Killer is Dead Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Episode 9 Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Episode 9 is the ninth part of the complete Killer is Dead Walkthrough, featuring the ninth episode in the videogame, called The Giant who Stole a Planet.

Killer is Dead The Giant who Stole a Planet takes Mondo to area 151 where he must explore a research facility in order to reach his target.

Episode 9 in Killer is Dead is longer than all previous chapters, but it is a linear level in which there is only one path to follow.

Furthermore, Killer is Dead Episode 9 is the first episode to include four hidden collectibles, which means that while playing it, you have to find Scarlett four times.

Scarlett’s locations in Episode 9 are also covered by the walkthrough.

Mission Details

Client: Dr. Walter

Target Information:

Name: Giant Head

Gender: Unknown

Height: 240 ft.

Age: Unknown

Nationality: American


After the introductory cutscene which presents Mondo’s client, the facility you have to explore, and the final boss, all you have to do is to advance following the path marked by a yellow line that can be observed on the ground.

Kill all Wires you encounter and enter the blue door on the right side of the corridor. Exit through the next door and you will eventually see a turret controlled by a Wire.

Scarlett’s Location 13:

Climb the stairs to reach the turret and kill the Wire. Now, mount the turret and take out the Wire on the other side of the hall. While controlling the turret, look down and you should see three red canisters. Shoot them, and then shoot the wood crates behind them to reveal Scarlett’s first location in Episode 9.

Dismount the turret, follow the stairs down, and interact with Scarlet to unlock Survival Challenge Part 2. Now, go right, and advance through the hangar, killing more Wires.

Eventually, a piece of concrete will fall, creating a ramp that allows you to advance. Keep pushing forward, until you reach an elevator. Inside the elevator is a stronger Wire you have to beat.

Once you do, activate the elevator and go up. In the next area, go through the first blue door and kill the Wires that appear from the capsules. Follow the door that opens after you clear the room, and then the next one that leads to a chamber with more capsules and Wires.

Clear it and you should hear Vivienne telling you that you are inside the power room and you should find the emergency power switch.

After you kill all Wires that spawn near your current location, take the head of the last Wire you have defeated, and place it near the switch located on the left side of the room. Go through the door that opens and activate the switch in the next room.

Now, exit and go through the door on the right side. Continue to move from one blue door to another and you will reach some stairs.

Scarlett’s Location 14:

As you go up following the stairs, you will encounter a floating eye. Kill it, then enter the next area and go left, then right through the next blue door.

When you open it, you should see some crates in the middle of the next room. Destroy them from distance, and then kill all enemies without leaving the chamber.

Notice that two Wires will come through a door on the right. At the end of the chamber where you have destroyed the crates, on the left side is a door that opens when you clear the area (not the door used by the two Wires).

Go through the said door, and turn left to see some crates near the wall. Destroy the crates, and then use the drill to smash the wall and find Scarlett’s second location.

Talk to her to unlock Target Challenge Part 4. Now, retrace your steps and follow the door used by the two Wires that attacked you earlier. Cross the next room, and when you reach the second one you will be ambushed by some large enemies.

Vivienne will tell you to take out the biggest enemy because it is carrying the key that allows you to advance. While fighting the large Wires, try to stay behind them, to avoid their frontal attacks. After you clear the area, take the elevator up, but stay alert because you will be ambushed during the elevator ride.

Once you exit the elevator, you will reach another chamber, and in the middle you will see a moving platform. First, take out the Wires that spawn near you, and then use their commander’s head to activate the platform.

Scarlett’s Location 15:

As the platform moves, you will be ambushed by more Wires. Luckily for you, Vivienne will assist you and take out most enemies. After she leaves, cross the platform and go through the door on the left side to find Scarlett inside some crates.

Talk to her to unlock Target Challenge Part 6, and then go through the door on the left side as you leave your current location. Activate the panel near the window, then the moving platform outside. Cross the platform, and then kill more Wires.

After you have defeated all enemies, investigate both doors, because one of them will lead you outside, while the other one to a chamber where you can get more blood and health. As you exit the facility, follow the ramps and kill all enemies you encounter.

Continue to push forward and eventually you will reach an area where you have to hide behind ruins to avoid the Giant Head’s eyebeam. Move from one ruin to another and stay behind walls.

Scarlett’s Location 16:

After you escape the Giant Head’s eyebeam, follow the ramp up and you will get back inside the facility. Kill the armored Wire you encounter in the first room, and when you exit, you should see some stairs. Under the stairs, to the right is a large crate, and behind it you will find Scarlett.

Even if she can’t be seen whiles standing near the crate, you can actually reach it, if you go around the crate. Make sure you talk to her in order to activate Survival Challenge Part 3.

Now, follow the stairs up and press the button to start the battle against the Giant Head.

Giant Head Boss Fight

As most boss battles featured in Killer is Dead, to beat the Giant Head, you will have to deplete his health bar three times; however, unlike all previous bosses, you will notice that the Giant Head is easy to defeat.

As mentioned by Vivienne, his weak spots are his eyes; therefore, during each phase you must aim for the eyes and destroy them.

If you run out of blood, you should focus on killing the nearby Wires. At the end of each phase, approach the boss and perform a finishing strike.

Once you beat the Giant Head, you will get the achievement/trophy named Brought Down to Size.

Furthermore you will unlock Episode 10, and two sub-missions: Gift of the Moon and Weight Limit.

Killer is Dead Walkthrough
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