Injustice Gods Among Us Characters Guide

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ares Character Guide

Even if he can’t be accessed in story mode, Ares is a playable character featured in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and a Power User that appears several times during various cutscenes, helping Batman’s faction and other superheroes.

Created by Charles Moulton, the DC comic book character previously known as Mars made his pre-crisis debut in Wonder Woman #1 (1942).

In 1987, writer George Pérez restored The God of War’s name to Ares, and his first post-crisis appearance was in Wonder Girl (v2) #1.

In Injustice: Gods Among Us Ares can be observed fighting Superman in a parallel universe called Elsewhere.

Superman eventually uses his X-ray vision to destroy Ares’s sword, before Sinestro’s appearance. Ares also appear in Aquaman’s chapter after Aquaman defeats his Regime duplicate.

Sent to check the Archives of Atlantis, Aquaman is attacked by his parallel counterpart and later by his soldiers. Ares freezes the soldiers and he helps Aquaman to reach Batman’s HQ; however, during the dialogue he has with Ares, Aquaman notices that the God of War looks weakened.

Ares tells Aquaman that Superman’s Regime almost stopped all conflicts, thus his powers are fading. The final appearance of Ares in the main story of the video game is in Chapter 11, dedicated entirely to his greatest rival: Wonder Woman.

Ares teleports Diana to Themyscira in order to reveal Superman’s plans; and how The Man of Steel intends to consolidate his Regime.

Although Diana doesn’t believe him at first, after she fights him, the God of War clearly explains that he wants to help the Insurgents; otherwise he will cease to exist.

Since Ares’s powers are fueled by conflict, he has all reasons to help Batman and his Insurgents. The alternate ending that can be unlocked for Ares shows that even if The God of War helped Batman succeed, his plans didn’t work as he was expecting.

Along with Superman’s defeat, Batman created a conflict free Utopia; therefore Ares’s powers continued to fade. Almost dead, Ares; however, managed to find Brainiac 5 and forced him to create a time loop starting with the moment the duplicates arrived to Superman’s dimension, and ending before they defeated The Man of Steel.

In a world decimated by an ongoing conflict, the powers of Ares continued to grow and The God of War became even more powerful.

One of the strategies that can be used while playing Injustice: Gods Among Us as Ares requires two of his moves, and it is effective against characters that continuously maintain a fair distance from him.

Once cloaked Ares can teleport near his opponent where his God Smack move can be devastating.

Costumes and Skins

Only three costumes can be unlocked for Ares in Injustice: Gods Among Us, the first one being his default costume.

The second alternate outfit can be purchased in the Archives, and it is the Regime costume he wears in the video game, and the third costume is the Classic costume which can be unlocked by purchasing Zod.

Fast Facts

Name: Ares

Alias: Ares, Mars, God of Conflict, God of the Dead, God of War, Ruler of the Underworld, Ari Buchanan, Ares Buchanan, Tom Sera

First Appearance: 1942 – Wonder Woman #1

Place of Origin: Olympus

Team Affiliations: Underworld, Olympian Gods

Nemeses: Wonder Woman

Super Move: Annihilator – “Ares attacks with a massive swords strike before summoning an ancient undead army to unleash a volley of arrows at his opponent. While reeling from the attack Ares grows and brings down the full force of his powers as the God of War”


Description: “The Greek god of war, Ares, thrives on conflict. Thus, he does everything he can to stoke the fires of mankind’s wars, much to the consternation of Wonder Woman and her fellow Amazons.”

Abilities: Super-strength, Superhuman speed and stamina, Mastery of all weapons and military tactics, Immortal, Ability to slow time, Energy projection, Necromancy”.”

Injustice Gods Among Us Characters Guide
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