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inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 6 Walkthrough

On April 25, 2014, inFamous Paper Trail Part 6 was released for all those who have purchased the game and completed the previous free DLC missions in the game.

inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Part 6 is the final Paper Trail mission in the video game, and the following walkthrough explains how to complete it in order to discover the secret behind Celia and the DUP.

It is a step by step guide, which contains hints and tips on how to solve all puzzles and riddles in the mission.

The walkthrough also includes useful images that will help you finish the mission faster.

As for all Paper Trail missions released up to this point, make sure that before you start it, your PlayStation 4 is connected to the Internet and that you have access to your account.

inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Part 6 Walkthrough

Following the events of Paper Trail Part 5, the final inFamous Paper Trail free video game mission starts in Waterfront District, west from the fast-travel point.

Approach the flying paper doves close to the suspended road and press UP twice, to see Celia nearby. Start chasing her using Delsin’s neon power and she will lead you to a small garden in eastern Waterfront District.

Now, collect the Origami Dove on the ground. From your current position move north towards the icon on your mini-map to synchronize the information you received in the game with your account.

Next, visit your account and notice that Origami Dove # 16 was added.

Open it, and on the last page you will see a drawing showing a maze, shaped as a dove.

This is the first puzzle you have to solve.

The dove maze is quite an accessible puzzle, but before you start it there are several rules you have to be aware of.

First, your goal is to navigate through the maze from left to right, starting with the upper left corner (notice the small arrow). Second, you have to make sure that at the end of the maze you get a number with 11 digits.

To get them, you have to write down every number you cross in your path towards the exit.

If, by any chance, the path you follow leads to a dead end, retrace your steps, and also make sure you delete the digits you have found while following the wrong path.

Last and most important rule, is that while navigating through the maze, you may cross several digits that are close to your path but not on it. Those numbers don’t count yet.

As an example, in the picture showing our maze, number 2 was located on the dove’s tail, and number 9, very close to it. Number 2 was not in our code, being located inside a small cell, adjacent to the path we have followed.

After you reach the end, count the digits you have found and go to

The number we have discovered in the maze was 98279935328, but in your case will be different; however, it must have 11 digits.

Search for it on Intranet and you will retrieve an Incident Report. In the subject line, on your report you should see another 11 digits number.

Make sure you look for the number (056-7339-2606 in our account) on Intranet but after you remove the “-“.

Eventually it will lead you to Biography of Celia Penderghast. The next step in the mission is to go back to the maze on the paper dove and repeat the same steps as earlier, but this time you will have to write down those numbers that don’t stand in your path towards the exit point.

The number you will get is 74631428457, and it is the same for all accounts.

Search for it on Intranet and you will be sent back to the game.

Notice that Dove Cipher and Graffiti Memo have been added to your account, while Dove Tag Tour mission was unlocked.

In Dove Tag Tour you will have to find and photograph Celia’s Clues.

You start in Waterfront and you have to visit all icons in Rainer District. Start with the one in the upper left corner of  Rainer District and take a photo of the large poster on which you can read Waste Town.

Next, move east to the icon in the upper right corner of Rainer District and take a photo of the dove under the table with 4 pots. For the third clue, move south-east and you will reach a Chinese Market.

The clue is on top of the gate on which you can read Night Market.

Now, move to the southernmost icon on your map for the fourth clue. While standing on the bridge in the park, look down to the pond and notice that the clue is surrounded by the water lilies that float on water. Take a picture and travel to the western area of Rainer District, where the final icon can be observed on your map.

Look across the street and you will see the drawing under the lower roof of the building. Next, return to Waterfront District to send all pictures to your Paper Trail account.

The next puzzle is also accessible, and your objective is to find the tracking device code that must be used on Delsin’s Phone. For this riddle you will have to use two clues.

The photos you took earlier and the Dove Cipher.

