Hunted: The Demon's Forge Walkthrough

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Walkthrough: Outskirts of Kala Moor

The fifth chapter in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, is called Outskirts of Kala Moor, and can be accessed only if the player finishes City of Llyr.

In this chapter, E’Lara and Caddoc will have to follow the Wargar and the Minotaur and find out what they do with the slaves.

The guide below is similar to the previous walkthroughs created exclusively for this game; but it refers to the fifth chapter of the game.

This step-by-step walkthrough can be used by Hunted: The Demon’s Forge players who intend to beat the game faster without encountering any problems.

The guide includes additional information regarding the weapons, the secret areas and the collectibles available in the Outskirts of Kala Moor.

Players can also find out how to beat the last boss of this level, the Blind Dragon.

Objective 1: Traverse the wilderness of Kala Moor

When this chapter starts, use the crystal on your tight to switch characters and the one on the left to upgrade your skills and special attacks.

Move down the path until you enter a large area. You will be attacked by a group of Wargar warriors and archers, as well as an Infected.

After you take them out, a wall on the left side of the area will fall, being destroyed by a Minotaur. Kill the Minotaur and proceed through the wall.

In the next area you will see two Wargars coming down the hill. Let Caddoc attack them and you focus your fire on the Wargar archers on your left.

Follow the road up to the hill until you reach a ballista. Behind it you will find two weapon stands. One holds theSoulshade sword and the other the Miasma bow. Pick them up if you need them, and quickly return to the ballista.

Mount it and take out the Wargar warriors that attack you. Behind the ballista you will find the Demon’s Epic Shield.

Continue over the bridge and check the area for additional gold and useful items. Then return near the ballista and look for a ledge on your right while facing the stone bridge.

Jump and you will enter the next area.

Get ready to fight two Minotaur, as soon as the wooden gate opens. When they die, you will be attacked by Aracklings. Defeat them all and check the small cave in this area.

Continue through the gate and look on your left for a Deathstone.

Jump over the ravine and move forward through the cornfield.

A cutscene starts and you will see a Sleg Vat. Get near it as fast as you can and drink the potion because you will be attacked by a vast number of Wargar and Minotaur. Several Infected and a Demon will also appear during the fight.

Defeat them before the effect of the potion disappears and when you’re done, check the battlefield and loot their corpses.

Move through the stone wall and look to your left, for a crystal. Pick it up and open the door in front of you.

You will enter a small cave and eventually you will reach the portal which allows you to upgrade your skills.

Exit the cave and you will reach a quarry.

Objective 2: Cross the quarry

As soon as you exit the cave, look to your right for an weapon stand, which holds the Grave-Caller bow. There are also some potions there.

Before moving forward, take out the Wargar guards, using the “high-ground” advantage.

Cross the ledge and take cover, because you will be attacked in the next area by Wargar archers and warriors.

In this area you will notice a fire pit in the middle. After you kill all enemies, go around it and up the ramp. Look on your right and you will see a weapon stand which holds the Dragon’s Wrath bow.

Follow the ramps up and take out more Wargar guards. Eventually, you will reach a wooden door that can be opened by both characters.

Make sure you are ready for a long fight, because in the next area you have to defeat several Minotaur, Wargar fighters and an assassin similar to the boss you killed at the end of the third chapter.

After this area is cleared, search the corpses and move forward, following the ramps. You will enter the Quarry. Don’t forget to explore each room.

Objective 3: Take shelter under the bridge

When this objective appears on your screen, make sure you are ready to sprint, because you will be attacked by catapults.

There are also several opponents in this area and you have two choices:

You can take them out after you reach the bridge

You can move around and fire as fast as you can. Don’t forget that you have to stay mobile.

Objective 4: Find a way to breach the Keeper’s outer defenses

Cross under the bridge and take out the ballista on your left.

Defeat the Wargar troops and the Aracklings that attack you and continue forward until you reach the sewers entrance.

Upgrade your skills and switch between characters if you want, then continue through the hole on your left.

