How to Finish Your Academic Work Faster and Focus on Gaming

Yes, you read the title correctly. You are sitting there reading an article whose intent is to teach you how to get your coursework out of the way so you can get your game on. If you’ve clicked through to read what we’re about to present, good for you. It shows that you love to have fun, but also have a sense of responsibility that motivates you to put business before pleasure.

The good news here is that you totally can have both. You can minimize the amount of time you spend on coursework and maximize game time. Let’s look at a few ways you can do that.

#1: Take Good Notes and Pay Attention in Class

The more you do in the classroom to understand and master key concepts, the less time you will spend trying to suss them out on your own later. Take notes in a way that they would be easy to understand if you were teaching someone else the same concepts.

Attend all your classes and be sure you understand everything. If you don’t reach out to your professor and ask for clarification. Still, if you take the right notes and pay attention, that likely won’t even be an issue in the first place.

Right notes can also help you gather information for essays and papers faster. If, however, you struggle with writing assignments, you might want to get some help with them. Gather your notes and reach out to a service like EssayPro that can help write your essay. Merely typing term like “essay writing services” on Google for getting help with your papers will reveal a host of options.

#2: Follow The Path of Least Resistance

This strategy involves getting the most comfortable work done first so you can focus more intently on the more challenging bits. If you are taking classes in three subjects that you find comfortable, move coursework for those classes to the front of the line. Begin with the shortest assignment and conclude with the longest.

Once the easy work is done, you can zero in on the more challenging areas without the weight of all that other work looming over you. When you organize your work this way, you won’t get frustrated thinking about how much more work you’ll have to finish when you finally get through this. Your mind will wander less and will work harder to solve more difficult problems without distraction.

#3: Make Good Use of Idle Time

If you have an hour between classes, don’t spend it staring at your phone. Use that time to your advantage and get an assignment or two done while you wait. More honest work can probably even be done while you grab lunch or a midday snack. The better use you make of your time, the more leisure time you will be awarded later.

#4: Go Off-Grid

Turn off the phone, turn off the TV, take out the earbuds. If friends are always at your door at the dorm, go someplace where you can be alone and free from distractions. If your gaming gear is too much of a disturbance in and of itself, that’s all the more reason why you should be someplace that isn’t your dorm room.

Remember, a neutral, distraction-free environment is readily conducive to productivity. The more you get done in a shorter expanse of time, the more time you’ll have for gaming after.

#5: Don’t Make Compromises

If something is worth having, it’s worth the wait and the effort it takes to have it. Your studies will likely determine your future. Getting a high score or completing a difficult game typically will not contribute to it. For that reason, it is imperative that you prioritize and exercise a little self-discipline. Once your work is done, game time is the reward. Don’t take shortcuts and don’t convince yourself to slack off. You know what’s most important to treat it as such.

Yes, It’s Possible

We hope that after reading all of our ideas you are a little more motivated to prioritize work with the promise of a little “you time” after. It isn’t easy to make some of these choices, and it’s even less comfortable sticking to a plan once you decide on one. There are loads of temptations and distractions that will try to trip you up along the way. Be smart about how you spend your time. Smart choices about your studies will net you more time to use as you please in the long run.


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