Hitman Absolution One of a Kind Evidence 1 Location

Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations One of a Kind

Hitman Absolution One of a Kind is the seventeenth mission in the video game, being unlocked after 47 kills Skurky in Operation Sledgehammer.

Agent 47 takes a short break in which he wants to acquire a new suit from a man called Tom the Tailor.

One of a Kind can be a misleading level, because it’s lacking the usual challenges screen.

Despite that, it still features one Evidence collectible, and the Hitman Absolution guide below reveals its location.

Note: Challenges cannot be completed on EASY

Mission Details

Suit Up

“I know my destination. Blackwater Park. The end game is approaching. But first, I need to regain my focus. What I need is a new suit and there is only one place to get it. Tom the Tailor.”

Evidence 1 – Tailor Shop

One of a Kind is a short level. All we have to do is to follow Tom the Tailor to acquire a new suit. But instead on following him, we need to get through the door on the left side, behind the counter.

The door leads to the shop’s basement, and it is recommended to search around it, because we can unlock a bunch of new disguises.

On the other end of the room is a desk, and on that desk is the Hitman Absolution Evidence we’re searching for.

After getting the new suit and finishing our business in the shop, we head outside to unlock Blackwater Park level.

Hitman Absolution One of a Kind Evidence 1 Location
Evidence 1
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