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inFamous: Second Son Scanning Stations Locations

The D.U.P. Scanning Stations located in Seattle, also play an important role while trying to remove the Department of Unified Protection from the Districts in inFamous: Second Son, but unlike other points of interest, such as the Mobile Command Units, the Scanning Stations allow you to collect Blast Shards.

As all side-missions or activities you can complete in the video game, the inFamous: Second Son Scanning Stations can be found in most districts.

They allow Delsin Rowe to reduce the notoriety of the D.U.P. within a district, by destroying them.

Since the Scanning Stations use tracking devices to identify the Conduits, when you destroy them you will be able to assimilate Blast Shards, and use them to purchase new powers and upgrades for Delsin.

In fact, the Scanning Stations and the Tracker Drones represent the main sources for Blast Shards.

If you wish to find all Scanning Stations in inFamous: Second Son, and get all Blast Shards, you will have to explore 11 districts in Seattle.

Locating a D.U.P. Scanning Station in inFamous: Second Son

While most points of interest and side-missions won’t appear on your map from the beginning, the inFamous: Second Son Scanning Stations become available when you arrive in the city.

When Delsin enters Seattle along with his brother, you will have to go through one of the Scanning Stations set by the Department of Unified Protection in Queen Anne District.

Eventually, Delsin is stopped by the D.U.P. forces since he fails to pass the scanning procedure, and you will have to take out all enemy forces.

After you clear the area, if you open the map you will notice that in Queen Anne District the Department of Unified Protection set up 4 Scanning Stations.

Three of them are located in the western side of the district, and one can be found near the entrance of the D.U.P. base.

The locations of all inFamous: Second Son Scanning Stations are visible on the main map immediately, and you won’t have to complete additional missions to see them.

On the map, a Scanning Station is represented by an icon showing a hand.

Disabling a D.U.P. Scanning Station in inFamous: Second Son

Just like the Mobile Command Units, the Scanning Stations are fortified structures and the enemy forces will try to stop Delsin the moment he opens fire against them, or if he spends too much time close to these stations.

In order to disable a station, you will have to destroy the structure and the scanning device.

The fastest way to destroy a Scanning Station is to use bombs or missiles, and aim for the upper side of the fortification causing it to collapse and destroy the lower parts of the same structure.

Delsin’s aggressive actions will instantly draw the attention of all D.U.P. units in the area, so make sure you don’t open fire unless you have enough ammo, so you can continue the fight.

An important fact you have to remember is that Delsin in not the only Conduit fighting against D.U.P.; therefore, after you destroy a Scanning Station, look around for cages holding other Conduits caught by the Department of Unified Protection.

Once you find them, you can opt to kill them and earn Evil Karma Points, or you can save them for Good Karma Points by opening the gates.

To open the gate of a suspicion pen, place Delsin in front of it, and move your finger on the touchpad in the same direction as the one displayed by the arrow on the screen. Another aspect you have to be aware of is that the Scanning Stations have tracking devices similar to those used by the Tracking Drones.

This means that after you destroy a Mobile Command, you will be able to see the Blast Shards on your map. The Blast Shards are carried by the Tracking Drones, but you will also find them inside these stations, because they power the scanning devices.

Destroy the green devices to drain the shards that power them. inFamous: Second Son features 33 Scanning Stations found in the following districts:

Queen Anne – 4 Scanning Stations

Seattle Centre – 1 Scanning Station

Paramount – 4 Scanning Stations

Belltown – 4 Scanning Stations

Pioneer Square – 1 Scanning Station

Georgetown – 2 Scanning Stations

Market District – 3 Scanning Stations

Rainer – 1 Scanning Station

Denny Park – 4 Scanning Stations

Downtown – 6 Scanning Stations

Uptown – 3 Scanning Stations

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