Inversion Walkthrough

Inversion Walkthrough: Introduction

Released on June 5, 2012 in U.S, and scheduled for release in July 2012, in Europe; Inversion is a third-person shooter developed by Saber Interactive, and published by Namco Bandai Games for Xbox 360 and Play Station 3.

The title, was rated M for Mature and tells the story of a young cop named Davis Russel, who witnesses the invasion of his planet, by an unknown civilization called the Lutadore.

The event takes place during a normal day, when Davis, along with his partner, Leo Delgado, visit Russel’s wife.


The attack is all but conventional, since the Lutadores know how to control gravity. Davis sees how buildings float around him, and realizes that his weapons can’t stop these enemies; but he might be able to save his family.

His primary goal changes, and helped by Leo Delgado; he tries to fight his way to the building where his wife and daughter live.

Unfortunately, Russel arrives too late, since his wife was badly wounded during the attack. Russel tries to fight back, but eventually, he is captured by the Lutadore, and he is brought to a camp, as a prisoner.

The events take an unexpected turn when in the same camp, is brought a freedom fighter that spent a lot of time on the streets, fighting the Lutadores.

According to the new prisoner many civilians escaped the attack and now they try to fight back the invaders.

Russel hopes that among these civilians he will find his daughter, but to reach her he must escape the camp and more important; he must learn how to control gravity.


In Inversion, players control Russel from a third-person perspective, and helped by Leo Delgado, they will start an epic journey on the streets of a city where the laws of gravity don’t exist.

The video game, features a single-player mode and a co-op multiplayer mode which can be accessed offline or online.

Using a vast arsenal of weapons and power-ups that improve Russel’s efficiency in combat, fans of the game will fight waves of enemies and powerful bosses throughout thirteen chapters.

The following Inversion walkthrough explains how to complete the video game from the beginning to the end. It offers useful information, tips, combat hints and in-game images captured while playing the game.

Our Inversion walkthrough was created with the purpose of helping those who have purchased the game, and wish to complete it faster, and to unlock as many achievements/trophies as they can. Our waltkthrough starts with the game’s prologue.

Inversion Walkthrough
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