Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough Part 11 Alserund

Located south-east of Dalentarth, Detyre is a zone divided in 5 major sub-zones: The Red Marches to the north, Alserund to the west, The Hollowlands to the south, as well as Menetyre and Apotyre to the east.

The House of Valor and Adessa can also be found in Detyre.

After talking to the High King, in Ysa, we received two main quests: one from Agarth and one from Alyn Shir. Both quests unlocked two new major zones: Detyre and the Plains of Erathell.

Our next stop is in Detyre where we have to reach the Hollowlands, but to do so, we need to cross Alserund.

Our Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning walkthrough Part 11 Alserund explains how to solve all quests in this sub-zone. The guide is the eleventh part in the full KoA Reckoning walkthrough created with the purpose of helping those who wish to complete all quests available in this role-playing videogame.

Our quest-log displays the following active quests:

An Old Friend – Main Quest

The Great General – Main Quest

The Unquiet Bride –Faction Quest

Something Borrowed – Faction Quest

Lock and Key – Faction Quest

Keeper of the Keys – Task

Long Overdue – Task

We say farewell to the High King and the Fae we encountered in the Gardens of Ysa and travel south east from Rundamir, the dungeon in the Sidhe. Following the main road, we reach the entrance to Detyre and Alserund.

While Dalentarth is a zone dominated by forests, we notice that Detyre is a sandy place, with long canyons and high cliffs.

We continue to follow the main road, and to the west we discover the first dungeon: Caverns of Ingress. At this point we suggest you to continue on the main road, until you reach a crossroad. Go SE and you will meet a quest-giver named Frama Aedic.

Talk to her and begin the Kidnapped side-quest.

Side Quest: Kidnapped

Objective: Ask about Alard

While tracking this quest, head east and you will find the first settlement. It is a Fae camp, named Circle of Engard. Talk to Florion and head back to the Caverns of Ingress to complete a Fae rite which allows you to save Alard. When you enter, the objective of this quest changes and you have to find a waterfall.

When you reach the first door, you will notice that it is locked. Use the Erathi Sigil-Stone on the right side of the door to open it, and then begin the Rite of Valor.

The dungeon known as Caverns of Ingress is not so complex and is inhabited by boggarts, Crudok, Fae Warlocks and a Tresh. Since these creatures are well known by you, it is important to remember that this time they are more powerful.

Additionally, keep in mind that inside the dungeon, you will have to start three more rites, and when you start them, you will be cursed, and become weaker. If you wish to complete the quest faster, after you begin the first rite, clear the tunnels of this dungeon, and kill all monsters.

Only then you can continue the rites, without having to fight longer, because of the curses. Kill the Tresh to complete the final rite, loot the corpse and return to the Circle of Engard.

Talk to Florion, and he will give you a potion. Administer the antidote to Alard and you will complete the Kidnapped side-quest.

Now, talk to Florion again and you will start a new side-quest, called Fellfire Bloom.

Side Quest: Fellfire Bloom

Objective: Go to Fellfire Pit

Fellfire Pit is located in the central area of Alserund, traveling south-west from Circle of Engard. From the Fellfire Pit, if you move south you will discover another dungeon, named Caer Elatha; however, your quest takes place in the Fellfire Pit. When you reach the entrance take out the Fae Warlocks, then proceed inside, and you will receive a new objective: You have to find the Guardian.

The Fellfire Pit is a normal dungeon, inhabited by Kobolds and Sprites. When you enter, follow the tunnel to the west, and kill every monster you encounter.

There is only one tunnel to follow, and you will reach the guardian’s place, where you will see a large green cactus. Be careful, because when you approach you have to defeat a Niskaru Tyrant.

Take him out with your favorite weapon, and then harvest the Fellfire Bloom. Continue through the same tunnel and kill all monsters until you reach the exit.

Return to Circle of Engard and talk to Florion who will reward you and give you another quest, called The Crossing.

Side Quest: The Crossing

Objective: Challenge Pura

To find Pura you have to travel west, up on the mountain. He resides in a small cave, and when you reach her, tell Pura that you invoke the rite, in order to fight her.

She is not a powerful boss and when her health is almost depleted she will surrender.  Get the Amulet of the Sun from her and travel south-east until you discover Caer Elatha.  Inside you will have to find and talk to the Crossing Keepers.

Caer Elatha is a linear dungeon, meaning that all tunnels will take you to the same place. It features multiple dead ends, hidden chests and diving spots, as well as various enemies such as boggart zealots and a Prismere Troll.

The Prismere Troll is more powerful than a normal Troll, but he uses similar attacks, which means that you don’t have to change the strategy you have used to kill the Trolls you encountered so far.

When you enter Caer Elatha make sure you talk to Maxen, and when you reach the final chamber, talk to Halcyor. He won’t give you the Bloom without a proper fight.

You will be able to beat Halcyor faster and gain additional XP if you enter the reckoning mode. Use the Sprites he summons for to fill your fate bar, and then take him out.

Pick up the Bloom and place it on the altar, then go back to Maxen at the entrance. Talk to him and you will receive the Whisperskin Sandals (unique item). Now, go back to Circle of Engard and talk to Florion in order to finish this quest.

At this point all quests in Alserund have been completed and it is time to travel south, to The Hollowlands.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Walkthrough
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