Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 17 Forsaken Plain

The Forsaken Plain is a sub-region included in the Plains of Erathell.

The following Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough reveals every quest that can be completed in the Forsaken Plain, by those who have reached this area.

It is the seventeenth part in our full KoA: Reckoning game guide, created for all Amalur fans who wish to beat the game faster, as well as all main-quests, side-quests and faction quests included in it.

Unlike The Wolds or Tala-Rane, Forsaken Plain is a large area, which can be located in the northern side of Erathell’s Plains.

The fastest way to reach this area is to travel north from Ayten, through a mountain pass which connects The Wolds and Forsaken Plain.

As soon as you enter the Forsaken Plain, start to explore the zone, in order to discover the most important locations.  This area can be divided in two, the western side and the eastern side.

In the western Forsaken Plain, there are three important points of interest:

Emaire – To the west

Bristlethorn – North of Emaire

Mull-Rane – NE of Bristlethorn

NOTE: While exploring the western side of the Forsaken Plain, to the north, near Mull-Rane, search for a bag containing an important item: Kallas’ Notes. To find it faster, open the world map and check the location near the large tree, NW of Mull-Rane.

On the other hand, the eastern Forsaken Plain features five notable locations:

New Culn – To the west

Bitter Cove – NE of New Culn

Refugee Camp – North of Bitter Cove

Shining Labyrinth – East of Refugee Camp

Orieator’s Tomb – NE of Shining Labyrinth and NW of Refugee Camp

NOTE: Another important item can be found just north of New Culn. The exact postion is marked by the presence of several Brownies, not far from New Culn. After you kill the Brownies, check the corpse in their camp to find the Marriage Band.

Assuming that you fully explored the Forsaken Plain, and you have discovered the locations mentioned above, it is time to complete the quests.

Since we travel from Ayten, we will focus on the western Forsaken Plain.

While traveling on the main road, towards Emaire, you will observe a small camp, and several tents. Locate Elrod Edman if you wish to start They Walk Among Us side-quest.

Side Quest: They Walk Among Us

Objective: Deal with the Tuatha spies

Elrod wants you to kill three Tuatha spies: Nag Fendar, Anred Amfast and Froma Tonwald. For this quest, fast travel to the refugee camp located in the eastern Forsaken Plain and talk to Nag. Ask him about Tuatha, and take him out. Now, travel to New Culn and do the same with Froma.

If you can’t persuade her to tell you the truth, kill her. The last target is in Emaire. Make sure you accuse him first, and kill him after, or you will alert the guards.

Let Anred attack you first, and then quickly get rid of him. Now, return to Elrod to complete the quest.

Continue towards Emaire and check Edmure Home. Inside you will see a bookshelf. Loot it to get Til’s Collection IX. Make sure Anker Edmure doesn’t see you.

First, talk to him, and he will take a sit, then sneak near the bookshelf and grab the book.

Now, visit the Blue Bear Tavern, and talk to Alyn Shir, in order to continue the main-quest, you started in Ysa (The Great General). Alyn Shir wants you to meet General Tilera at Urul-Tusk, in Cradle of Summer.

After you pick up this objective, talk to Wan Emundas, to start the Unlucky Charm side quest, and to Odwald Bynothas, to start a new task, called Life’s Work.

Now, exit the tavern to finish the Unlucky Charm quest.

Side Quest: Unlucky Charm

Objective: Find the highway robber

For this quest, you have to travel to the Cradle of Summer, through the pass, NW of Emaire. When you enter the Cradle of Summer, travel west, and you will find Gelt Far, the robber, in his small camp.

Talk to him and take the amulet. A new location has been added to your map: Syl. This location must be visited, in order to cleanse the cursed amulet.

While traveling towards Syl, make sure you visit the central area, to discover the Deep Slumber, where you have to talk to Lord Callor, if you want to start the Rivener Tarsus side-quest.

Since Urul-Tusk, is near Deep Slumber, visit General Tilera, to update the objective of The Great General quest. Tilera wants you to awaken the Urul-Tusk Windstone, near her camp.

Approach the location, and strike the chime, then kill the Niskaru. Return to Tilera who will send you to activate all stones in Erathell.

