Iron Sky Invasion Cheats and Trainers

Iron Sky Invasion Cheats and Trainers

An Iron Sky Invasion trainer developed for v1.2 was published on January 21, 2013 on, for all players who wish to cheat in Iron Sky Invasion for PC.

The trainer grants access to four different Iron Sky Invasion cheats that can be activated during the game, including an Iron Sky Invasion cheat for money, and a cheat code for unlimited ammo.

Iron Sky Invasion is a space combat simulation video game developed by Reality Pump for multiple gaming platforms, and published by TopWare Interactive. Released on December 12, 2012 and designed by Miros?aw Dymek, Iron Sky Invasion is the official expansion videogame of the science-fiction movie released in 2012, and known as Iron Sky.

While the action movie revolves around a large group of Nazis hidden on the far side of the Moon, planning their attack on Earth, the video game presents the events that take place during their invasion.

As a space-combat simulation game, Iron Sky Invasion provides a vast number of spaceships that can be controlled by players who wish to fight off the Nazis. Most ships in the videogame can also be observed in the motion picture, such as Rheingold, Dundee and Spitfire.

Players are allowed to upgrade their ships using the credits they earn after a fight, in order to improve their defenses or weapons.

Furthermore, during a battle, players have full access to their ships, being allowed to transfer the power between engines, weapons and shields.

Iron Sky Invasion isn’t divided in missions or sub-missions, meaning that as soon as the game starts, players are allowed to participate in one, open-world battle.

How to cheat in Iron Sky Invasion on PC

Those who encounter difficulties in defeating the Nazis featured in Iron Sky Invasion can opt to use the free Iron Sky Invasion trainer from in order to upgrade their ships faster, and get infinite ammo and energy shields for them.

The Iron Sky Invasion trainer works exclusively on PC and it can’t be used to cheat the game on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

To run the trainer, players must install it first, following several steps:

Download the free trainer for Iron Sky Invasion from and unpack the files in trainerIronSky_v1.2.rar

Copy or move the files inside the game’s directory

Run the trainer and then start the game

When the game loads, press the following keys to activate the corresponding Iron Sky Invasion cheat codes 

List of Iron Sky Invasion cheats for PC

Numpad 1-Infinite energy shields cheat

Numpad 2-Infinite acceleration cheat

Numpad 3-Infinite ammunition cheat

Numpad 4-Infinite money cheat

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