Hunted: The Demon's Forge Walkthrough

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Walkthrough: Dyfed Dungeons

Players who managed to escape the City of Dyfed, in the first chapter of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, will enter the city’s dungeons in the second chapter. The game guide below is a step-by step walkthrough which will help players to exit the Dungeons of Dyfed.

The walkthrough explains where to go, and how to defeat the Wargars and the Infected faster. Additionally, players will find out how to open the secret chambers in order to collect the Demon’s Tears and how to defeat the Spider God boss.

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge was released on May 31, 2011 and can be played on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. It is an action role playing game which also features some third-person shooting gameplay elements. The game guide was created while playing as E’Lara; however gamers can switch between characters by activating the purple stones that can be found in the game.

Objective 1: The bottom of the dungeons

Start exploring the dungeons. To exit the starting area, look for a broken wall.

Switch characters if you like. We continued as E’lara.

In front of you there is a prisoner. Just shoot the rope that holds him and he will be free.

There is only one path to follow, therefore you can’t get lost. Make sure you kill the guards and keep your eyes on the ground. There is a dead body near the two Wargar guards, on your left.

The dead man will give you a secondary quest, called Legendary Treasures.

Move forward until you reach a stone bridge. On your right you will see the citizens of Dyfed and several Wargar archers. Shoot the archers and the citizens will disappear.

You will reach a door and you must help Caddoc to open it. Get ready for a fight, because many Wargars are behind that door. Kill them all and shoot the ropes near the gate, to lift it. Don’t forget to pick up the gold, the weapons dropped by your enemies and everything you can use.

After you pass the metal gate, you will enter an arena. Just clear it and you will be able to move forward. There are two secret chambers here, masked by two wooden doors. The reach the first one, you have to follow the stairs on the right side of the gate. The second one is located on the left side of the gate you used to enter the arena. Bash the doors by pressing B, and pick up everything you find there. One of these chambers is protected, so be careful.

Open the next gate and move forward until you reach a dark corridor. Use the brazier to ignite your arrow and shoot the next brazier to set it on fire. Move down the corridor and fight the Aracklings. Eventually you will reach a chamber filled with Aracklings. Use your melee attacks if you want, as these creatures are weak.

On the left side of the room is a secret door. Open it and you will find a Dragon’s Tear, then return and go to through the door on the right.

Continue your journey and kill more Aracklings. Remember to use the braziers when you run out of light.

Eventually you will reach a point where a citizen will talk to you, and you are able to switch characters again. This means that you completed the first main objective.

We will continue playing with E’Lara.

Objective 2: The Devil’s food

After you upgrade your skills, continue down the corridor and, killing all enemies and destroying all objects.

You will eventually reach a ledge, and to continue you have to jump. If you play with E’Lara, don’t jump. Let Caddoc jump and you concentrate your fire on archers. When the room is cleared, jump and investigate the area.

As you can see this is a prison. Use the levers on the walls to open the cell doors, and help the prisoners. There is also a special weapon in one of these cells. Take it if you need it.

Now, you will see that behind a door, is another Dragon’s Tear, however you can’t open the cell door.

Instead, open the door on the left, and move forward. You will have to defeat an Infected. To do this, you can cause an explosion by hitting one of the barrels above, or you can just put some arrows in him.

After he is dead, go right and follow the stairs. You will reach the second floor of the prison. Open all cells, free the prisoners, take the gold and look on the ground for a round platform. Step on it and you will notice that in front of you, a small section of the wall will move. Shoot one arrow at this target and the cell downstairs will open.

Go back and pick the Dragon’s Tear, then return to the room where you killed the Infected.

Take the corridor on the left until you reach a small tar pit. Press B and continue.

Follow the path, because you can’t get lost; however be prepared to fight more Wargars. Remember that you can always use the environment to gain a small advantage in the fight. Shoot the explosive barrels when your enemies are near them.

Move forward until you reach a purple stone which allows you to switch characters. It is located on the left side if the main corridor.

Choose your character and open the next door.

In the next area, you will see a big wooden crane. Before using it, make sure you investigate the room. After you pick up all the items there, approach the crane, and your character will jump on it. In our case, E’Lara.

