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Killer is Dead Episode 7 Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Episode 7 is the seventh part of the complete Killer is Dead walkthrough, featuring the seventh episode in the videogame, called The Tiger that Faded into Darkness.

The Tiger that Faded into Darkness takes you to Kyoto, where Mondo has to kill Hamada-Yama, as ordered by his client, Yakuza Don.

In Killer is Dead Episode 7 you can also locate Scarlett three times, thus being able to unlock three additional challenges.

The mission starts in an open area, where you must find and retrieve five hidden scrolls.

Since the courtyard you have to explore is quite large, it is a good idea to follow the walkthrough below, as it will reveal the locations of all hidden scrolls along with Scarlett’s locations in Episode 7.

When all scrolls have been found, you will be able to open the gate that takes you to the last boss, Hamada-Yama.

Mission Details

Client: Yakuza Don

Target Information:

Name: Hamada-Yama

Gender: Male

Height: 7’9’’

Age: 68

Nationality: Japanese


When you reach the location of your current mission accompanied by Vivienne, you will have to cross the long alley in front of you, to get close to a blocked gate. Destroy the barrels next to the door for some additional blood, and then hit the statue in front of the gate to reveal a new opponent.

The samurai Wires are extremely fast; therefore, you have to make sure you move all the time and dodge their attacks.

Once you defeat them grab the scroll in front of the gate, to receive your next objective. In the courtyard behind the gate you must locate five hidden scrolls carried by ninjas, but to make the ninjas appear you must destroy five statues similar to the one you have destroyed earlier.

Start your exploration following the path on the right side of the garden. It will lead you to a bridge and on top of it, you will see a samurai.

First, take out the samurai, and then look under the bridge, while standing near the cherry tree on the left side. Shoot the statue, and a ninja will spawn on the same bridge. Take him out and grab the first hidden scroll he drops. Continue to advance but remain on the right side of the garden, following the tight alley between the fences made of bamboo sticks.

The alley will lead you to a waterfall you can observe on the left side of the next area.

Scarlett’s Location 10:

When you reach the waterfall, turn left and while facing it, look up to spot a floating eye. Shoot it, and its explosion will destroy a tree on top of the waterfall.

When the tree falls, the water will stop, revealing a cave hidden behind the waterfall. Inside you should see Scarlett, and if you interact with her you will unlock Katana Challenge Part 1.

Next, return to the small bridge near the waterfall, and retrace your steps, but make sure you turn left, before entering the tight alley that brought you to this area.

Turn left again, and you will see an archway, behind a larger bridge. In the next area, cut down all bushes, and kill the ninja and the floating eyes, to get the second hidden scroll. Once you get it, it’s time to retrace your steps all the way to the central area, following the tight alley surrounded by fences.

When you exit the alley, turn right, then turn left, and cross the next bridge to reach a small round island. In front of you, is another wooden bridge. While facing it, turn right and look into the bushes near the water to spot the statue you have to destroy.

Shoot the statue, and then kill the ninja that spawns nearby, to get the third hidden scroll. Cross the second bridge (the one you have faced earlier) and turn right.

Follow the path, and kill the patrolling samurai. On your right you should see another building. Make sure you enter the building and check the ceiling to spot the fourth hidden statue. Shoot it down and kill the fourth samurai and the two brutes that spawn along.

Don’t forget to hit the brutes from behind to avoid their powerful attacks. Now, continue to follow the main path that will take you to the large gate you have to unlock. While standing in front of the said gate, turn left and you will see another smaller courtyard.

Scarlett’s Location 11:

Enter the said courtyard, and turn right, around the house. Use Mondo’s drill to destroy the rock that blocks your way, and you will reach the backyard which is filled with bamboo trees. On the other side of the backyard you will see two glowing bamboo trees.

Cut them to reveal Scarlett’s second location, which unlocks Katana Challenge Part 4. While advancing towards the glowing bamboo trees, if you look up and to the left, you will see the fifth statue on the roof of the building behind the fence.

After you find Scarlett, shoot the statue (it should be on your right as you return to the front gate), then kill the last ninja to recover the fifth scroll.

Now, the main gate that leads to Hamada-Yama should open, but you still have to find Scarlett’s third location.

Scarlett’s Location 12:

As soon as you open the gate using the hidden scrolls, turn left and look behind it, to find Scarlett. Talk to her, to unlock Combo Challenge Part 3, and then cross the long alley that takes you to the final boss.

Hamada-Yama Boss Fight

The fight against Hamada-Yama has three phases. During the first phase, you will be helped by Vivienne, and you have to control her motorcycle. Keep hitting Hamada-Yama and don’t forget to avoid the obstacles by leaning and switching lanes. Block his attacks and when you deplete his health bar you will return to the courtyard. The second phase is harder than the previous because Hamada-Yama performs powerful attacks.

Keep in mind that his leaping attacks can’t be blocked; therefore, you will have to stay close to the boss in order to stop him from jumping towards you. When you see him raising his sword, dodge and strike him. If you run out of health, you can replenish it by destroying the pots near the buildings.

For the third phase, Hamada-Yama will call his tiger, the animal being his weak spot. Hamada-Yama’s speed will decrease, allowing you to stay behind him.

Don’t forget to dodge when you see the purple smoke surrounding the boss. After you finish the third phase, Hamada-Yama will ask you to assist him and let him die like a true samurai.

Once you cut his head, you will complete Episode 7, and you will unlock the Scratch One Samurai achievement/trophy.

Additionally, you will get the Scarlett Stalker achievement/trophy, the Tiger Fan item available in the gift shop, and you will gain access to Episode 8 and three sub-missions: Bonsai, Reckless Riding and Time Cursed.

Killer is Dead Walkthrough
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