Hitman Absolution The King of Chinatown Evidence 1 Location

Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations The King of Chinatown

The second mission in Hitman Absolution is The King of Chinatown and it begins after eliminating Diana Burnwood and finding Victoria in the previous mission, A Personal Contract.

Now, that Agent 47 has Victoria in his possession, he hides her in a safe place.

Then he contacts a character named Birdie to find some information. But information doesn’t come free, and in order to get what he wants, 47 must assassinate someone known as the “King of Chinatown”, who interferes with Birdie’s businesses.

There is only one Evidence collectible in The King of Chinatown, and the guide below reveals its exact location.

Note: Challenges cannot be completed on EASY

Mission Details

Quid Pro Quo

“Birdie. Once the Agency’s top intelligence man. In order to protect the girl, I need him as my eyes and ears. But his services won’t come cheap. This man is a merchant. Quid pro quo. Everything comes with a price. To recruit him, I must first take out his business rival. Official contract or not, this “King of Chinatown” has to die.”

Evidence 1 – Chinatown Square

The first and only Hitman Absolution Evidence in The King of Chinatown mission is easy to get, but also easy to miss, depending on our approach in eliminating the target.

In the central market, there’s a pagoda where we can find our target. Inside the pagoda is a table with a coffee cup and a dossier containing the Evidence.

We head inside and we grab the dossier, preferably unnoticed, using a disguise. After killing the target and getting outside of the Chinatown market, we can begin the next level, Terminus.

Evidence 1
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