Killer is Dead Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Episode 4 Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Episode 4 is the fourth part of the complete Killer is Dead walkthrough, featuring the fourth episode in the game, called The Man who Stole the Moon.

In The Man who Stole the Moon, Mondo’s client is Moon River. She sends Mondo to the dark side of the moon to execute David.

The action in Killer is Dead Episode 4 takes place inside David’s mansion, which features a series of chambers that can be accessed through secret mirrors.

The Man who Stole the Moon is a short mission, but the boss at the end of the level is more powerful than Alice.

Additionally, during Episode 4 you will have to find Scarlett three times.

Mission Details

Client: Moon River

Target Information:

Name: David

Gender: Male

Height: 6’3’’

Age: 37

Nationality: American


Once you enter David’s mansion, you will be attacked by several Wires. Take them out, while remaining on the ground floor, and then smash all green pots and advance through the door on the left side of the main lobby.

At the end of the corridor two shielded Wires will wait for you. Break their shields using Mondo’s power attacks, and then the door behind them will open, leading you to a green chamber.

Inside, kill the Wires that spawn, using the same strategy, then break the vases for additional blood and health. If you approach the large painting you will eventually hear Vivienne telling you that the painting gives her the creeps.

Notice that the painting turns into a mirror. Approach it and you will be able to jump through it.

Scarlett’s Location 4:

Once you pass through the first mirror, turn left and under the balcony you should see several green vases. Break them and notice the yellow mark on the wall behind the vases you have destroyed.

Using Mondo’s drill, break the wall to uncover Scarlett, and to unlock Trick Challenge Part 1.

Note: If you don’t have the drill you must unlock it by dating Natalia and complete the Mondo Girls 1 Strong Hot-Headed Girl Gigolo Mission.

After you find Scarlett’s fist location in Episode 4, head up on the stairs nearby, without going through the door on the left side.

Scarlett’s Location 5:

On the second floor, look around for another green pot. Break it to uncover a green panel and push the button. Observe the door that opens downstairs, and retrace your steps to reach a large blue chamber. Once you get inside the said chamber, break all vases because Scarlett is hiding inside one of them.

When you find her, you will unlock the Target Challenge Part 3. Next, retrace your steps and go back to the door near the panel you have activated, and in the next room you will encounter a new type of enemy, similar to a floating eye. Shoot it, then continue to advance and eventually you will return to the main lobby, but on the second floor.

Notice the Wire wielding the large axe, and you can see that it is coming through a mirror on the left side of the main hall. Make sure that after you deal with all enemies, you go through the same mirror, and you will reach a square room on the second floor.

Kill the Wires and go through the only door available, to enter a room with a blue floor and a pool table in the middle. Break all green pots, and then look for a green panel that must be activated to uncover another mirror in the lobby, and a door to your right. Once you return to the lobby, jump through the mirror you activated, but stay alert because more Wires will wait for you.

After you deal with them, look around and you can see that in the middle of the room is a piano. You should also notice that a new mirror is unlocked in the lobby. Cross the corridor and the first room, and in the second room you will have to shoot several smaller eyes.

Scarlett’s Location 6:

After you defeat the smaller eyes, you will have to follow another corridor that will lead you back to the lobby. Make sure that you go upstairs and check the balcony to find Scarlett’s third location; but be aware that if you jump through the final mirror/painting you will trigger the boss fight.

Therefore, when you enter the lobby for the last time, talk to Scarlett to unlock the sixth challenge, which is Survival Challenge Part 1, and then jump through the painting to meet David.

David Boss Fight

Similar to Alice, David is a boss that must be defeated several times. When you fight him, you can opt to shoot him while moving around his position or you can engage him in close combat. In this case you must try to avoid as many hits as possible to trigger the Adrenaline Burst.

Hit him continuously to deplete his health bar, then you will enter a quick-time event and you will have to mash a single button as fast as you can. The second phase is similar; therefore you can use the same strategy, but make sure you don’t run out of blood.

If this happens, break the green pots nearby. After the second phase, execute David and watch the final cutscene. If you successfully complete Episode 4, you will unlock Koharu’s Gigolo Mission: Top Performer, Episode 5: She who Eats Dreams, and the Lunar Stone Necklace available in the shop.

Furthermore you will unlock the 9 to 1 on Goliath achievement/trophy and the Scarlett Chaser achievement/trophy for finding Scarlett six times.

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