Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 18 Tala-Rane

Tala-Rane is another sub-zone included in the Plains of Erathell, and it is located south of Forsaken Plain.

KoA Reckoning players, who have finished all quests in Forsaken Plain, should travel to Tala-Rane, on their way to Kandrian.

Tala Rane should not be confused with Lorca-Rane, which is a zone included in Dalentarth, or with Mull-Rane, which is a dungeon located in the northern Forsaken Plain.

Our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 18 Tala-Rane explains how to complete all quests in Tala-Rane, offering additional information regarding the NPCs that must be encountered, the items that must be found and the bosses that may appear while exploring this specific area.

It is a text guide created with the purpose of helping all KoA: Reckoning players who wish to beat the game and complete its quests.

Assuming that the last area you have visited was the Forsaken Plain, the fastest way to reach Tala-Rane is through the southern mountain pass, near New Culn.

As soon as you enter Tala-Rane, make sure you delimitate the area, and find the following points of interest:

Helmgard Keep – Near the pass that brought you to Tala-Rane from Forsaken Plain

Corgan Hold – South-west of Helmgard Keep

Dolve Wayle – South-eats of Corgan Hold, near the pass between The Wolds and Tala-Rane

Warsworn Vault – Inside the pass that connects Tala-Rane and The Wolds

NOTE: While exploring Tala-Rane you have to make sure that you activate the Ancient Windstone, located on the eastern side of this zone. To find it, open your map and track The Great General quest, or travel east, from Corgan Hold, until you reach it. After you activate this Windstone, look around and you will see a male NPC who is/was attacked by bandits.

His name is Jubal Caledus. Talk to him, and fight by his side against the Freeman assassins, to get a Letter from Lerkara. Now, while standing near Jubal, travel north, but make sure you are close to the mountain wall. Advance, until you see a stone stair to your left, and an Embereye plant (red) in front of you. Stop and look around.

Notice, the small gravestone located close to a tree.  This stone marks the position of Heric Aster’s Grave. Inspect it and take the amulet (Heric’s Amulet), to start the Aster Inheritance side-quest.

Side Quest: Aster Inheritance

Objective: Find the remaining amulet

Since you already have the first amulet, it is time to focus on finding the second one. These two amulets form a key which allows you to unlock several chests, that can’t be opened with a normal lock pick. For the second amulet, open your local map, and scroll down, following the main road.

Notice that the road ends with a gate which marked To Detyre. To the right (east) is a large mountain entrance. To reach that position, you have to go up on the mountain.

The area is inhabited by Jottun Runelords and Runewielders. Make sure you investigate their first camp and look for the grave near the stone wall. Inside you will find the second amulet.

Now, travel straight to the east from Dolve Wayle, and near the mountain you will find Enton Aster’s Grave.

Inspect it and you will two important items: Aster Map and the Aster Key. Read the map from your inventory, while tracking the same quest and you will notice that all strongboxes you have to find are in Tala–Rane.

Make sure you visit each location and get the items inside those chests. If the markers disappear from your map, open the inventory and read Aster’s Map again.

NOTE: One strongbox is located in Corgan Hold, and another one is in Dolve Wayle. If you can’t get the one from Dolve Wayle (because of a locked door, you have to get back there later).

After you complete this quest, fast travel to Helmgard Keep, and locate the following NPCs.

Grian Shane – for the Lock and Key faction quest

Hanrik Aulde – for the rewards you receive after you complete the jobs on the contract boar.

Near, Hanrik, check the board to start a Pilgrim’s Setback, Van’s Luck and Wrest from Peace.

If you have followed our previous walkthroughs so far, two side-quests are already finished: Wrest from Peace and a Pilgrim’s Setback. Turn in the contracts and exit Helmgard Keep, to start some of the side-quests you picked up.

Faction Quest: Lock and Key

Objective: Visit the Ancient Vault

When you reach the vault’s entrance, talk to Gwyn Anwy, and then follow her inside. Kill all mages that attack you, by using a melee weapon, or by entering reckoning mode, then explore the vault and loot everything.

Exit and return to Grian Shane in Helmgard Keep. Seek Gwyn Anwy and make sure you persuade her to give you the key, then speak with Grian Shane again. Eventually, you will have to visit Tirin’s Rest in Galafor.

At this point, you should postpone this faction quest, until you reach Galafor.

Exit Helmgard Keep and fast travel to Dolve Wayle. Locate the following quest givers:

Niahm Kent – North of Dolve Wayle. You will start Niahm’s Labors side-quest.

Faitir Scaith – East of Dolve Wayle, for the Bell, Book and Candle side-quest.

Lanus Davril – SW of Dolve Wayle, near the main road, for a task called Dangerous Games.

Side Quest: Niahm’s Labors

Objective: Kill the kobolds

To complete this quest, you must kill three specific kobolds: Rotclaw, Blackshriek and King Fang.

Rotclaw can be found in the south-eastern area of Tala-Rane, King Fang in the pass between Tala-Rane and Kandrian; and Blackshriek, south of Helmgard Keep in a cave along the river. Take them out quickly and return to Niahm Kent.

Next, go to the passage NW of Corgan Hold and kill Smiler, behind the waterfall. Return to Niahm again, and he will send you to kill Kolmir (south-eastern Tala-Rane) and Malgar (near Niahm’s camp, to the SW).

Side Quest: Bell, Book and Candle

Objective: Find the Solemn Bell

For this quest, follow Faitir Scaith inside Dolve Wayle.

NOTE: If you still need the last strongbox, from Dolve Wayle, now is the time to get it and complete Aster Inheritance.

Protect Faitir Scaith while he completes the ritual, then go to the library and kill the Scrivener. For a high-level assassin, the Scrivener is a very accessible target. Don’t leave the library, without checking the desks, because one of them contains a death notice (Death Notice: Frea Almar).

Now, continue to follow Faitir and talk to the First Scaith. Decide Faitir’s fate as you wish, to complete this quest. We have decided to kill Faitir.

Task: Dangerous Games

To complete this task, you have to kill 10 Kobolds, 5 Crudok, 3 Ettin and 3 Jottun. A good idea is to play this task during Niahm’s Labors, but you can also complete it later, while exploring other regions.

After you finish this task, you are ready to continue your journey through the Plains of Erathell. The next zone is Kandrian.

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