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inFamous: Second Son Districts Guide

The events featured in inFamous: Second Son, the video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions, take place in Seattle, a large city you have to explore while playing as Delsin Rowe, and a metropolis divided in Districts.

While the game starts outside Seattle, as you follow Delsin’s story, you will eventually reach the coastal seaport city, where you will spend most of the time fighting the D.U.P. forces that control all Seattle Districts.

Even if you won’t have access to a map at the beginning of the game, the moment Delsin Rowe and his brother enter Seattle, this feature will become available, allowing you to have a better view over the city’s areas.

When the map becomes available, you can open it by pressing Options and X, on your PS4 controller.

At this point you can see that Seattle is divided in sub-areas, also known as Districts.

Seattle, as it appears in inFamous: Second Son features 13 Districts, the first one being Queen Anne, which is also the first sub-area you will have to explore.

A District in inFamous: Second Son is a smaller zone controlled by the D.U.P. , also known as Department of Unified Protection, and your goal in the video game is to assume control over all Districts; thus stopping the D.U.P. from taking over Seattle.

But these tasks require time, as well as patience, because there are many side-missions and activities you have to complete in each District.

The guide below explains the steps you have to follow, in order to eradicate the presence of the D.U.P units in all inFamous: Second Son Districts.

Exploring a District in inFamous: Second Son

The first thing you have to do when you enter a District in inFamous: Second Son is to open your map and check the legend showing what activities you can complete to reduce the control of the D.U.P. forces in the area.

The legend on the right side of the screen shows all side-missions and activities inside a District, and to remove the D.U.P. from a District you have to complete all of them.

The activities are various and you should start by disabling the D.U.P. Mobile Command Units.

After you remove a D.U.P. Mobile Command even more activities will be displayed on you map. For each D.U.P. Mobile Command you destroy, you will also get three rewards.

First you will be able to see all Blast Shards on your main map. Second, you will see all side missions within the District; and third, you will unlock a new Respawn Point, meaning that each time Delsin falls in battle he will respawn inside that District.

You should be aware that the side-missions will now appear on your map, unless you complete the third main-mission in the video game.

Once the Mobile Command is destroyed, you should focus on eliminating the Security Cameras, which are also displayed on your map; because the cameras alert the D.U.P. soldiers who will search for Delsin.

After all Security Cameras have been removed, you should consider collecting all Blast Shards, by destroying the Tracker Drones, and the Scanning Stations.

The Blast Shards in inFamous: Second Son play an important role, allowing you to unlock new powers and to upgrade those you have unlocked.

When all Blast Shards are collected, you are free to access the Secret Agent side-missions, you can collect the Audio Logs, or you can play the Stencil Art mini-games.

The final step is to finish the District Showdown event, which is unlocked by completing as many side-activities as possible.

By liberating a District in inFamous: Second Son you will unlock the Fast Travel option, and the D.U.P. presence will be permanently removed from that area. Some Districts on the other hand, feature a series of Jammers you have to destroy, before attacking the D.U.P Mobile Command Units.

In order to fully control Seattle, you have to remove the D.U.P. from the following inFamous: Second Son Districts: Queen Anne, Seattle Centre,  Paramount, Belltown, Pioneer Square, Georgetown, Market District, Lantern District, Rainer, Waterfront, Denny Park, Downtown, and Uptown.

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