Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 12 The Hollowlands

The Hollowlands or simply Hollowlands is the second area in Detyre that must be visited by those who have completed all quests in Alserund.

The following Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough part 12 Hollowlands refers strictly to the zone located south of Alserund.

It is a step-by-step text guide, which explains how to complete all main-quests, side-quests, faction quests and tasks while exploring Hollowlands in KoA Reckoning.

The KoA: Reckoning game guide was divided in parts, based on the territories that must be explored by players.

To reach Hollowlands, you must travel to the southern zone of Alserund, and then follow the main road which leads you directly to the second zone.

To the east, on left side of the road, you will see Egonn’s Tomb, which can’t be opened without the proper key.

When you enter Hollowlands, the first point of interest is Motus Mining Outpost.

At this point, the quest-log shows the following active entries:

An Old Friend – Main Quest

The Great General – Main Quest

The Unquiet Bride –Faction Quest

Something Borrowed – Faction Quest

Lock and Key – Faction Quest

Keeper of the Keys – Task

Long Overdue – Task

Right near the first, house, the one to the left, you will see a small gnome, named Apule Vire. Talk to him and you will start a side-quest named Fae at the Mine.

If you enter the house near Apule Vire, you will meet Capstan Ovar who wants you to complete the Bloodbane quest. Exit the house and go straight forward to reach a new building. Near the entrance, to the right, talk to Edgar Aron who can give you additional information regarding the Bloodbane quest.

Notice that the objective of this quest changes now.

Return to Apule Vire, and from there, go south west. Up on a rock, near a jump point you will see Calovar. Talk to him and you will start the Century Flowers side-quest.

At this point you should start completing the quests above.

Side Quest: Fae at the Mine

Objective: Look for Enser

For this quest, you must find Apule’s scholar, Enser. From your current location (near Calovar), go east and you will find Enser Garrou. Convince him to climb the ledge so you can find additional information regarding the Fae, and then lead the way.

Make sure you kill the Boggarts that attack you and stay on the road. You have to travel SE and then turn west. At the end of the road you will see the image of Aurenda the Fae and the entrance to the Canyon Hill Mine.

Talk to Aurenda’s projection, then talk to Enser, and return to the Mining Post. From there, travel straight to the south, and look for a large skeleton up on a hill.

Near it, you will find a small camp and two corpses. Loot them and get Aurenda’s Light. Return and search the area below Aurenda, to find the entrance to a dungeon named Shadowthorn.

Inside Shadowthorn you will find the Fae, located in the northern area of the dungeon. Shadowthorn is a normal dungeon, without bosses, or special enemies. Here you will fight against Sprites, Boggarts, and two Leanashe, near Aurenda. Give her the item and then exit. Travel to the Mining Post and talk to Enser to complete the quest.

Side Quest: The Century Flowers

Objective: Make the Century Flowers bloom

For this quest, Calovar the Fae wants you to find 3 Century Flowers. While tracking the Century Flowers side-quest, you will notice that all flowers are located in the eastern area of Hollowlands (one to the SW and two to the SE). Travel to their locations but start with the one located SW.

When you approach it you may encounter a Cave Banshaen and several Cave Murghans. These creatures can be defeated faster with a fire spell or fire-based weapon. After you take them out, approach the Century Flower and make it bloom.

To do so, equip a fire weapon or cast a fire spell on it, then using the Petrichor you already have, you will be able to see it bloom.

Use the same technique on all flowers, and make sure the last one is the one located on the eastern side. When you get there you will see that the area is inhabited by Brownies. Take them out to complete the Bloodbane side-quest, and then help the last Century Flower bloom, to complete the Century Flowers side-quest.

During the fight against the Brownies, after you kill the last one, you will have to fight a boss, named Bloodbane. This creature is very powerful, and Bloodbane’s sting inflicts massive damage.

Try to stay away from it and move all the time. Bloodbane’s poison attacks can be removed with an antidote. The boss is weak against lightning and fire. If you enter reckoning mode, make sure you kill the minions spawned by Bloodbane, for addition XP points.

Now, since you have completed both side-quests, fast travel to Motus Mining Post to get your rewards.

After you turn in the Bloodbane quest, make sure you talk to Apule Vire again, because he will give you another side-quest called Miners in the Sand.

Side Quest: Miners in the Sand

For this quest, talk to Calovar first, and then travel to Aron Excavations Mine. Enter and talk to Edgar Aron. If you can’t persuade him to give you the stone, take him out, and loot his corpse, to retrieve Calovar’s Relic.

Return to the surface, and locate the miners you need to save (all of them are located SE from Aron Excavations Mine). Using Calovar’s Relic, save the miners, then return to Apule and Calovar, to complete the quest and receive a new task.

Task: Aron Excavations

Objective: Administer Aron Excavations

To complete this task all you have to do is to visit the mine, the office and to upgrade them. If you upgrade these buildings, they will generate gold for you, and they will serve as your HQ in Detyre.

After you upgrade both structures to the maximum level, make sure you explore them, because you will find useful items, such as skill books, unique weapons, and consumables. Additionally, don’t forget to visit the miners in Hollowlands, often, to collect your gold.

For now, all quest here, have been completed; therefore you should travel to the western area of Hollowlands, where Agarth sent you to meet Templar Octienne.

Main Quest: An Old Friend

Objective: Meet Templar Octienne

Templar Octienne can be found in Overlook Camp, up on the mountain. When you talk to him, make sure you agree to look for Fomorous Hugues, the gnome who saved you in Allestar Tower.

A new location will be automatically added to your map: Saltwell Caverns (to the south-east, in Hollowlands). Travel to the caverns, and enter to look for Fomorous Hugues, your old friend.

In the first room, after you clear it, look for the Saltwell Site Lab Notes, Day 21 located on a table. In the second hall, inspect the corpse in the center and loot the key to open the next door, and then clear the area.

In the next tunnel, after you kill the Sons of Laz, loot the corpse on the left side to get the Emergency Supply Key, and then check the table for the Saltwell Site Lab Notes, Day 142.

Continue and investigate the next hall, to get the Saltwell Site Lab Notes, Day 233, and then push forward until you reach Fomorous Hugues. After you talk to him, get ready to defend the gnome, because the White Palm Assassins will attack you.

Enter reckoning mode to get more experience points while fighting the assassins. After the area is cleared, talk to Fomorous again and ask him additional questions, to receive Notes of Octienne’s Crimes.

Exit the Saltwell Caverns, because all quests in Hollowlands have been completed. At this point you have to travel to Apotyre, and the City of Adessa; however, before reaching that area, we will explore The Red Marches, Menetyre and the House of Valor.

When you are ready to continue, travel to Circle of Engard, in Alserund, and from there go north, through the pass, and you will enter The Red Marches.

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