Killer is Dead Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Episode 6 Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Episode 6 is the sixth part of the complete Killer is Dead walkthrough, featuring the sixth episode in the videogame, called The Man who Stole her Ears.

The Man who Stole her Ears is a mission in which Mondo has to ascend a tower in order to reach his target.

Mondo’s client in Episode 6 is Jubilee, a young singer who lost her sounds, after she was attacked by Victor.

Victor resides on top of his tower where he uses Jubilee’s sounds to twist people’s emotions.

In Killer is Dead Episode 6, while exploring Victor’s tower, you have to find Scarlett three times.

Scarlett’s locations in Episode 6, are covered by the Killer is Dead Episode 6 walkthrough.

Mission Details

Client: Jubilee

Target Information:

Name: Victor

Gender: Male

Height: 6’7’’

Age: 56

Nationality: Austrian


When you gain control over Mondo, focus on defeating all Wires in the courtyard, then push forward following the only passage available. Stay alert because more enemies will come your way after you see Victor’s projection.

As you continue to progress down the corridors, you will eventually be warned that several security spikes have been deployed, and you will encounter your first ranged enemies.

On the corridor where you have to fight them, after you take them out, shoot the sustaining points on the left, to destroy the platform attached to them,and create a ramp. Use the ramp to get on the other side of the gap, then descend the stairs and continue to move forward.

Scarlett’s Location 7:

After you create the said ramp, you will enter a larger area and you will be attacked by a large number of opponents. In front of you, there are several stairs, and Vivienne will eventually assist you in defeating the Wires.

Once you completely clear the area, go under the aforementioned stairs and destroy all crates to reveal Scarlett’s first location in Episode 6. Once you talk to her, you will unlock Katana Challenge Part 3.

Now, follow the stairs up, and you will trigger a cutscene showing a new type of enemy accompanied by two flying drones. Shoot the drones down, and then take out the remaining opponent.

Next take his head and approach the green panel near the blocked door, to unlock it. After the checkpoint, you will enter the main room and you will have to start ascending. Follow the stairs to the first floor, and then cross the bridge to the central platform. Hold your position and defeat all goons that attack you until the path is unblocked. Now rotate the central structure and head upstairs to the second floor.

Look around and you should see a green door that can’t be reached. Here you have two goals. First, you have to move the central platform and investigate all adjacent chambers until you find the control room with a large computer that allows you to create a bridge and access the green door.

However, before going through the green door, you must find Scarlett’s second location.

Scarlett’s Location 8:

While facing the green door, without going through it, make sure you investigate the first room on the right side. Enter the chamber, turn right and look up to see a large monitor (it is the only room with a monitor attached to the ceiling).

Shoot the monitor and then press the green button below it, to find Scarlett and unlock Combo Challenge Part 2. Next, retrace your steps and go through the green door.

Scarlett’s Location 9:

Immediately after you cross the green door you should see some stairs to the left, and a box to the right, near the stairs. Destroy the crate and you will find Scarlett’s third location which unlocks Trick Challenge Part 2.

Follow the stairs up, and continue to fight the enemies that spawn including the goon. After you clear the next area, take the goon’s head and use it on the panel nearby to access an elevator that will take you to the fourth floor.

Stay alert because you will have to fight a stronger opponent in the next area. The huge brute that appears on the fourth floor has a devastating attack but it is also very slow.

Furthermore, after the brute smashes the ground with the mace, it will stop for several second. To beat this specific enemy, you will have to make sure that you always stay behind it and attack it without stopping. After the brute is dead, take the elevator to floor 1000 where Victor awaits you.

Victor Boss Fight

In Killer is Dead Victor is an accessible boss, who can be defeated faster by shooting the red spots on his chest. The fight against Victor has three phases. After the first phase, you have to cut one of his arms, and make sure that you keep him away from it.

When you see him trying to recover his arm, stay behind Victor and attack him. During the second phase, Victor’s speed increases, but the strategy you have to use remains unchanged. You can opt to approach him as long as you dodge his attacks. When you manage to cut his other arm, keep him away from it, and you will start the third phase. Without his arms, Victor is even more vulnerable to Mondo’s katana.

Focus all your attacks on him and chase him around until you empty his health bar. When Victor dies, the mission ends and you will trigger the final cutscene.

The rewards received for completing Episode 6, are the Sound Disk in the gift shop, two sub-missions (A Damsel in Distress and High Fidelity), the achievement/trophy named No More Spoils, and access to Episode 7.

Killer is Dead Walkthrough
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