Killer is Dead Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Episode 2 Walkthrough

Killer is Dead Episode 2 is the second part of the complete Killer is Dead walkthrough, featuring the second episode in the game, called Killer is Dead.

Similar to Episode 1, Episode 2 is a training mission which doesn’t feature any Scarlett collectibles; however, during the second episode Mondo will have to fight his first opponents.

The combat system of the video game is focused on combos that can be performed using Mondo’s sword.

Following all instructions in Episode 2, is mandatory if you wish to complete the game.

Mission Details

Client: Bryan Rose

Target Information:

Name: Damon

Gender: Male

Height: 6’1’’

Age: 40

Nationality: American


When the second episode starts you will see Mondo receiving a call from his employer. Continue to watch the cutscene, and you will eventually assume control over Mondo when he approaches his target.

Unfortunately his path is blocked by two enemies and you will learn how to use Mondo’s katana named Gekkou. At this point Mondo can perform the basic Katana combination and the Moon Slash attack, which can hit multiple targets if they are close enough.

Practice these two moves on the enemies in front of you and on the three Wires that appear nearby. Once you have defeated them you will learn about the items they drop and how they can be used in your advantage. The Wire Synapses award health and the Energy Cores allows Mondo to recover blood.

Remember that Mondo’s sub-weapons require blood. The third type of items dropped by your enemies during the game, are the yellow Moon Crystals required to purchase new upgrades.

The Moon Crystals play an important role, as they allow you to improve Mondo’s weapons and to unlock new combos.

The Health Gems and Blood Roses allow you to increase Mondo’s total health and blood; therefore, keep an eye on them as well.

Once the tutorial on the items you can use ends, follow the only corridor in front of you and, you will trigger a cutscene showing Damon, the executioner you have to kill.

Pay close attention to the dialogue between Damon and Mondo, and stay alert because as soon as it ends, you will trigger a quick-time event and you have to mash the X button (on Xbox 360) to finish Damon.

After you defeat him, the final cutscene begin and you will see your employer, Bryan. Additionally, you will unlock the Toast to Forerunner achievement/trophy and Episode 3.

Killer is Dead Walkthrough
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