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inFamous: Second Son Security Cameras Locations

Similar to the Scanning Stations, the inFamous: Second Son Security Cameras are displayed on your map the moment Delsin and his brother reach Seattle.

The video game features a large number of Security Cameras installed by the Department of Unified Protection, or D.U.P., to secure their Mobile Command Units in the Districts of Seattle.

The inFamous: Second Son Security Cameras are also points of interest, because if you wish to completely eradicate the D.U.P. presence from a District, you must find and destroy all of them.

As a rule, if you open your map when you enter Seattle, you can notice that the Security Cameras are always installed on the walls surrounding the D.U.P. compounds where the Mobile Command Units have been deployed.

Because of this, when you decide to attack a Mobile Command Unit to reveal the activities and side missions in a district, the Security Cameras must become a top priority and you have to destroy them as fast as you can.

Locating a D.U.P. Security Camera in inFamous: Second Son

To find all Security Cameras in inFamous: Second Son, open your map by pressing Options, and then X on your PlayStation 4 controller.

Move your cursor over one of the districts, and on the right side of the screen you will see the legend showing how many Security Cameras have been installed within that area.

The D.U.P. Security Cameras should not be confused with the Hidden Cameras which are in fact side-missions or activities.

The icon of a Security Camera is black and has a yellow border, whilst the icon of a Hidden Camera is yellow and has a black background. Once you find a Security Camera, it is time to disable it.

Disabling a D.U.P. Security Camera in inFamous: Second Son

The process of disabling a Security Camera in inFamous: Second Son is quick and accessible, since all you have to do is to shoot it down.

While searching for Security Cameras look up and check the corners of the buildings or the walls surrounding the D.U.P. Mobile Command Units. A Security Camera is a white device and has a green light, which turns red when Delsin is detected.

If this happens, the Security Camera will generate a specific sound alerting all D.U.P. soldiers and patrols, so make sure you destroy them before they spot you. Usually, when a Security Camera in a district is destroyed, you will lower the D.U.P.’s control by 2%.

inFamous: Second Son features a total of 76 Security Cameras, which can be found in the following districts:

Queen Anne – 6 Security Cameras

Seattle Centre – 5 Security Cameras

Paramount – 6 Security Cameras

Belltown – 6 Security Cameras

Pioneer Square – 5 Security Cameras

Georgetown – 5 Security Cameras

Market District – 5 Security Cameras

Lantern District – 3 Security Cameras

Rainer – 4 Security Cameras

Waterfront – 5 Security Cameras

Denny Park – 6 Security Cameras

Downtown – 5 Security Cameras

Uptown – 15 Security Cameras

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