Hitman Absolution Rosewood Evidence 1 Location

Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations Rosewood

Hitman Absolution Rosewood is the sixth mission and it starts after 47 finds out about Birdie’s betrayal in Hunter and Hunted level.

Agent 47 arrives at the orphanage to see if Victoria is in danger, and soon after, Wade’s men attack the place. The objective is to protect Victoria and get rid of Wade.

In Rosewood level there are only two Hitman Absolution Evidence collectables, and if we follow the next guide we shouldn’t have any trouble in locating their positions.

Note: Challenges cannot be completed on EASY

Mission Details

The Mercenary

“Birdie has sold out Victoria to save his own life. Part of me understands. This was never his fight. I shall deal with him later. For now, all that matters is the girl. I must get to her before Wade and take her somewhere safe. Nobody will stand in my way.”

Evidence 1 – Orphanage Halls

The mission starts with 47 carrying Victoria. After passing two henchmen, we enter an elevator. Then, something happens with the power and we climb through the elevator shaft to reach the Orphanage Halls area.

Our objective is to search for four fuses and restore the power.

There are a few ways to get near the Evidence collectible. First, we wait for the guys near the elevator to go away. Then we use the first door on the right side and we go downstairs.

We make a quick left and in front of us is the room where we need to restore the power.

For now, we don’t go in there. Instead, from our current position, we turn right to see a room with five enemies.

The large desk in this room has the first Evidence in Rosewood.

Hitman Absolution Rosewood Evidence 1 Location
Evidence 1

Evidence 2 – Central Heating

The second Hitman Absolution Evidence is available to collect after we restore the power and Wade kidnaps Victoria. In Central Heating area, we wait for the two guys to finish their conversation and then we eliminate them one by one.

Next we proceed towards our objective. Soon after, we encounter two more henchmen in a corridor.

We deal with them however we want, and then we grab the dossier with the Evidence from the construction materials packages (the concrete blocks) that are in the center of the corridor.

Killing Wade will advance the game to the next chapter and the next mission, named Welcome to Hope.

Hitman Absolution Rosewood Evidence 2 Location
Evidence 2
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