I Am Alive Cheats and Trainers

I Am Alive Cheats and Trainers

A free trainer for all I Am Alive PC game versions was uploaded on Dlh.net two weeks after the official release of the title, and players can use it if they encounter difficulties in completing the video game.

The free I Am Alive PC trainer was developed in order to activate four options that act like cheat codes. The program can be used exclusively on PC, and it triggers a cheat code for unlimited health, one for infinite ammo, as well as one cheat for unlimited stamina and infinite retries.

The following guide explains how to cheat in I Am Alive, using the said trainer, and how to install it correctly.

I Am Alive is a survival videogame developed by Darkworks and completed by Ubisoft Shanghai, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Published by Ubisoft, the title became available on March 7, 2012 (XBLA), April 3, 2012 (PSN) and September 6, 2012 for PC, being a downloadable video game for all platforms.

The plot in I Am Alive revolves around an unnamed character who manage to survive an apocalyptic incident, known simply as “The Event”, which destroyed the planet, including the city of Haventon.

The main character is, however, one of the remaining survivors, and he sets on an epic journey trying to find his missing wife and daughter.

But “The Event” affected the entire world, and those who escaped started to fight against each other for the remaining resources that became vital for them, as well as for the protagonist.

I Am Alive is a video-game focused on surviving, and each action has a price. Players control the main character from a third-person perspective while exploring the world, and from a first-person perspective while aiming.

During their adventures that take place in Haventon, players have to find a perfect balance between the resources they possess and those required to perform an action, since for most actions the main character needs stamina.

To replace the stamina the character has consumed, players have to find food and water, which are rare in a world devastated by earthquakes.

Furthermore, the main character isn’t the only one trying to survive; which means that others look for the same resources, and they won’t be willing to give them up. As a result, the main character must fight for them, and a combat situation requires more stamina.

Nevertheless, players have access to a series of weapons they can use to take out their enemies, but these weapons need ammo that is also hard to find. During his exploration, the main character encounters multiple survivors, and even if most of them become hostile, some citizens need help.

The player has to decide if he is willing to sacrifice his character’s energy to save those in need, or simply ignore them I Am Alive received positive feedback from most reviewers and specialized critics, the PS3 version’s aggregate score on Metacritic being 75.

Additionally, both Game Informer and GameSpot gave 8 points out of 10 to the title, while on GamesRadar, I Am Alive received 3 stars out of 5.

I Am Alive PC Trainer

The PC trainer for I Am Alive, which is provided by Dlh.net, must run in background during the game; therefore, players must follow several steps in order to make it work:

Download the trainer from Dlh.net and extract the files included in I_Am_Alive_All_Version_Plus_4_Trainer.rar.

Move all files you have extracted to the game’s default directory, and then run the trainer.

Start the game, and when it loads, press the keys listed below to toggle the corresponding I Am Alive cheat codes on or off.

I Am Alive Cheats for PC

Numpad 1 – Infinite health (God Mode).

Numpad 2 – Infinite stamina.

Numpad 3 – Unlimited ammo.

Numpad 4 – Unlimited retries.

I Am Alive Cheats and Trainers
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