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inFamous: Second Son Hidden Cameras Side Missions Guide

The inFamous: Second Son Hidden Cameras Side Missions, are activities that can be completed in order to lower the D.U.P.’s control over all Seattle Districts and eventually, eliminate their presence from these areas.

The side-missions; however, can be played only after the third story mission in the video game, and their locations are added to your map after you successfully destroy the D.U.P. Mobile Command Center in a district.

When both requirements have been met, if you open your map, you can see several new icons showing the hidden camera missions.

The icon is different than the one used by Security Cameras, and you should not confuse them. In other words, the Security Cameras are used by the Department of Unified Protection to supervise important areas, such as their bases, while the Hidden Cameras have been installed in specific points to keep an eye on the citizens of Seattle.

Furthermore, the Security Cameras are large devices that will alert the guards if they spot Delsin, while the Hidden Cameras are smaller and they won’t alert the D.U.P. forces.

Since these cameras are hard to find, the following inFamous: Second Son video game guide, offers useful information on where to look for them in order to complete all hidden camera side-missions. When you start a mission, you will see the images recorded by the Hidden Camera.

Those images are the only hints you will receive, and with their help you will have to locate and destroy the device that records them.

There are 15 Hidden Camera Missions in inFamous: Second Son, since almost all Districts include one camera, the only exception being Lantern District with 3 Hidden Cameras.

inFamous: Second Son Hidden Cameras Locations

Queen Anne District Hidden Camera

The Hidden Camera Mission in Queen Anne becomes available in the NW part of the district, in Sundial Park. Once you activate the mission, after you use your phone, while facing the ocean, turn around and get close to the building behind the large sundial.

The camera is located in the left corner of the building made of red bricks, between two spotlights. Shoot it down to lower the D.U.P. notoriety by 6%.

Queen Anne District

Seattle Centre District Hidden Camera

In Seattle Centre, the Hidden Camera Mission is triggered in the southwestern side of the district. After you start the mission, turn around and face the large building on which you can see the Seattle Lunch Box logo, on the red wall.

On your left side is a smaller wall with several graffiti paintings. Jump over the wall to get on the upper street and you will see a tree with yellow leaves.

While facing the tree, look up and to the left. In the corner of the small red building is the camera. If you destroy it you will lower the influence of the D.U.P. by 8%.

Seattle Centre District

Market District Hidden Camera

The Hidden Camera side-mission in Market District is triggered by visiting the central area of the region. You will activate the mission on the ground, on a back alley under a platform.

If you check the Camera Feed you should see that it shows Delsin. While facing the stairs at the end of the alley, turn around and move slowly towards the main street.

The camera is located under the platform above your head, attached to one of the sustaining pillars, on the concrete wall (grey).

Market District

Georgetown District Hidden Camera

In Georgetown District the Hidden Camera Mission is triggered in a small park. After you check the camera feed, look up and you will see a red building (not orange).

The camera is located in the left corner of the roof, and you can shoot it while on the ground.

Georgetown District

Paramount District Hidden Camera

The Hidden Camera in Paramount District is easy to find and you won’t have to move once you activate the mission. When you reach the icon that allows you to start the activity, you will be in a park.

Check the camera feed, then turn around and look for the G. McClain Bank sign on the building nearby. The camera you have to shoot is above the sign.

Paramount District

Pioneer Square District Hidden Camera

The Hidden Camera in Pioneer District is also very easy to find. When you start the mission, you will be close to some red tents. Also, if you look around you will see a large bridge.

Simply activate the mission, then turn around and look for the camera under the bridge, and attached to the sustaining pillar made of concrete.

Pioneer Square District

Belltown District Hidden Camera

In Belltown District, the Hidden Camera Mission can be picked up from a car wash. After you check the camera feed, look around and you will see a hotel named Moderno.

Get on the terrace and place Delsin, near the tree. Now look up and in the corner of the balcony located on third floor you will see the camera.

Belltown District

Lantern District Hidden Camera #1

After you get the Neon Powers and move to the southern districts, Lantern District is the first area you have to explore.

The first Hidden Camera in Lantern District is located in the northern section, close to the bridge you have crossed while moving south. Activate the mission, then turn around and while facing the Chinese arcaded gate, look for the camera hidden under the roof.

Lantern District Hidden Camera #2

The second Hidden Camera Mission in Lantern District, as shown on the map above, is activated in the western side of the region. When you get close to the icon, you should be in a small park.

The camera is right above your location, in the upper corner of the building with red banners.

Lantern District Hidden Camera #3

The last Hidden Camera in Lantern District, is located in the bottom left corner of the coffee terrace you can see the moment you activate the mission.

The terrace is partially above the water. If you check the map above you can observe that the mission becomes available in the southeastern part of Lantern District.

Lantern District

Rainer District Hidden Camera

To find the Hidden Camera in Rainer District faster, after you activate the mission, without moving, look around for a blue tent.

While facing the tent, look to the left and notice a pillar which is partially painted in the same color as the tent. Above the painted section is the camera.

Rainer District

Waterfront District Hidden Camera

The mission that allows you to find the Hidden Camera in Waterfront District is triggered in a small camp set by homeless civilians.  Check the camera feed, and then look for the camera installed up in a tree.

If you can’t find it, notice the pink bra on the rope between two trees. In the left tree, while facing the rope, you should see the camera.

Waterfront District

Uptown District Hidden Camera

The Hidden Camera in Uptown District is easy to find, being close to the ground. When you start the mission, nearby you should see a restaurant named Mann.

Go around it, to the area where the tables have been placed, and on one of the walls is a poster for the same fast-food. While facing the poster, look around the right corner to see the camera.

Uptown District

Denny Park District Hidden Camera

To find the Hidden Camera in Denny Park District, all you have to do is to activate the mission and then look across the street, on the structure made of stone. On its wall you will see the camera if you zoom in.

Denny Park District

Downtown District Hidden Camera

The final Hidden Camera in inFamous: Second Son, and in our guide, is the one from Downtown District. When you start the mission you will be on a terrace.

Make sure Delsin faces the ocean, then turn right and check the second window located on the first floor of the building painted in orange.

Downtown District
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