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inFamous: Second Son Audio Logs Side Missions Guide

inFamous: Second Son Audio Logs Side Missions are activities available in all Districts of Seattle, and just like the Hidden Cameras Side Missions, they can be completed to lower the control of the D.U.P. over the city’s sub-areas, or Districts.

These specific side-missions are activated by completing the third story-mission in the video game, and their locations are displayed on the map once you disable the D.U.P. Mobile Command Units installed in all Districts.

To locate an Audio Log Side Mission, after you disable the Mobile Command Unit, open your map and look for an icon showing a yellow folder on a black background.

Next, approach the sign and activate the mission. For these assignments you will receive a tracker which shows Delsin’s position from the Audio Log. Additionally, you will see a green area on the mini-map.

Keep in mind that if you leave the area you will abandon the mission. Your goal is to use the tracking device to find the Informant’s Audio Log, and download it by placing your finger on the controller’s touchpad.

However, the Audio Logs in inFamous: Second Son, are located in areas that are hard to reach; therefore, use the following guide for additional tips and hints that will help you find them faster.

In inFamous: Second Son you have to find 14 Audio Logs because Paramount District is the only area which includes 2 Audio Logs, and there is a total of 13 Districts in the game.

inFamous: Second Son Audio Logs Locations

Queen Anne District Audio Log

The Audio Log Mission in Queen Anne can be activated by visiting the western side of the district, where the road leading outside Seattle starts. When you begin the mission you will receive a phone call from an unknown character, who will ask you to find his reports.

To locate the first report move down the road and on the left side look for the wrecks of a taxi and a white truck.

Jump over them and glide towards the secluded area close to the water. Turn left and you will find the Audio Log at the bottom of the stairs, next to a blue buoy.

inFamous: Second Son Queen Anne District
Queen Anne District

Seattle Centre Audio Log

In the northwestern side of Seattle District, you will find the second Audio Log Mission in inFamous: Second Son.

The icon is inside a parking lot, and after you activate it, you will have to find the Informant’s Audio Log.

Without leaving the perimeter marked on your mini-map, while remaining inside the building, use the ramps or the stairs to reach the building’s roof. Next, look for a large billboard, facing the street.

If you go outside you should see some pink flowers on it. The Audio Log is behind the said billboard.

inFamous: Second Son Seattle Centre District
Seattle Centre District

Market District Audio Log

After you activate the Audio Log Mission in Market District, you will be on a rooftop, where you should see a large billboard.

Jump on the ground and go around the same building looking for a back alley that leads to a dead end. On the ground you should see a grate and near the building’s wall a green electricity panel. Behind it is the Audio Log.

inFamous: Second Son Market District
Market District

Georgetown District Audio Log

For the Audio Log Mission in Georgetown District you have to enter a roof garden. When you activate the mission, to find the Audio Log faster, exit the garden and on the same roof look for a three with orange leaves.

Jump on the roof of the next building, descend the stairs and turn left. The Audio Log is on the ventilation fan.

inFamous: Second Son Georgetown District
Georgetown District

Paramount District Audio Log #1

The first Audio Log Mission in Paramount District is found in a parking lot, in the southern side of the region. Activate the mission, then climb one of the buildings nearby and look for a red water tower.

At the base of the water tower is the first Audio Log in Paramount District.

Paramount District Audio Log #2

For the second Audio Log Mission in Paramount District you have to check the northwestern side of the area.

In front of a store named Maki is the icon allowing you to start the activity. Now, look up and notice the building above the store.

To find the Audio Log faster, use the vent near the store, and you will reach the lower level of the roof. From there, climb the next wall to get on the upper level of the same roof, and locate the exit door. Around the corner is the Audio Log.

inFamous: Second Son Paramount District
Paramount District

Pioneer Square District Audio Log

For the Audio Log Mission in Pioneer Square you must reach the southern pier. Once you start the mission, look around and close to you is a brown speed boat.

Look further and you should see a green cottage with an antenna on the roof. Go left, then right and right again to reach the green house. Move around it and you will find a bicycle. Next to it, on the ground, is the Audio Log.

inFamous: Second Son Pioneer Square District
Pioneer Square District

Belltown District Audio Log

When you activate the Audio Log Mission in Belltown, if you look up you should see a high building. Use the pipes to get on the roof and look around for a large container with multiple ventilation fans inside.

Go around it, and look down for the audio log. You will find it in the corner of the said container.

inFamous: Second Son Belltown District
Belltown District

Lantern District Audio Log

The Audio Log Mission in Lantern District is triggered near a dumpster, by visiting the northwestern section of the region.

Once you trigger the mission, climb the large Chinese Pagoda and drop in the front courtyard. Here you should see several tables and a smaller gazebo, or shrine. Inside it is the Audio Log.

inFamous: Second Son Lantern District
Lantern District

Rainer District Audio Log

Rainer District also features an Audio Log Mission. When you start it, you will be on the street. To find the audio log, cross the marketplace moving north and you will reach the main street.

In front of you is a large building with a movie poster on it (Action Ninja). While remaining in the marketplace, facing the poster, to your right is a building with red neon signs. Climb the roof and in the corner you should see a patch of grass.

Close to it is the collectible.

inFamous: Second Son Rainer District
Rainer District

Waterfront District Audio Log

After you destroy the D.U.P. Mobile Command in Waterfront District, head west towards Uptown to locate the Audio Log Mission.

When you start it, open your main map, and move east (right) to find a parking lot, close to the suspended road. Here you have to find a secluded area, surrounded by a wooden fence. Inside there are two blue trashcans made of plastic and one made of metal. On the ground is the Audio Log.

inFamous: Second Son Waterfront District
Waterfront District

Uptown District Audio Log

On the western pier of Uptown District you must find another Audio Log. Access the mission, then open your map and go south to the next section of the same pier.

The Audio Log is very close to the Stencil Art Mission, at the base of a tree planted on the alley.

inFamous: Second Son Uptown District
Uptown District

Denny Park District Audio Log

To get the Audio Log in Denny Park District, after you activate the mission, open your main map. North from your position is an intersection and a stone structure erected by the D.U.P. On top of the structure is the Audio Log, you must retrieve.

inFamous: Second Son Denny Park District
Denny Park District

Downtown District Audio Log

The last inFamous: Second Son Audio Log included in our guide is the one you have to find in Downtown District. After you start the mission, return on the ground and go around the building near you to reach a park (notice the statues showing a fish and a fisherman).

Next, go around the statue showing the fish and several steps away from it, on the ground, is the Audio Log you have to download.

inFamous: Second Son Downtown District
Downtown District
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