Note: A common mistake is to confuse the dove’s head with its tail. From the beginning you should be aware that the tail is similar to a triangle and the head is a rectangle.

Now, open the album containing the photos and notice that on each clue a different part of the dove’s body was painted in white. Identify that part on your Dove Cipher and you will see several numbers.

Those numbers are in the code you have to find. If a part has multiple numbers, you will notice that they are connected by arrows. Follow them to get the code, but be aware that your starting point is the number that doesn’t have an arrow pointing at it.

Observe that on the poster, the dove is upside down, which means that its tail is up. Also notice that on the clue the upper part of the right wing was painted in white, but if you turn around the image, on the Dove Cipher, that part becomes the lower side of the left wing.

This means that according to the Dove Cipher the final digits in our code were 2838.

2 is the starting number because it is the only digit that points to another one, without having an arrow pointing at it.

To get the tracking device code, use the same strategy, starting with the first photo in the album. Don’t skip them and follow the correct order.

Once you have found the device code (for us it was 537834382838) use it on Delsin’s Phone, and go back to the game. Track the signal using your phone and you will eventually reach the roof of a building in Uptown, where you will find the entrance to Celia’s apartment.

Try to get inside, and then return to your Paper Trail profile to investigate Celia’s apartment, or The Lair.

While inside the lair, first investigate the dove above the windows, and then listen to Celia’s recording by accessing the recorder on the ground.

Next turn right, and check the dove above the Winegard poster and the pattern on the left. Turn right again and check the dove near the left door, the corpse in the corner, and the note on the right door. Now, turn right for the last time to find another dove above some pictures, a pattern on the left side of the dove, and a computer on the table near the window.

To continue the mission, first you will have to find 4 F.A.N numbers, using the patterns on the walls. If you have reached this mission, you already know how this works, because they are similar to the puzzle in Paper Trail 3, which was already explained.

Each F.A.N number you find will give you access to a Memorandum allowing you to answer the first question on Celia’s laptop:

What is my DUP Agent ID?

When you are ready, start with the pattern above the bed, and use the numbers on Paper Dove 1 and 4. For the pattern above the bed and Paper Dove 1 our number was 21634934183, but again it will be different for you.

Search for it on Intranet to get the first digit of the DUP Agent ID (51 in our account).

Now use the same drawing on the wall, and Paper Dove 4, to get the second F.A.N number (45831175379 in our case).

Go back to the Intranet and search for it to get the third number of the DUP Agent ID. For us it was 53.

Return to the room and turn around until you see a new drawing on the wall, left from the pictures and the computer. On this drawing you will use Paper Dove 2 and 3, to get two new F.A.N. numbers.

For us these were 64675342331 (Paper Dove 2) and 13898114116 (Paper Dove 3).

The third F.A.N number revealed the last digit of the DUP Agent ID (47), while the fourth unlocked the second digit 8.

Now, all that’s missing is the fifth FAN number. Look around in Celia’s room and you will see a drawing on the wall, showing some hyenas. Above them are a message and a number.

“They thought they are clever, but now they are cadavers.”

Check the number below the message (36453401472) on Intranet to get the fourth number of the DUP Agent ID.

For our account it was 83.

Put these numbers together and go back to Celia’s laptop. Open it and answer the questions:

Q: What is my DUP Agent ID?

A: 518538347 (The number you have discovered in her room)

Q: Who was I?

A: Hitori

Q: Who have I become?

A: Saisei

Note: The answers to the final two questions are the same for all accounts, and they can be found by taking a closer look to the clues you have revealed up to this point.

For the final step in the mission, go back to the game and press UP to receive a new objective. You will be asked to stake out Celia’s hideout and confront her.

Start chasing Celia through the city and you will end up in the tower located in Uptown.

Enter the tower through the double doors located several floors above the ground and take the Origami Dove to start the final cutscene. To reach the doors you need to use the smoke power and the ventilation pipes.

Congratulations! You have completed all inFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Missions!

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