Hunted: The Demon's Forge Walkthrough

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Walkthrough: The Jungle of Govad

Jungle of Govad or Govad Wilds is the third chapter in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, the video game developed by inXile Entertainment.

Our Hunted: The Demon’s Forge game guide below is a step-by-step walkthrough created with the purpose of helping players to complete the Govad Wilds objectives. The guide offers information on how to kill the Wargar enemies faster, where to search for additional items and how to beat the last boss of this chapter, an assassin named Harridan.

The walkthrough also offers additional tips and tricks that can be used by all players who purchased Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.

The video game was released on May 31, 2011, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. It is an action role-playing game rated M for Mature.

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge features two playing character known as E’Lara and Caddoc, two mercenaries that will eventually become heroes.

Objective 1: Follow the slaves and discover where they go

When the chapter starts, look to your left for two weapon stands. Change your weapon if needed.

Move across the first bridge and watch the small cutscene.

Cross the second bridge but be careful because you will be attacked by some surface Wargars, coming from the left.

Kill them all and the two Wargar archers that can be found at the end of the second bridge. Free the prisoner and open the gold chest, and then cross the second bridge.

Follow the road until you reach the purple stone used to switch between characters. Near it you will see the upgrading portal. Use them both and continue following the road.

You will eventually reach a ledge. Jump and follow the road to the left. Make sure you kill the Wargar archers and the Infected, and then go right, under the tree roots.

You will encounter more Infected and more Wargar archers in the next area, therefore get ready for a fight. Some archers are hiding in the trees or on higher platforms. Use the stone ruins to get cover. After the area is cleared move forward until you reach a solder asking for your help. He will lead you to the next area.

Objective 2: Help the escaped slaves fight the Wargar

When you enter the next area, if you play with E’Lara, don’t jump off the ledge. Stay there and assist Caddoc from distance. This way you will avoid any melee damage.

When the area is cleared, jump and continue forward, following the explosions; however stay alert because you will encounter more Infected and Wargar warriors.

Open the wooden gate on your right and continue. Check the wall in front of you for a shield and pick it up if you need it.

You will find yourself inside a house. Just follow the path to get out, but be careful because you will have to fight against several skeletons. A fast way to defeat them is to use explosive arrows.

Exit the house by helping your team-mate to open the door.

Objective 3: Kill all the Wargar and blow away the rubble to win the revolt

The objective for this area is as clear as it can be. You have to eliminate all enemies; however be careful because there is a catapult waiting for you.

Caddoc will ask you to flank your enemies and reach a tower. If you don’t follow his orders, you will be overwhelmed, because the catapult inflicts a large amount of damage. To take it out, get near its ledge, and then go right. From there you will have a clear shot, without taking any damage.

As soon as the Wargar that controls the catapult is dead, go to the tower behind you until you reach a ledge. Jump and mount the catapult. Kill all the enemies in the yard and look to your left. You will see a passage blocked by stones.

Use the catapult to clear the way and you can move forward through the passage.

The soldier who asked for your help will appear and a dialogue starts. You will find out that you should search for a man called Peredur who was captured by the Wargar.

Objective 4: Save the Resistance leader, Perdur

Enter the woods and continue forward until you reach the portal which allows you to upgrade your skills.

When you’re done, continue down the path, but look to your right for a passage which allows you to enter a secret area. After you exit the area, continue forward and you will find a prisoner that can be saved, to your left.

More Wargar will appear in your way, especially archers. Kill them all and follow the road to the Temple.

Eventually, the path you follow will split. If you go forward, you will see a fire burning, to your right. There is a crystal behind it and a weapon stand. Pick them up and return. Press the left thumbstick and follow the road on your left.

Jump over the ravine and continue forward until you reach a wooden bridge and a waterfall on your right.

Continue down the path and you will see a passage on the left side of the road. Enter this area and take out all enemies (Wargars, Infected and Aracklings).

Follow the mountain passage, but pay attention to your left, because there is a hidden area and a gold chest.

You will eventually reach a ledge, and you can observe two weapon stands to your right and one to your left. Pick up the equipment if you need it.

In the center of this area is an altar and on it you will find an urn. When you approach it you will see that an Infected and two Wargars will lift a gate. It is the path you must follow, but before that you must defeat a large amount of enemies.

Drink the potion inside the urn and your hero will have unlimited health and mana. If you play with E’Lara, it is a good idea to use the explosive arrows to finish your enemies quickly. When the area is cleared continue through the wooden gate.

On your right you will find a corpse and a Deathstone. Pick it up and continue.

Jump over the ravine, pick up the weapon on your left, the health potions and move forward.

Kill all enemies in the next area and enter the underground cavern. Get ready to fight against several Aracklings.

