Injustice Gods Among Us Characters Guide

Injustice: Gods Among Us Doomsday Character Guide

Even if he can’t be accessed in Injustice: Gods Among Us Story Mode, Doomsday, Superman’s rival, is a playable character featured in the video game, and can be seen during several cutscenes as a member of Superman’s Regime.

The supervillain also known as The One Who Killed Superman or The Ultimate Destroyer debuted as a DC Comics character in 1992, in Superman: The Man of Steel #18, being created by Dan Jurgens.

Doomsday’s origins are in Krypton where he was born before Superman. Doomsday is the first villain who was capable to defeat The Man of Steel back in the 90’s in The Death and Return of Superman.

The Ultimate Destroyer also appears in the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic, which serves as a prequel for the fighting video game developed by NetherRealm Studios; however, in the comic book he is only an illusion create by Joker’s toxic gas.

When Joker tricks Superman using the gas he receives from Scarecrow, the Man of Steel sees Doomsday instead of Lois Lane, and he flies away with her, thus killing his beloved and triggering the bomb that eventually destroys Metropolis.

In the video game, Doomsday appears during the first cutscene, fighting against the Justice League members, and serving Lex Luthor.

When Black Adam transforms and falls from the sky, Doomsday shares the same fate and he falls on him. Unfortunately, Green Arrow saves only Black Adam, while Doomsday hits the ground; moments later being attacked by Superman.

In the alternate universe dominated by Superman’s Regime, Doomsday can be seen in the Fortress of Solitude where he is being held captive by the Man of Steel, and controlled using an inhibiting device. Once Superman finds out that Lex Luthor betrayed his Regime, helping Batman’s insurgents, Kal-El kills Lex and then decides to teach the citizens a lesson, by releasing Doomsday in Gotham and Metropolis.

Superman’s plan; however, is eventually stopped by Batman. Nevertheless, when the war between the Insurgents and the Regime starts, Doomsday is released and he becomes one of Superman’s opponents in the final chapter of the video game, after the Man of Steel defeats Aquaman and Black Adam.

Doomsday’s alternate ending in Injustice: Gods Among Us is also important because it reveals the firs DLC character.

The ending shows how Doomsday used the technology from the Fortress of Solitude to change the earth, turning it into a prehistoric Krypton. He spent several years to exterminate the remaining humans, and then using Superman’s flying ability he left, traveling to a new sector and looking for a new opponent he heard of: a Czarnian mercenary.

Eventually, Doomsday finds Lobo, who became a playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us, starting May 7, 2013, when the first Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC was released.

Costumes and Skins

Only one alternate costume can be unlocked for Doomsday in the base version of  Injustice: Gods Among Us, the first one being his default outfit.

The second outfit Doomsday can wear in the video game is his Regime Costume, unlockable in the Archives.

Doomsday’s Containment Suit was included in Scorpion Compatability Pack, while the Blackest Night Costume requires the Blackest Night DLC Costume Pack 1.

Fast Facts

Name: Doomsday

Alias: Davis Bloome, The Ultimate Destroyer, The One Who Killed Superman, The Destroyer

First Appearance: 1992 – Superman: The Man of Steel #18

Place of Origin: Krypton

Team Affiliations: Secret Society of Super Villains, Suicide Squad

Nemeses: Superman

Super Move: Mass Destruction – “Starting with a quick, short range grab, the Mass Destruction sends Doomsday and the opponent plowing through the core of the planet.”


Description: “Bred to be the ultimate killing machine, Doomsday originated on Krypton, long before Superman’s race was born. Besides giving him super powers, Doomsday’s DNA contains an innate hatred for all life.””

Abilities: “Potentially unlimited strength Invulnerability Super-human speed Reactive adaptation.

Injustice Gods Among Us Characters Guide
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