Caddoc, will activate the crane, and the platform will move. Look to your left and get ready to shoot the archers that will appear. Make sure you hit the explosive barrels to eliminate them faster.

When the crane reaches its destination, get ready for a fight. A strong Wargar will attack you; however keep in mind that E’Lara also has a small shield. To defeat this opponent, parry his attacks by holding LT, and then strike as fast as you can.

After you kill him, look around and you will see more explosive barrels. Shoot them and they will destroy a platform which allows Caddoc to come down.

Continue through the corridor on the left.

Look on your right and you will see a dead man.

Continue until you reach a platform and a large stone bridge. A cutscene will trigger and your secondary objective will change. On the bridge you will see the prisoners guarded by the Wargars.

Follow the path to the right and kill all Wargars. If you play with E’Lara, keep in mind that a flaming arrow is better than a normal arrow, and in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, you can also perform head-shots.

When you reach the dungeon’s kitchen, take cover behind the tables and defeat all opponents. You will also have to kill an Infected here, so get ready.

Move forward until you reach another chamber and a cutscene starts, showing two citizens trying to cross a bridge. Eventually the bridge brakes and they die. You will have to find another way around and there is another bridge you must cross, to your right.

If you fall, don’t worry, but be prepared to fight against many Aracklings. Defeat them and go back up, but stay alert because you will encounter several Infected and Wargars. Press the left thumbstick if you are lost.

Continue until you reach a door and open it. You will enter a round chamber and you have to go down. Look to your left and you will see a skeleton. Approach it and interact, by pressing B, and then look again to your left and you will see two barrels. Destroy them and they will explode revealing a secret area. Enter and pick up the crystal, then continue down the path.

Eventually you will see a civilian grabbed by a big spider. The spider will open a passage for you, and you should follow it. There is a civilian you can rescue, as soon as you pass under the wooden wall. Look to your right.

Fight your way deeper in the dungeon until you reach a chamber containing the upgrade portal and the crystal which allows you to switch characters.

Purchase your upgrades and move forward.

When you reach the large chamber with a ballista, don’t try to kill from distance the Wargar behind it. Sprint forward and attack him with your sword. Then, mount the ballista and take out the two wooden bridges, to stop the Wargar waves. Clear the room and continue, after you pick up the gold and the equipment dropped by your enemies.

Go deeper into the dungeon and kill all Wargars you encounter. You will eventually reach a passage protected by a door made of stone. The door has the shape of a spider. Pull the lever on the left and jump down through the gate.

In the catacombs you can opt to explore the area to find more gold, crystals or special weapons.

When you are done, exit the area through the wooden door which can be opened by both heroes.

The next area is a large chamber. When you enter you will see an urn, and a cutscene triggers. Approach and interact with the urn, only when you are ready to fight. After you drink the liquid inside the urn, your damage will drastically increase and you will be invulnerable; but you will also be attacked by a large number of enemies. Kill them all and don’t forget to keep an eye on your team-mate and aid him, because he will not be affected by the potion.

When all enemies are defeat, loot everything and check for a door on the right wall of the chamber. Exit and continue until you reach another chamber with a big altar in the middle.

Defeat the Infected there, and search behind the altar. You will find two weapons and a platform will take you deeper into the dungeon. You have to jump from two ledges and you will enter another corridor. Move forward until you reach the purple crystal which allows you to switch between characters.

After you picked your character, get ready to fight the boss of this chapter. It is a huge Spider God; but don’t be afraid because it can be defeated.

Spider God Boss Fight

You will have to jump one final ledge and you will enter a canyon. Keep in mind that when the spider appears you have to run. Sprint as fast as you can to escape it. Caddoc will destroy the obstacles in your way. Don’t stop to fight the Wargars and the Aracklings, just run.

When you reach the end of the tunnel, you will see two ballistas. Mount one and fire it at the spider. He can’t get near you, and eventually you will have to hit a stone pillar on the roof. When the pillar falls you will kill the last boss of this chapter.

You will also unlock the Exterminatrix and Rockstar Achievements/Trophies for completing the second chapter in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. You are now ready to move forward to the third chapter of the game.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge Walkthrough
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