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inFamous: Second Son District Showdown Side Missions Guide

The District Showdown missions in inFamous: Second Son, are the ultimate events that must be finished by Delsin in order to fully control all Seattle Districts featured in the video game.

An inFamous: Second Son District Showdown; however, is more difficult than any side-mission or activity available in a district, because during this event, Delsin practically mocks the Department of Unified Protection or the D.U.P. by vandalizing their billboard and calling in all available units.

In other words, when you start a District Showdown in inFamous: Second Son you should be ready to face a large number of enemies that will attack Delsin on spot.

Furthermore, the District Showdowns can’t be played the moment you enter a district, because they are locked.

The following inFamous: Second Son guide explains how to unlock a District Showdown, how to complete it and what rewards you should expect to receive.

Unlocking a District Showdown Mission in inFamous: Second Son

To unlock a District Showdown mission in the video game, you have to lower the D.U.P.’s control over a district by completing other activities and side-missions.

Start by finding the Secret Agents, the Hidden Cameras, the Audio Logs, and then complete the Stencil Art mini-games.

Additionally, disable the D.U.P. Mobile Command Centers, destroy the D.U.P Security Cameras and the Scanning Stations.

Shooting down all Tracker Drones will also help you unlock the District Showdowns. When the D.U.P’s control is low enough, you will be informed that the District Showdown is available; however, you should attempt it after you finish all other side-missions within the area.

Before starting the District Showdown, make sure that you restock on ammo, including bombs and missiles. Next, open your map and locate the icon showing a phone on a yellow background.

These events start in front of large billboards, usually placed on rooftops.

When you are ready, press up on your D-Pad and watch the cutscene showing Delsin calling the D.U.P.

Completing a District Showdown Mission in inFamous: Second Son

Your main objective during a District Showdown is to completely eliminate the D.U.P. forces that spawn near your location; however, be advised that their number and strength increases with each district you visit.

The D.U.P. will send APCs, snipers, and even helicopters to kill Delsin, and you have to destroy all of them. Since you start these missions while on rooftops, use the missiles to take out all vehicles first, then you can descend and shoot bombs to deal with the most powerful soldiers.

The District Showdown missions are a good way to earn Karma Points by subduing the soldiers or kill them. Also, prior the Showdown it is a good idea to find smoke sources, neon signs and antennas placed close to your location, so you can restock if needed.

Each district in the game includes a Showdown, and if you play all side-missions before activating the event, when you destroy the last D.U.P. unit in a Showdown, you will fully control the district, and activate the fast travel point within the area.

In addition, you will unlock 13 custom jackets for Delsin, all of them listed below.

Queen Anne District – “Agent” Custom Jacket Seattle

Centre District  – “Fossilized” Custom Jacket

Market District – “Loaded” Custom Jacket

Georgetown District – “Missed Me” Custom Jacket

Paramount District – “The Crocodile” Custom Jacket

Pioneer Square District – “R.I.P.” Custom Jacket

Belltown District – “Lone Wolf” Custom Jacket

Lantern District – “Still Waters” Custom Jacket

Rainer District – “Epic Vest” Custom Jacket

Waterfront District – “12th Fan” Custom Jacket

Uptown District – “X-Bone” Custom Jacket

Denny Park District – “Angel of Death” Custom Jacket

Downtown District – “Zeke’s Lucky 7” Custom Jacket

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