought his loyal servant, Myrcyr.

Take the Tuatha out as fast as you can than push Myrcyr into a wall and slay him, then talk to Taibreah to enter Esharra, and start the new quest in line: Such Sweet Sorrow.

Faction Quest: Such Sweet Sorrow

Objective: Speak with Taibreah

To reach Bisarane, you have to destroy a magic barrier by dispelling four Nexuses. Talk to Taibreah and she will show you the way in Esharra. Near the first Nexus you have to defeat Caelrod. The most efficient weapon against him is a sharp one, since he can cast spells.

Kill him, pull the lever to dispel the Nexus, then move towards the next one, and then to the third, protected by Myrcyr. You have fought him before, so, use the same strategy, but kill the Tuatha Priests first. Advance to the fourth Nexus and kill Cadoroc. Dispel the fourth Nexus, and follow Taibreah who will take you to Bisarane.

The fight against Bisarane is easier than you think, especially if you play as a Nightblade. He is very vulnerable to melee attacks.

If you combine the Reckoning Mode with a Greater Damage Boost potion,  a Slashing Fury potion and Steeled Curtain potion, you can’t lose the fight.

Move all the time and don’t let him cast his spells. Don’t worry about the minions he summons, as Taibreah is near. Focus only on Bisarane and when he falls all monsters around him will follow.

Talk to Taibreah and you will unlock the House of Sorrows achievement/trophy for completing the storyline quests. You will also receive a new Twist of Fate, named Child of Autumn which increases your Elemental Damage by 5% and your damage vs. Fae by 5%.

Now, fast travel to Sinsear, to continue the main quest: Pride Before a Fall

Main Quest: Pride Before a Fall

Objective: Travel to the Field of Huber

The Field of Huber, and the zone where you have to meet your allies is near the entrance to Sinsear, to the east. Cydan and Agarth will wait for you there. Talk to Agarth, then to Ventrinio who will appear accompanied by Alyn. From Ventrinio you will receive the Essence of Valor, which allows you to face Callis Dren, without being killed in less than a minute.

With the powerful artifact in your pocket head towards the House of Pride and talk to Pride. Promise him that the House of Pride will be protected, then take him out. He is much weaker after the second dialogue.

Now, talk to Agarth, enter the House of Pride, and clear it, killing all Tuatha.

Eventually, you will meet a Fae named Knave of Pride.  Talk to him, then continue your exploration, but stay alert because in the next area, you have to fight a boss: Witch Knight Myrna.

Witch Knight Myrna, as most spell casters, is weak against any melee weapon or ranged weapon. If you boost your damage and drink a Steeled Curtain potion, you will take her out faster than any other boss.

If you can’t defeat her, it means that your level is too low and you should focus on leveling up. After you kill Myrna, follow the western corridor, kill the Tuatha, and destroy the red crystals to deactivate the Chantry.

Talk to Gadflow, then return to the round chamber and talk to Knave, to unlock a new Twist of Fate: Unstoppable Force.

It grants you +6% physical damage and +7% Gold.  The main quest Pride Before a Fall ends here, but a new one starts: Taking Vengeance.

To start this quest, exit the House of Pride and enter Alabastra. The first area you have to explore is High Fulgen.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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