Hunted: The Demon's Forge Walkthrough

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Walkthrough: City of Llyr

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge players, who managed to escape the Govad Wilds, will be able to continue their adventures in the fourth chapter of the game, known as City of Llyr.

City of Llyr was attacked by the Wargar, and now lies in ruins. The main goal of this chapter is to find the King and gather additional information on what really happened to the citizens.

For those players who enjoy the title developed by inXile Entertainment, we created a step-by-step walkthrough which will guide them through this chapter.

The guide contains useful tips and tricks regarding the enemies that will be encountered within the City of Llyr, what weapons can be found here and how to defeat the last boss of this chapter, a Demon and a servant of Annuvin.

Objective 1: Search Llyr for prisoners and the Mayor’s Daughter Seraphine

As you can see the City of Llyr was attacked.

Start your journey by heading forward, then left, and then upstairs. Press the left thumbstick and you will receive guidance.

Eventually you will reach a large wooden gate, protected by several Wargar archers. Kill them from distance while you stand on top of the stairs. Look behind you and you will find a secret area. Inside it, you can find a Deahtsone.

Go downstairs and on the right side you will see the portal used for upgrades.

Go forward through the wooden gate and open the door which allows you to enter the next area. You need both characters to do that.

In the next area you will see the purple crystal on your right, and a cutscene starts.

A guard will inform you that some prisoners were saved and they can be found at the Scarlet Maid tavern.

Objective 2: Fight to the Scarlet Maid tavern

Open the door to the next area and you will have to fight against more Wargar and some floating eyes. There are also several archers on the walls. Make sure you kill them first while Caddoc takes care of the melee fighters.

Proceed through the broken wall on the right and watch the cutscene which introduces the first dragon. Don’t worry, you don’t have to fight it; however, after the dragon dies, you will have to defeat several Wargar and a Minotaur.

TIP: In City of Llyr there are many ruins. Use them to take cover when you are attacked, especially because this chapter features a vast number of archers.

After you defeat the Minotaur continue the exploration. You will have to go upstairs in a ruined house.

Check every room for additional items and move to the second floor.

Jump from the second floor and advance until you reach a wall which explodes in front of you.

A floating eye and several Infected will attack you.

After you defeat them, a tower will fall, clearing the way for you; but before that you must defeat an assassin similar to the boss you encountered in the third chapter.

After you defeat the assassin, proceed through the wooden door, and then go upstairs, and under the fallen wall.

Jump off the ledge.

Objective 3: Ambush the fighting Wargar and Minotaur

When you enter the battle, concentrate you fire on the Minotaur. The Wargar and Caddoc will distract it for you.

After you defeat the Minotaur, explore the area search for the exit on the left side of the yard.

You will have to go upstairs and both characters will jump on a platform. If you play with E’Lara don’t jump off the platform. Stay there and let Caddoc fight with the Minotaur and the Wargar, while you support his attacks, from above.

Get down only after the Minotaur is dead, and search to your right for a Deathstone and some gold.

Go outside, in the yard and take cover. Eliminate the archers first and the warriors after. You also have to kill an Infected in this area.

A cutscene starts revealing an ogre.

Search the area for some extra gold and move forward through the entrance on the right.

After you exit the dark passage, you will enter a small alley. Check the left side for a Deathstone and a gold chest.

The next cutscene shows a dying warrior who informs you that the king left the tavern. He also tells you where you have to go.

Objective 4: Fight your way up to the roof of the Scarlet Maid

Enter the building near the dead guard and get ready to fight against Infected and surface Wargars. Stay mobile if you play as E’Lara, and protect E’Lara if you play as Caddoc.

There is also a Minotaur here, which must be killed if you want to advance.

After you kill the Minotaur, the Wargar will open a wooden door for you. Near it, you will find a Deathstone.

Go upstairs until a cutscene triggers, showing the Ogre grabbing a citizen.

Follow the stairs until you reach the roof of the Scarlet Maid. Kill everything but don’t forget to explore each room.

To exit this area you have to jump off a ledge and continue through the ruins.

Objective 5: Cross the Perilous Aqueduct

As soon as this objective appears, sprint forward and don’t stop until you reach the end of the corridor.

A cutscene will start showing the King and you will unlock the Catch! Achievement/Trophy.

Objective 6: Get to the King in the basement

Press the left thumbstick to find a way to reach the King.

Follow the path and fight the Minotaur, the Wargar archers and the Infected.

There is a Deathstone in one of the buildings to the right, and a prisoner to the left.

Move ahead until you reach an arcade and enter the passage. At the end of this passage is the King.

A cutscene starts after the loading screen.

Objective 7: Find transport to Kala Moor

After the dialogue with the King, you have to find a way to reach the city docks.

The first area that must be cleared is filled with Wargar warriors as well as a ballista. Take out the Wargar that operates this machine and then mount it.

If you manage to control this ballista you will have no problems in defeating the enemies that appear; because the ballista has an impressive fire rate and damage.

Fire it and don’t stop until the area is cleared.

Behind the ballista is an opened door. Enter to trigger a new cutscene.

After the cutscene, upgrade the skills of your characters and continue.

Follow the stairs through the ruins until you reach a large library. Don’t enter the library if you are not ready to fight the last boss of this level.

Objective 8: Defeat the Demon Boss

When the fight starts, you will notice that the Demon is surrounded by a magic shield. As long as the shield is active you will not be able to damage this boss.

You will also observe that the shield is maintained by several suspended corpses. Destroying the corpses is the only way to lower the Demon’s shield.

Only after the magic shield is down, you should attack the Demon; however keep in mind that its fireballs inflict massive damage. Avoid them as much as you can.

Do not enter the area covered by the shield, as you will take damage. Taking cover and moving around is the best strategy to defeat the Demon.

When the Demon’s health reaches 33%, he will start moving around. He also summons skeletons. Let Caddoc charge the boss and you focus on destroying his shield and killing the skeletons.

After the Demon dies, the fourth chapter of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is finished, and a cutscene starts.

For completing this chapter you will unlock the Mr. Furious Achievement/Trophy and you will be able to play the fifth chapter of the game.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge Walkthrough
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