Injustice Gods Among Us Characters Guide

Injustice: Gods Among Us Wonder Woman Character Guide

After Flash defeats Green Arrow at the end of Chapter 10, in Injustice: Gods Among Us, the main character becomes Wonder Woman who is a member of Superman’s Regime and a Power User.

Wonder Woman, as a fictional character debuted in All Star Comics #8, in 1941. Created by William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman is also known as Princess of the Amazons, but her real name is Princess Diana of Themyscira.

Wonder Woman is a member of the Justice League, and one of Ares’s biggest enemy.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Chapter 11 is the chapter dedicated entirely to Princess Diana of Themyscira, and it begins with a cutscene showing Green Arrow, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and Flash planning their next moves.

After Lex Luthor died, and their plan to use the kryptonite weapon on Superman failed, Batman decides to send the Insurgents back to their dimension, and then destroy the inter-dimensional transporter to stop Superman from following them.

Wonder Woman replies that they won’t run, especially since Luthor sacrificed himself to stop Superman’s Regime. At this point, Batman has an idea and tells them that they can stop Superman by bringing their Man of Steel to the parallel universe, in order to fight his duplicate.

The meeting is suddenly interrupted by the members of Superman’s regime including Bane who becomes Wonder Woman’s first opponent.

After she defeats him, Wonder Woman leaves the battleground, being pulled to another arena by Ares. Diana realizes that she is in Themyscira. Before the battle, Ares tells Wonder Woman that he doesn’t want to fight; however, the Princess of the Amazons doesn’t believe him, being known that Ares fooled Diana’s mother in the past.

The next cutscenes show both Batman’s versions fighting against Bane, and Ares revealing Superman’s plan. The Man of Steel intends to consolidate his Regime, using Diana’s army of Amazons.

When she  asks Ares why he is helping the Insurgents, the God of War explains that even if the conflict between the duplicates allows him to regain his powers; if Superman defeats the Insurgents, then his Regime will stop all future wars, thus Ares’s powers will cease to increase.

Diana’s dialogue with Ares ends when Raven appears in the arena. Trigon’s daughter tells her that she is not serving Superman, but instead she is helping him to hasten her father’s return.

Unfortunately for Raven, Wonder Woman defeats her quickly, and then leaves the arena to stop her duplicate version.

Wonder Woman’s final battle is against her Regime version who is making the final preparations for the upcoming war.

Costumes and Skins

Up to six Injustice: Gods Among Us Costumes can be unlocked for Wonder Woman, aside from her default costume.

The Regime Costume can be unlocked by all fans of the video game, directly from the Archive; however, the Red Son Costume for Wonder Woman is available only to those who have pre-ordered the game from GameStop or have purchased the Red Son DLC Costume Pack.

The New 52 Wonder Woman Costume is a bonus included in Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Edition and Injustice: Gods Among Us Collector’s Edition, but it can also be unlocked through the New 52 Costume Pack DLC.

For purchasing the Season Pass or the Flashpoint Costume Pack DLC, players can unlock the Flashpoint Wonder Woman Costume, as well as the Wonder Woman Issue #600 Costume, featured in Injustice: Gods Among Us Bad Girls Skin Pack DLC.

Finally, the Ame-Comi Costume Pack DLC, unlocks the Ame-Comi Wonder Woman Costume.

Fast Facts

Name: Princess Diana of Themyscira

Alias: Princess of the Amazons/Wonder Woman

First Appearance: 1941 – All Star Comics #8

Place of Origin: Themyscira

Partnerships:  Steve Trevor, Trevor Barnes, Nemesis, Superman, Batman

Team Affiliations: Justice League, Amazons of Themyscira, Department of Metahuman Affairs

Nemeses: Circe, Ares

Super Move: Justice Javelin – ” Wonder Woman bashes the opponent with her shield and calls forth the strength of her Amazonian sisters to unleash a powerful assault before delivering a final deadly blow with her sword.”


Description: “Daughter of an Amazon and the Greek God Zeus, Diana was trained by the God of War Ares, and armed with magical weapons. One of the most formidable warriors on earth, Diana fights to protect the innocent.”

Abilities: “Super-human strength speed and agility, Superior fighting skills, Power of flight, Magic based weaponry, Godlike longevity.”

Injustice Gods Among Us Characters Guide
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