Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 16 The Wolds

While playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning the first sub-area you have to explore in the Plains of Erathell is The Wolds.

Located east of Lorca-Rane and south of Forsaken Plain, The Wolds is a small zone that should be explored by all players who wish to complete all Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning quests.

The most notable establishment in this area is Ayten, a small village located to the north.

Our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 16 The Wolds, is a text guide, which explains how to complete all quests, in The Wolds, offering additional information regarding each dungeon that must be completed, as well as tips and tricks on how to defeat all bosses or creatures encountered.

Players who have finished all quests in Detyre, including those available in Adessa, can travel to The Wolds, from Lorca-Rane. The mountain pass, which connects these two areas, can be found east of Brunuath.

Once you get there, make sure you delimitate the area, in order to discover the following points of interest.

Ayten – Located to the north, near the pass between The Wolds and Forsaken Plain

Cranalt – Located SW of Ayten

Rond Farm – East of Cranalt and near the pass that takes you to Tala-Rane.

After you discover these locations, enter Ayten and talk to Ratofer, near the main road.

Ratofer, wants you to sell some goods for him. If you wish to complete this quest faster, you should buy them, so you can start a new task called One Man’s Trash…

Task: One Man’s Trash…

Objective: Sell Ratofer’s Items

To complete One Man’s Trash…, you have to sell the following items: Ratofer’s Silverware, Ratofer’s Kerchief, Ratofer’s Daggers, and Ratofer’s Ring.

After you get the items, travel to Thorin’s Apothecary, and talk to Askel Thorin. Tell him that you want to sell some items and get rid of Ratofer’s Kerchief. On the second floor, talk to Sigra Thorin, to start the Strict Accounts side-quest.

Exit Thorin’s Apothecary, and check the central area of Ayten. Talk to Fynwick Iver and sell him Ratofer’s Daggers, then inspect the Job Board to start two additional side-quests:  Rogue Harvest and Castor’s Wrath.

Now, visit the Hammer Smithy and sell Ratofer’s Silverware to Banraun the Smithy. While inside, sneak and unlock the chest near Banraun’s bed, to recover the first Invoice from Sigra Thorin.

You have to collect 5 invoices to complete the Strict Accounts side-quest.

Get out and travel east until you find Singing Nell. Talk to her, and she will buy Ratofer’s Ring from you. She will also give you a new quest, named The Erathell’s Blessing.

In Nell’s camp near her workbench you will see a bag. Loot it, because it contains the second Invoice from Sigra Thorin.

At this point One Man’s Trash… quest, ends.

Side Quest: Strict Accounts

Objective: Reclaim the invoices

If you have followed our Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning guide up to this point, you should have 2 invoices. Time to get the rest.

In Ayten, go to Iver’s House, and loot the chest to the right, near the bed, for the third invoice. Now, exit and visit the Golden Plains Inn.

Inside, go to the second floor, and loot the chest located in the first room, to the left, for the fourth invoice. The final Invoice from Sigra Thorin can be found to the east, in Tala-Rane.

While traveling on the main road, in front of you will appear Helmgard Keep. Near the road, before reaching the keep, is a corpse behind a wooden fence. Loot it to get the invoice, then return to Sigra in Ayten.

Side Quest: The Erathell’s Blessing

Objective: Go to Ayten Circle

Ayten Circle is located south-east of Ayten. The location is marked by five tall stone pillars, known as Windstones. To complete this quest, you have to solve a small puzzle, and activate them in a specific order.

If you look closer, you can see that the stones feature some carvings, but in different spots. The correct order, is given by these carvings, and you should activate them starting with the one which has the carving placed near the ground. The last Windstone that must be activated, is the one with the carving near the top.

If you wish to activate all Windstones faster, and solve this puzzle, as well as the quest; here is what you should do. Place you character in the middle of the circle and make sure, that the cursor on the mini-map is points to north.

Now, look on the mini-map and imagine that the circle is a clock, and the Windstone you are facing (the one to the north), shows 12 o’clock. It is the first stone you have to activate. Now, using the same strategy, activate the second Windstone, which  shows 10 o’clock, then the one showing 5 o’clock.

The fourth Windstone is the one showing 3 o’clock and the last Windstone is the 7 o’clock.  Remember that 12 o’clock is to the north. After you solve Erathell’s Blessing puzzle, return to Singing Nell.

Side Quest: Castor’s Wrath

Objective: Kill Castor Redhand

The objective of this quest, is very clear. You have to travel to Tala-Rane and slay Castor Redhand. His camp is located on the eastern side of Tala-Rane, near the pass connecting The Wolds and Tala-Rane.

Kill Castor Redhand and his band of assassins, and then return to Fynwick Iver in Ayten. While traveling to Castor’s camp, make sure you make a stop at Rond Farm.

Talk to Alrette Rond, to start The Waters of Madness, side-quest.

Side Quest: The Waters of Madness

Objective: Find Cranalt

The dungeon known as Cranalt, is located SW of Ayten. If you explored the zone, when you arrived in The Wolds, all you have to do is to fast travel there. Enter and your objective will change.

You have to find Jenniker, a wizard who have poisoned the river with madness. When you reach the first chamber, after you kill the Cave Murghans, loot the Mauled Corpse, to get Jenniker’s Journal.

Your objective will change again, and you will have to find the Missing Parts: Gem Lattice, Mana Pendulum and the Belt of Fluidity.

Fully explore Cranalt, and after you get all items, return to the first chamber, and use them on the Strange Artifact near Jenniker’s corpse. Deactivate the device completely, then exit and return to Rond Farm, for your reward.

At this point, all quests in The Wolds, have been completed. The next area you should visit is Forsaken Plain. From there, we will travel to Tala-Rane, Kandrian, Galafor and Tywili Coast.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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