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Injustice: Gods Among Us Deathstroke Character Guide

The seventh Injustice: Gods Among Us playable character that can be accessed in Story Mode is Deathstroke, also known as Deathstroke The Terminator.

Deathstroke’s real name is Slade Wilson and he plays the main role in Injustice: Gods Among Us Chapter 7, following Cyborg’s chapter.

Deathstroke debuted as a fictional character in December 1980, in New Teen Titans (vol. 1) #2. A skilled assassin, a mercenary, and a bounty hunter, Deathstroke was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez.

Deathstroke’s early biography is filled with events, which mark his life and place him amongst the greatest villains of all time. At an early age (16 year old) Deathstroke enlisted in the United States Army, and he was sent to fight in Korea but only for a short time.

After that period he was called to Camp Washington where he was promoted to the rank of Major, and where he met Captain Adeline Kane who was preparing new soldiers in different fighting techniques. During her training sessions Captain Adeline Kane was surprised by Slade’s speed and his ability to adapt during a fight, so she fell in love with him and she started to train him privately.

Slade learned everything in one year, and six months later he married Adeline Kane. Their first child, Joseph Slade was born couple of months later, but a conflict in Vietnam soon escalated and Deathstroke was sent overseas. During the war Slade’s group massacred a village, an event that disgusted him for the rest of his life; but the important fact is that during the raid Deathstroke was saved by an SAS member named Wintergreen.

After the events in Vietnam, Slade participated in a secret experiment conducted by the Army with the purpose of creating super-soldiers.

His body was improved and he gain new physical powers and abilities; however, after the experiment he defied the orders of his superior officer and saved Wintergreen who was sent to a suicide mission; thus returning the favor.

Since then, Deathstroke’s life changed and he became a mercenary and an assassin. His career remained a secret for everyone even for his wife until he was hired to assassinate a target, and a criminal named Jackal captured his son. Deathstroke tried to save Joseph, but at the rendezvous point, Jackal asked Slade to reveal the name of the person who hired him.

Slade refused and fought the kidnappers; however, during the fight Jackal cut Joseph’s throat damaging his vocal cords. Deathstroke killed Jackal but it was too late for Joseph who lost his voice. At the hospital Slade and Adeline started to argue about their son’s safety.

Upset, Adeline attacked Deathstroke trying to kill him but she was only able to damage Slade’s eye. Since then Deathstroke started to wear an eye patch.

One of Deathstroke’s rivals, who also appears in Injustice: Gods Among Us is Cyborg, the former member of the Teen Titans. It is well known that Deathstroke encountered the Teen Titans several times after his second son, Grant (also known as the Ravager), failed to fulfill a contract.

At that time Cyborg was a member of the Teen Titans. In Injustice: Gods Among Us the video game, Cyborg refuses  several times to work with Deathstroke when he is sent to activate the teleporter, to take Batman’s Insurgency members to Styker’s Island, where Batman’s alternate version is being held by Superman.

After Cyborg and Deathstroke activate the teleporter, Deathstroke’s chapter begins with a cutscene showing him planting several bombs in the room where Shazam and The Flash start to question Superman’s decision regarding Batman.

The Man of Steel announced that he will kill Batman, in order to flush out the duplicate version of the Dark Knight along with the remaining members of the Insurgency. As soon as The Flash and Shazam are defeated, Deathstroke reunites with Cyborg but he receives a message from Lex Luthor who requires his assistance.

Luthor’s plan is to repair Batman’s Kryptonite weapon and use it himself to take out Superman. Cyborg mocks Lex Luthor by telling him how strange it is to hear that he wishes to sacrifice his life trying to save Batman.

The action in the next cutscene moves quickly to Batman and Harley Quinn who releases The Joker from his cell.

Since Harley Quinn became a member of the Insurgency she regrets her action outlining that Batman will kill her if he finds out that she set The Joker free.

The next two cutscenes show the duplicate versions of Superman and Flash working on the device created to extract their friends caught in the parallel universe controlled by Superman; as well as Wonder Woman and Killer Frost who discovered where the members of the Insurgency are located.

Deathstroke arrives just in time and he quickly defeats Killer Frost and Wonder Woman. His chapter ends once he is teleported by Cyborg to Lex Luthor with the equipment required to fix the Kryptonite weapon.

In the Classic Battle Mode, Deathstroke’s alternate ending shows him as a leader of the New Titans. After he successfully defeats Superman’s Regime, new leaders appear to assume control over the world.

For Deathstroke all of them are just contracts and new job opportunities.  Since his business is growing, Deathstroke needs more employees and he starts recruiting the former members of Superman’s Regime Special Troops.

Only the best can join the New Titans, the first group of political assassins.

Costumes and Skins

Even if Deathstroke is known by many as one of the greatest villains, his role in Injustice: Gods Among Us places him among the superheroes that fight against Superman’s oppression.

Hence, along with his default costume, players can unlock Deathstroke’s Insurgency Costume available in the Archives.

Those who purchase the Season Pass can also unlock the Flashpoint Costume, while the fourth costume for Deathstroke is included in the Teen Titans Skin Pack DLC.

The Red Son DLC Costume Pack 2 also includes a Red Son Costume for Deathsroke.

Fast Facts

Name: Slade Wilson

Alias: Deathstroke

First Appearance: 1980 – New Teen Titans (vol. 1) #2

Place of Origin: United States Army

Team Affiliations: United States Army, Injustice League, Secret Society of Super Villains, Titans East, H.I.V.E., Checkmate, Titans, Team 7

Super Move: Eye For An Eye – “Deathstroke performs a quick long range dashing sword slash that stuns the opponent long enough to follow up with some attacks from his favorite loadout of weapons.”


Description: Volunteering for a U.S military experiment that almost killed him, Slade Wilson found his physiology enhanced to a super-human degree. Dishonorably discharged, Slade became the world’s most feared assassin.”

Abilities: “”Super-human strength and agility, Weapons expert, Master strategist, Regenerative healing, Skilled martial artist.”

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