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inFamous: Second Son Stencil Art Side Missions Guide

Different than other activities, the inFamous: Second Son Stencil Art Side Missions are mini-games you should complete if you wish to develop Delsin’s personality and turn him into a hero or a villain.

The Stencil Art side-missions allow you to earn Good Karma or Evil Karma Points by painting specific walls inside a district.

Each inFamous: Second Son District features at least one Stencil Art mini-game, and the following guide explains how to unlock these side-missions and how to complete them.

From the beginning, you should know that the locations of the Stencil Art mini games in inFamous: Second Son will be displayed on the map after the third mission.

However, unlike other missions such as the Informant’s Audio Logs, the Hidden Cameras or the Secret Agents; you don’t have to destroy the D.U.P. Mobile Command Units to play them.

Locating a Stencil Art Mission in inFamous: Second Son

If you wish to access all Stencil Art side-missions in inFamous: Second Son, focus on playing the third story mission, so you can unlock them.

Once you gain access to more powers, open your main map and notice that several new icons have been added. Look for those showing a yellow spray can on a black background, because they mark the locations of the Stencil Art mini-games.

Travel to one of these locations and when you get close to the large icon, a D-Pad appears on your screen, asking you what type of graffiti you wish to paint.

There are two colors on the screen and two choices. If you press the right button (blue option), when you complete the painting you will receive Good Karma Points, and if you pick the left option (red), you will receive Evil Karma Points.

Regardless of your choice, you will still lower the D.U.P.‘s control within that district.

The purpose of these mini-games is to help you unlock the District Showdowns and change Delsin’s personality.

After you decide what you wish to paint, it’s time to help Delsin complete his work of art.

Completing a Stencil Art Mission in inFamous: Second Son

During the first sequences of the game, you were able to assist Delsin Rowe in drawing graffiti on a large billboard showing his brother.

The same technique is used to complete a Stencil Art mission, meaning that you will have to use your PlayStation 4 controller as a spray can. Start holding the controller sideways in a vertical position, following the image on the screen.

Next shake it several times to mix the paint inside the can.

Now, pay close attention to the cursor on your screen and move your controller around while holding down R2, to spray the paint. Fill in the shape on the wall, and repeat the procedure until you finish the drawing.

Usually, a Stencil Art mini-game reduces the D.U.P.’s control in a district by 8%.

In inFamous: Second Son, you can complete 29 Stencil Art mini-games by visiting the districts listed below:

Queen Anne – 2 Stencil Art Missions

Seattle Centre – 2 Stencil Art Missions

Paramount – 2 Stencil Art Missions

Belltown – 3 Stencil Art Missions

Pioneer Square – 2 Stencil Art Missions

Georgetown – 2 Stencil Art Missions

Market District – 2 Stencil Art Missions

Lantern District – 3 Stencil Art Missions

Rainer – 2 Stencil Art Missions

Waterfront – 3 Stencil Art Missions

Denny Park – 1 Stencil Art Mission

Downtown – 2 Stencil Art Missions

Uptown – 3 Stencil Art Missions

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