Explore the cavern because you will find another prisoner there, as well as some crystals and weapons. Make sure you destroy the wooden gates, to get access to these items.

Exit the caverns and continue through the gate lowered by the Infected and the Wargars. Continue and you will reach a fallen log that allows you to cross over a river.

Continue deeper into the Govad Wilds and clear the Wargar camps. Make sure you free the prisoners and you don’t allow the Wargar to blow their horns. After you clear a camp, make sure you investigate it, because there are many crystal fragments that can be picked up. Don’t rush.

When you arrive at the first ruins, search the area, because you will find a useful shield. After this, exit the ruins and head forward. You will reach the entrance of the temple.

Objective 5: Get to the temple entrance at the top of the hill

This objective is clear enough; however to reach the top of the hill, you must defeat numerous Wargar warriors and archers. Additionally, there are two catapults that will fire all the time.

The fastest way to complete this objective is to sprint to the top and quickly take out the catapults.

You can also opt to advance step-by-step; but, if you do that make sure you take cover as often as you can. You should also keep your eyes on the ground, because each time a catapult fires, the area that will be affected by its projectiles, is marked. Avoid those areas and you will complete this objective.

Objective 6: Defend the hill against advancing Wargar using the catapult

When you reach the top of the hill, mount a catapult and get ready to fire it against several Wargar. They will be scattered on the battlefield, therefore try to fire as fast as you can.

After you defeat them a door will be opened by one of your enemies. You can always use the catapult to kill him faster. After he dies, you can enter the temple.

Search the first chamber for a Deathstone, to your right.

Objective 7: Search the Temple for prisoners and Mayor’s daughter Seraphine

When you enter the temple you will have the chance to change your character and to upgrade your skills.

Press the left thumbstick to find the exit, but don’t forget to investigate each area. You will see the prisoners entering the temple, but you must find another way to follow them.

In this area you will see a large chain on the ground. You can’t lift it until you destroy the rocks that block it. Fire an arrow at the explosive barrels near the rocks and you should be able to use the large lever to lift the chain. If you use your sword to destroy the barrels you will die.

After you lift the chain, you will be able to move forward to the second floor. Move slowly on the wooden plank, as Caddoc tells you to.

Follow the stairs up to the temple, but make sure you look around for weapon stands.

When you reach the final door a cutscene starts, showing you the Wargar exchanging prisoners with the Minotaur.

Watch the cutscene and get ready to fight against two Minotaur. To defeat them faster, look around and shoot the explosive barrels.

After you defeat them go upstairs and a new cutscene starts.

Objective 8: Stop the Minotaur that are trading Sleg for prisoners

Turn back and look downstairs. You will see several Minotaur appearing and you must defeat them all.

The best way to survive this fight is to avoid staying near them. Additionally, when they charge, make sure you evade; otherwise if they hit you, you will lose a large amount of health.

Stay mobile all the time, but not too far from Caddoc. Shoot the explosive barrels and use your magic to defeat all opponents.

When the fight ends, go downstairs through the gates opened by Wargars.

Continue through the temple and look around for better weapons. You will find the Corruption Bow here, in a weapon stand, to your right.

Objective 9: Get to the docks and save the prisoners and Mayor’s daughter Seraphine

After you exit the temple, you will have to mount a catapult and kill the Minotaur. They have two access points, one to your left and one to your right. Concentrate your fire on these areas.

The same catapult can be used to clear the trees in front of you. The trees will reveal a hidden gate which allows you to move forward.

Continue your journey until you reach an altar, on a hill.

Approach it and a peasant will ask you to defend the hill.

Objective 10: Defend the hill from the onslaught of Wargar and Minotaur

Drink the potion inside the urn and get ready for a long fight.

Stay on top of the hill, because the enemies have two access points, but only one way to reach you.

When the battle is over, a large wooden gate will open in front of you and you can move forward.

Eventually, you will reach a purple crystal that can be used to switch between characters.

Move forward and you will reach the docks. Get ready to fight the final boss of this chapter, Harridan.

Objective 11: Kill Harridan

During this fight keep in mind that Harridan’s powers are in his staff. Destroying the staff allows you to kill this boss.

You will notice that from time to time, Harridan drops the staff and this is when you should strike. Don’t hit the boss, hit the staff and only when the staff is destroyed, you should focus your attacks on Harridan.

You will have to repeat this step several times before the boss dies, but as long as you stay behind the rock pillars and you destroy Harridan’s weapons, you won’t have any problems.

When Harridan dies, you will finish the third chapter of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Guide and you will unlock the Kung Fu Graphics and Cat Fight Achievements/Trophies.

You will also be able to move forward in the game to chapter four, City of Llyr.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge Walkthrough
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