Hunted: The Demon's Forge Walkthrough

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Walkthrough: City of Dyfed

Our Hunted: The Demon’s Forge game guide below, is a step-by step walkthrough generated exclusively for the first chapter available in the action role-playing video game developed by inXile Entertainment. Players can use this online guide to advance faster while they explore the City of Dyfed.

The Chapter 1 walkthrough offers additional details on how to defeat the enemies and the final boss of this stage. Since in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, players are allowed to switch between Caddoc and E’Lara, the gameplay may change, depending on the character picked by the player.

We focused on playing with E’Lara; however the path that must be followed is the same, as well as the enemies. In order to access the first chapter in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge, players will have to complete the game’s tutorial, and learn the basic moves of the playing characters.

Before entering Dyfed, turn back to the city’s gates and destroy the barrels, for additional healing potions.

On the right side of the main road, you will see a purple crystal which allows you to switch characters. We picked E’lara, but if you want to play as Caddoc, don’t interact with the crystal.

Objective 1: Reach the center of Dyfed and find the Mayor

As soon as the chapter starts you will engage a series of enemies, most of them archers. If you play as E’lara, always use the environments to take cover.

In the first area, E’lara can easily kill all enemies, but when the area is cleared, start destroying barrels and look on the ground for ammunition.

Before entering the gate to the left, look to the right, for a weapon stand. Destroy it and equip the Acrimony bow, to increase your firing speed. In this area you will also find the Mercenary Cuirass.

Open the gate and look to your right, to find a Dragon’s Tear.

Advance down the path and kill all the enemies. Remember to break the barrels.

After the first group of enemies, you will have to go right. Look in front of you, behind the wall and you will see a prisoner. Shoot the chains to set him free and jump over the wall to pick up some gold.

Continue down the path, until you reach the next area. Clear it, by hiding behind the logs, and search the right side for a body. Interact with it.

Enter the house on the right, and explore it.

Jump to the first floor and exit the house.

You will see another purple crystal and you are allowed to switch characters. We played as E’lara.

Continue forward, and before leaving the roofs, look to your right, and you will find two special weapons.

After you pick them up, move forward until and you will engage several enemies. After you clear the area, look again to your left and you will find a corridor which leads to a hidden area. Pick up the crystals and the gold you find there, and then exit the corridor.

You will have to go downstairs in order to advance, but before that, make sure you investigate all chambers and kill all enemies that appear. Remember that, if you play as E’lara, you need the ‘’high-ground ‘’advantage.

Now, go downstairs and search the yard. You will find a buckler for E’lara, gold and arrows. Then enter the passage on your right and open the wooden door.

When you enter the next area, interact with the portal ahead of you and upgrade your skills.

Move forward and activate the purple crystal to switch between E’lara and Caddoc. We picked E’lara.

Free the prisoner and enter his house. Check all the rooms and exit using the backdoor.

A small cutscene starts, and you will be asked to find a way to destroy the house across the street in order to advance.

To do this, enter the second house and check all the rooms, for gold, a shield and a crystal. Then head to the second floor and clear the yard, by killing the Wargars.

If you play as E’lara, don’t jump from the balcony. Destroy the explosive barrels in the yard, to trigger a chain reaction, which will eventually destroy the house across the street.

Kill all the Wargars that appear in the yard, and enter the house you destroyed. Make sure you stay behind Caddoc, because the house is filled with enemies and which will severely injure E’lara, if they get near her.

Go upstairs and jump from the balcony. Continue in the yard and look for a brazier. Get near it and look to your right. You will notice a house hanging above the door. Shoot the rope and the sign will smash the door. Enter the house and check the backyard for a secret chest which contains some gold.

Exit the house and continue down the path. A cutscene will trigger, showing a wounded man who is killed by a Wargar. Get ready to fight against an army of Wargars.

During the fight, if you play as E’lara, make sure you keep the archers away from Caddoc and you stay away from melee fighters.

When the area is cleared, pick up the gold, the arrows and the crystal which can be found near a gate to the right. When you touch the crystal the gate will open and more Wargars will appear. Kill them and advance through the gate.

After you enter the next area, pick the Dragon’s Tear and open the door on the right.

In the underground passage, you will get near a brazier. Use it to set on fire the second brazier, on your right. Move forward and you will find another Dragon’s Tear.

Continue down the path and fight the skeletons that appear. Eventually you will reach a small area with a statue made of stone (similar to an idol). This is a small puzzle that you must solve.

As you can see the idol’s eyes are different. One eye is opened (check the flames) and one is closed. To solve this quest, you must turn back, following the same path, until you find a brazier. Make sure E’lara’s arrow is ignited and then sprint back (A) to the idol. As soon as you get there, ask Caddoc to stand on the stone piece which can be found near the idol, to the right.

The idol’s closed eye will open and E’lara can fire the flaming arrow. The idol will mode and a secret passage is uncovered.

Enter the passage but make sure you set on fire all braziers, just to have enough light.

At the end of the passage is a chamber filled with gold, crystals and a special bow. Make sure you are ready to fight because you will be attacked by skeletons. If you play as E’lara, stand behind Caddoc.