Watch your steps because there are many hidden traps inside the sewers.

Waves of Aracklings and Skeletons will attack you. An effective method to kill them faster, is to use E’lara’s explosive arrows.

Press the left thumbstick if you are lost.

You will eventually enter a chamber without an exit. Look up and you will see several explosive barrels. Fire an arrow and the explosion will destroy one of the walls.

Go up the ramp and free the prisoner. Search the weapon stand on your left and pick up the potions. There is also a gold chest in this room.

Use the hole you see in one of the chamber’s walls and advance.

Objective 5: Fight to the tops of the walls

This objective is clear, and there are no special enemies that you must defeat, except for Wargar archers and fighters.

To reach the top of the walls, follow the ramps and kill everything that stands in your way. When you pass the last door, a cutscene starts.

Objective 6: Conquer the walls defenses

The objective is similar to the previous one, but the difference is that you also must defeat several Minotaur.

After all enemies are killed explore the area for additional weapons.

Eventually you will have to jump on a platform and you will see a bridge and some Wargar soldiers crossing it.

Objective 7: Get to the intact bridge

From where you stand, look to your right and follow the stairs down.

In the first chamber, look to your left and you will see a weapon stand. Destroy it and pick up the Blight bow if you need it.

Continue forward, following the stairs down.

Kill the Wargar archers, the Infected and go right, and then forward. Defeat the Minotaur and continue forward until you see a small door on your right.

Near the door is a platform. Stand on it to unlock the door and then open it.

Continue upstairs where more Wargar soldiers attack you. Kill them all and go right over the stone bridge.

Open the door and enter the citadel. Upgrade your skills and switch characters if you want.

Follow the stairs up until you reach another door. Open it and enter the next area where several Wargar and a Minotaur wait for you. Finish them and move forward until you reach a ballista.

Take the ballista out and mount it to destroy the troops coming from behind. When the room is clear, you can continue, but don’t forget to loot the corpses.

Follow the path indicated by the blue light which appears when you push the left thumbstick, until you reach a hole that can be observed on the floor.

Jump and continue, but stay alert because you will have to fight an assassin. After he dies, you will have to defeat a large number of Minotaur and Wargar fighters. Advance slowly.

A cutscene will start and the heroes will fall into an underground chamber. Get ready to fight an army of Aracklings and a Demon, similar to the one you killed at the end of chapter 4.

To exit the room, look for small door that can be opened by both characters. A cutscene starts and an escaped prisoner will tell you where you should go.

Objective 8: Find out where the slaves are being taken

Follow the stairs up until you see a purple crystal. Switch characters if you want and upgrade your skills.

Look around for weapons and crystals, and then exit through the wooden door. Caddoc will help you.

After you pass the door, you will see a Sleg Vat. Drink the potion and kill all enemies that appear in the passage. Make sure you advance slowly, until you reach the end of the passage. If you open the door, a cutscene starts and you have to fight the boss of this chapter.

Objective 9: Turn the enemy’s weapon against the dragon – Blind Dragon Boss Fight

When you enter the battle, keep in mind that the only way to damage the Blind Dragon Boss is by using a ballista.

Go downstairs and look around. You will see two ballistas waiting for you; however you will not be able to hit the Dragon while he is in the air.

The boss has three landing positions; therefore you must move from one ballista to another, each time the Dragon lands.

During the fight, while the boss is in the air, you also have to fight against many skeletons. It is a good idea to use your exploding arrows against them.

If you play as E’Lara, keep your eyes on Caddoc, because you have to heal him several times.

Stay away from the Dragon’s attacks. They inflict massive damage. Just move around between the siege weapons and mount them as quickly as you can.

After the Blind Dragon Boss, the fifth chapter of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge ends. You will unlock the Whatever It Takes Achievement/Trophy and one of the secret trophies. Additionally, you will gain access to the last chapter of the game, The Depths of Kala Moor.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge Walkthrough
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