NOTE: The Windstones are scattered in Erathell. One in Forsaken Plain, one in Kandrian, one in Tala-Rane, and one in Galafor. At this point, focus, on other quests, and activate the Windstones when you reach their locations.

While in Tilera’s camp, go east towards Syl. Make sure you stay near the mountain and you will find a secret door in the mountain (detect hidden level 5 requires).

Open it and advance through the tunnel which leads you to a lake and a small island. Loot the grave for a set item, then continue your journey and enter Syl.

Inside this dungeon, you will fight against wolves, sprites, boggarts and a Bog Tresh. The Bog Tresh is located in the last chamber.

Make sure you focus your attacks on the boss, and stay away from him all the time. It can be defeated very fast if you move all the time, and if you can poison him. Take him out, and then cleanse the amulet using the ancient altar.

Exit the dungeon, and take the amulet back to Emaire.

Side Quest: Rivener Tarsus

Objective: Retrieve the staff pieces

Don’t leave Emaire without picking the God Fang located in Hagni Home. After you get it, go east and locate Purta. Persuade her and she will give you the second piece (Crack of Dawn).

Fast travel to Mull Rane and explore the dungeon for the last piece (Dark Silver). It is carried by Erion Raff, who is willing to sell it to you. After you get all pieces, salvage them using the forge in Emaire, near the tavern, then forge three different staves: Rivener Tarsus, Gloamfrost and Ender’s Fire.  Return them to Lord Callor in the Deep Slumber.

After you complete this quest, look for Lila Janick, in Deep Slumber, if you wish to start the Sisterly Love quest. To complete it, give several Sativa Fiber plants to Lila.

Now, fast travel to Mull-Rane and activate the Ancient Windstone near the dungeon, then travel to New Culn, and talk to Lord Cras, to start The Treasures of Culn side-quest.

Side Quest: The Treasures of Culn

Objective: Recover the Treasures of Culn

The treasures of Culn are inside Bitter Cove, a short and accessible dungeon inhabited only by Kobolds. While exploring this place, make sure you keep your eyes on the ground, because there are multiple traps that can end your journey earlier. Kill all Kobolds, and get the treasures, then exit and claim your reward from Lord Cras.

Eventually, you will find out that Cras wanted the treasures for himself. Kill his guard, and the Toll and your objective will change. Cras is now hiding somewhere near Moon Camp, in Tywili Coast. You will get him, don’t worry.

For now, focus on the Refugee Camp and talk to Ommer Vogard, who wants you to find Lyra.

Side Quest: Buried Alive

Objective: Locate the refugees

To locate Lyra, you have to explore the Orieator’s Tomb. Fast travel to the dungeon and begin your exploration. When you reach the first large chamber, just in front of the first door, is a lever.

Make sure you activate it once, and then follow the corridor until you reach Lyra. Talk to her and mention the switch, then exit the Orieator’s Tomb and go back to Ommer.

Return to the Orieator’s Tomb and from the entrance, travel south and you will see a new quest giver: Idwa Widfrond who has a new side-quest for you: Raising the Dead.

Side Quest: Raising the Dead

Objective: Find the grave of Azo Raemund

The grave of Azo Raemund is near Bitter Cove. When you investigate the grave, pick up the letter inside, then fast travel to Emaire and locate Britt Hagni, in the tavern. Britt is in fact Azo.

At this point you can choose his fate. After you do that, return to Idwa Widfrond and give her the ring you received from Azo.

At this point, all quests in the Forsaken Plain are completed, but you should also explore Shardfall, Bristlethorn and Shining Labyrinth, especially if you want additional experience points, better items or reagents.

Side Quest: Life’s Work

Objective: Recover the notes

Since you already have Kallas’ Notes (recovered at the beginning of this walkthrough), return to Mull-Rane to get Dulstan’s Notes. Enter the dungeon and go west, until you reach a dead end.

In fact, in this place, is a hidden door, but you won’t be able to see it if your detect hidden skill is below 5. Open the door and check the corpse at the end of the tunnel.

If you want to find Aeweld’s Notes, look for it in Scholia Arcana, while Wildfrold’s Notes are in Luminary Leaf (Rathir/Tywili Coast).

Right now, it is time to leave Forsaken Plain, and head south, to Tala-Rane.

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