Hitman Absolution Welcome to Hope Evidence 1 Location

Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations Welcome to Hope

The seventh mission in Hitman Absolution and the first one in the second part of the game is named Welcome to Hope.

The level is unlocked after Lenny escapes with Victoria in Rosewood mission. Dexter meets with Birdie and 47 travels to South Dakota to find Victoria.

Here, he finds a bar named Great Balls of Fire, where he must question the bartender.

There is only one Evidence collectible in Welcome to Hope level and its exact location is revealed in the guide below.

Note: Challenges cannot be completed on EASY

Mission Details

Just Passing Through

“The matchbox in Wade’s pocket has led me to The Great Balls of Fire, a rowdy roadside bar on the outskirts of Hope, South Dakota. If I find Lenny, I find Victoria. I made a promise; to the girl and to a dying friend. So far I have let them both down. I will make this right. Lenny. Dexter. Travis. They are all going to pay.”

Evidence 1 – Great Balls of Fire

The Hitman Absolution Evidence is inside the room that requires a keycard, pass the bouncers, on the right side of the bar (the keycard is behind the bouncer on the left side, as we enter the bar).

We can start a fight to trick the bouncers or we could take a cleaner approach. As soon as the level starts, we enter the toilet on our right side and we wait for the cop to leave.

Then, we use the ventilation system to access the required room. This is a restricted room and on the small table with the TV (right in front of us) we can find the videotape with the Evidence inserted in the recorder.

The level can be really short (depending on the chosen tactic), and then Birdie calls 47, thus beginning the next level named Birdie’s Gift.

Hitman Absolution Welcome to Hope Evidence 1 Location
Evidence 1
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