Pick up the treasures and turn back the way you came.

If you are lost, press the left thumbstick and a small follow the blue light which shows you the way.

Continue down the path until you reach another door. You will have to fight against many Wargars, therefore make sure you are ready. Once you defeated them, pick up the gold and the equipment they drop.

Eventually, you will enter a new underground passage and to your right you will find a new prisoner. It is a woman and you can set her free.

When you exit the passage, a cutscene is triggered showing some prisoners on a bridge. Get ready because you will be attacked by Aracklings.

After all Aracklings are dead; a Wargar warrior opens a door. Kill him and enter the passage. You will meet a dying warrior who will ask you to save the citizens. Move forward down the corridor and through the next door.

Defeat all Wargars and pick up their gold, and the weapons they drop (if they are better than yours).

Before setting the cart on fire, take a look to the left, near the brazier and you will find a secret chest. Open it and pick up the gold.

Move forward across the bridge and take out the Wargars warriors and archers. To continue you will have to detonate several barrels which can be found near the wall on the left.

Go upstairs and destroy the bridge by shooting the explosive barrels. You will complete the secondary objective, given by the dying warrior.

Move forward until you reach another dead body, on your right, as well as the portal which allows you to upgrade your skills.

Upgrade your heroes, and go ahead near crystal. If you want you can switch characters.

Continue your journey until you reach an area filled with Wargars and a ballista. Take cover and avoid the ballista. If you play with E’lara, take out the archers and advance step by step. Caddoc can easily destroy the ballista, but you must protect him.

After the ballista is controlled you have to mount it while Caddoc fights against Wargars. Assist him by killing all enemies. You can’t hurt him with your fire and the ballista has a large area of effect. Fire as quickly as you can.

After all enemies are defeated you will complete the first main objective.

Objective 2: Reach the City Hall and talk to the mayor

Continue down the road, and fight the Wargars and the Aracklings you encounter. Don’t be afraid as they are no match for you. Just don’t forget to take cover if you play with E’lara, and parry their attacks if you play as Caddoc.

You will enter a citadel and you have to go all the way up. Eventually, you will gain access to another portal which allows you to upgrade your skills.

Continue through the citadel until you reach a large tower with two blue banners. Clear the area and approach the banner on the left. Under the banner you will find a small tablet which starts a new quest.

After you read the tablet, check for a wooden cart. Caddoc will push it, revealing a brazier. Ignite E’lara’s arrow and return to the central area of the yard. You will notice 3 large statues. Each statue holds a brazier in one hand and a scroll in the other. Make sure you set on fire all braziers and a secret door will open.

Pick up the Dragon’s Tear you found and continue your journey.

In the next area you will have to fight with an army of Wargars. Before entering the fight a soldier will explain what you have to do. If you play with E’lara keep in mind the basic rules of the game:

Take cover.

Don’t waste your arrows.

Kill the archers first.

You will have to advance step-by-step in this area, but don’t stay in one place, because the Wargars will keep coming.

When you reach the next level of the citadel, you will see the mayor in a balcony and he will ask you to take control of the ballista and destroy the bell tower

At this point, let Caddoc fight while you sprint to reach the ballista.

Fire the ballista as fast as you can until the big clock tower in front of you falls to the ground.

Follow the mayor and watch the cutscene.

After the cutscene ends, the mayor will open a secret passage and your objective will change.

Objective 3: Exit the City of Dyfed

To leave the City of Dyfed alive you must explore an underground passage. Since this is a labyrinth, the best thing to do is to investigate each corridor. There are two sub-quests in this area.

To complete the first one you have to find 4 ancient tablets which will allow you to open a secret casket.

Each tablet has a different color and they are easy to spot.

The second quest is to find the azure brazier which allows E’lara to ignite the idol’s eyes. Only then, the idol will allow you to pass and exit the passage.

The enemies you will encounter here are skeletons, but you should watch your steps because the area is filled with traps.

Once you complete both quests you will be able to exit the passage.

After you exit the passage you will be attacked by several Wargars. They are well armored and they wear heavy shields. Use E’lara shield piercing ability to destroy their shields, so Caddoc can kill them.

Investigate the house on the right side of the road, including the second floor. You will find gold, several items and crystals.

Once you reach the second floor jump to the backyard and continue down the path.

You will enter a corn field and more Wargars will attack you. Defeat them and continue until you reach a gate.

Enter the gate and upgrade your skills, because the last fight of this chapter is about to begin.

Switch character if you like, if not don’t interact with the purple crystal.

Go across the large bridge and enter the next area. A cutscene will start and after this the final battle.

As you can see you were ambushed by the Infected. When the fight starts, eliminate all archers on the walls, if you play with E’lara. Don’t worry about Caddoc.

The large Infected boss will be killed only after his minions are defeated. Make sure you move all the time and keep away from melee attackers. Use the B button to trigger the finishing moves as often as you can. Additionally, don’t forget to switch between E’lara’s skills; depending on how tough is your target.

After you defeat the Infected boss (put in him as many arrows as you can), you will finish the first chapter in Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. You will also unlock The Iron Triangle Achievement and you can move forward to the second chapter of the game.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge Walkthrough
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