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inFamous: Second Son Secret Agents Side Missions Guide

inFamous: Second Son Secret Agents Side Missions are also unlocked after the third story mission in the video game, along with the Hidden Cameras, the Audio Logs and the Stencil Art activities, but they are displayed on your map only after you disable the Mobile Command Unit in one of the city’s districts.

Each inFamous: Second Son District features a Secret Agent mission, and since there are 13 Districts, you will have to find 13 Secret Agents.

A D.U.P. Secret Agent is a character sent by the Department of Unified Protection in a District, to supervise the civilian activities, and identify possible Conduits.

The agents can be found in specific locations, and Delsin’s goal is to neutralize them. When the inFamous: Second Son Secret Agents activities become available, open your map and look for an icon showing a yellow head with glasses and a hat.

The icons mark the areas where you can activate these missions, as shown on the maps above. Once you start a Secret Agent Mission, you will see a picture showing Delsin’s target, on the left side of the screen, while on your minimap you will see the area where you have to look for the agent.

The agents are easy to find; however, to eliminate an agent you have to catch him. The moment you start the race against the agent, try to stay close to him by dashing all the time, and when you are close enough, shoot a missile or a bomb to stun or kill your target.

If you manage to stun the agent, subdue him for Good Karma Points, or kill him for Evil Karma Points.

Completing a Secret Agent Mission in a District, will help you lower D.U.P.’s control over the region; thus, allowing you to unlock the District Showdown events.

The following inFamous: Second Son guide provides hints and tips that will help you find all Secret Agents in Seattle.

inFamous: Second Son Secret Agents Locations

Queen Anne District Secret Agent

The Secret Agent Mission in Queen Anne District is activated on top of a building. After you activate it, turn around and head to the center of the green area.

The agent spawns on an alley between two buildings, under a red umbrella. Use the Smoke Dash to stay close to your target, then the Sulphur Bomb to stop him from moving. Subdue him for Good Karma Points or kill him for Evil Karma Points.

inFamous: Second Son Queen Anne District
Queen Anne District

Seattle Centre District Secret Agent

In Seattle Centre, the Secret Agent Mission is triggered on a balcony. Your target is under the same balcony in the small plaza. Look for a man wearing a brown jacket, standing close to a wall.

Chase him and use a missile or a bomb to eliminate him.

inFamous: Second Son Seattle Centre District
Seattle Centre District

Market District Secret Agent

In Market District, the Secret Agent Mission can be activated on a roof, behind a billboard. The Agent is wearing a hat and a blue scarf, and you will find him on the ground, under a lower roof, below your current position

.Shoot him down as fast as you can.

inFamous: Second Son Market District
Market District

Georgetown District Secret Agent

In the southern area of Georgetown District, on the roof of another building you will start another Secret Agent Mission. Once you activate it, look down for a man with a blue bandana.

Usually he can be found near the green tables you see under your location. Start chasing him and use a missile to eliminate the D.U.P. Agent.

inFamous: Second Son Georgetown District
Georgetown District

Paramount District Secret Agent

The Secret Agent Mission in Paramount District is activated on the streets. Your target is a man wearing a blue sweater.  He can be found on a bench in the park nearby, where the sundial can be observed.

Try to kill him as soon as possible because he is very fast.

inFamous: Second Son Paramount District
Paramount District

Pioneer Square District Secret Agent

In the western side of Pioneer Square District you can start a new Secret Agent Mission. The target you have to kill is wearing a blue jacket and he will spawn in the small plaza below the roof where you activate the mission.

If you pay close attention, you will notice that he will go in a dark corner near a green plant in a pot. While maintaining your position on to building, shoot a missile to kill him.

inFamous: Second Son Pioneer Square District
Pioneer Square District

Belltown District Secret Agent

For the Secret Agent Mission in Belltown you have to check the northwestern corner of the district. The moment you activate the mission, you will see your target’s picture.

Look for him in the area behind the large red monument installed in the park nearby.

inFamous: Second Son Belltown District
Belltown District

Lantern District Secret Agent

The Secret Agent Mission in Lantern District is very accessible, because by the time you reach Lantern District, Delsin masters the Neon Powers.

The mission is activated on the roof of a building in the lower left corner of the district. From the roof, look down and you will see the Secret Agent with his back against a wall.

Snipe him while standing on the roof to complete the mission.

inFamous: Second Son Lantern District
Lantern District

Rainer District Secret Agent

The Secret Agent in Rainer District is easy to catch if you know where he spawns. When you activate the mission, you will be on a balcony, above a Chinese park.

The target appears in the corner of the same building, facing the balcony you are standing on. Make sure that after you start the mission you reach the park below and snipe him from distance.

inFamous: Second Son Rainer District
Rainer District

Waterfront District Secret Agent

Very close to the billboard where you can start the District Showdown in Rainer, is the icon that allows you to play the Secret Agent side-mission. After you start the mission, you will have to find an agent wearing a white shirt.

Without jumping down, look below and you will see him standing on the alley. Snipe him from above.

inFamous: Second Son Waterfront District
Waterfront District

Uptown District Secret Agent

After you destroy both Mobile Command Units in Uptown, near the billboard where you start the District Showdown, you will be able to access the Secret Agent Mission.

Start the mission, then approach the edge of the roof and look down. The target is wearing a blue jacket and you can snipe him from above. Usually he can be found looking at a fire on the ground.

inFamous: Second Son Uptown District
Uptown District

Denny Park District Secret Agent

In Denny Park District after you start the Secret Agent Mission, the target wearing a hat, will spawn near the monument in the central area of the park.

You can snipe him from distance as well, and avoid a possible chase.

inFamous: Second Son Denny Park District
Denny Park District

Downtown District Secret Agent

The last inFamous: Second Son Secret Agent Mission is also very accessible because you can snipe the target.

After you activate the mission in eastern Downtown District, approach the edge of the roof and look down to see the target walking around.

Notice the blue hood, and aim for his head to kill him faster.

inFamous: Second Son Downtown District
Downtown District
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