Hitman Absolution Hunter and Hunted Evidence 6 Location

Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations Hunter and Hunted

The fifth mission in Hitman Absolution is Hunter and Hunted and it begins after 47 successfully escapes the police using a train in Run for Your Life level.

Agent 47 learns from Birdie that Dom Osmond is Blake Dexter’s partner and that it has to be dealt with in order to protect Victoria.

After that, a new man hired by Dexter, Wade, sends his henchmen after Birdie and they must be eliminated before reaching him.

Hunter and Hunted is significantly larger than the levels we completed so far, and it is recommended to follow the Evidence locations’ guide below in order to acquire all six Evidence collectibles in a single playthrough.

Note: Challenges cannot be completed on EASY

Mission Details

Damage Control

“Time to regain focus. According to Birdie, strip club owner Dom Osmond is Blake Dexter’s informant. He put the arms dealer on Victoria’s trail. I will remove him from the equation before he causes any more damage. Personal note: Birdie did not give me this information out of the goodness of his heart. He stands much to gain by Osmond’s death. This is a fragile alliance. I have to tread carefully.”

Reach Birdie

“Birdie is a liability…and an ally. I shall have to decide how to deal with him. But for now, I need to keep him away from Wade. His knowledge could destroy everything. I must reach Chinatown and neutralize Wade’s henchmen before they track Birdie down. Taking a back route from the Vixen Club should be my best chance of avoiding the police.”

Evidence 1 – Courtyard

The first Evidence in Hunter and Hunted may easily be overlooked, because of its position. The level starts in the sewers and we need to go in the courtyard, one way or another.

It is a good idea to try to acquire a police uniform for the fact that we need to move freely if we’re trying to get the Evidence collectible undetected.

Once we reach the courtyard, our target is the police car in the middle of the area. It has a shotgun next to its right side door, and on its hood we can find some ammo and the Evidence dossier.

Hitman Absolution Hunter and Hunted Evidence 1 Location
Evidence 1

Evidence 2 – The Vixen Club

When we reach the Vixen Club, we have a few ways to proceed. If we go inside using the front door, on the hallway, at the first corner, there’s a girl at the reception and a bodyguard that is talking to a client who doesn’t have money. If we look closely near that girl we can see a door that requires a keycard.

The door leads to the room with the second Hitman Absolution Evidence. A way to do get inside is to subdue a guard and take his key card.

However, there’s a much cleaner and faster method. Instead of entering the club using the main entrance, we could use the ledge that’s on the right side of the entrance (left side of the building if we’re facing the entrance).

The ledge can be used to access the window of the room mentioned before. If we get inside through the window we can see the videotape with the Evidence on the table in front of us.

Also, from the same table we can get a keycard, thus making our job easier inside the club.

Hitman Absolution Hunter and Hunted Evidence 2 Location
Evidence 2

Evidence 3 – Derelict Building

After we listen the message on the answering machine in the dressing rooms, we arrive in a derelict building. The third Evidence can be found after we get in the main area patrolled by cops. If we use the Instinct, we can see four police officers that are talking.

Pass them is the path we have to take in order to reach the exit, but before that, we need to grab the dossier with the Evidence that’s right next to them, on a cardboard box.

This may get messy, because they won’t leave unless they have a good reason. If we traverse the area, we can find a checkpoint on the other end.

Nearby is a ledge that can be used to access the floor above. We get inside the room so we can find the dead girl that the officers are talking about. If we push her body over the wooden railing, the cops leave the area to investigate her.

Hitman Absolution Hunter and Hunted Evidence 3 Location
Evidence 3

Evidence 4 – Convenience Store

When we get outside the derelict building, we are on the roof. In this part we have to get through a convenience store to locate the exit.

While on the roof, we need to use a ledge to get down, but instead on getting through the window, we use the beam to get on the next roof.

Then, we get inside the building and we pass the store’s employee to reach the store’s roof, because here we can use a ladder to get inside the store, right next to a checkpoint and a store clerk disguise. If we get outside the deposit and the kitchen, we reach the store’s main area.

Just before exiting the store, there’s a cash desk on our right side. On the desk is the tape with the fourth Evidence in Hunter and Hunted (there’s also a box of donuts that can be used for hiding if we are wearing a police uniform).

Because this area of the store is filled with cops, it may be hard to get the Evidence collectable unnoticed. If that’s the case, we should close the valve that regulates the sprinklers’ system and then ignite the fireworks to create a smoke distraction.

Hitman Absolution Hunter and Hunted Evidence 4 Location
Evidence 4

Evidence 5 – Loading Area

The fifth Hitman Absolution Evidence is easy to acquire. Once we reach the loading area, we need to get inside the building that’s right in front of us (the one that has “Eazi-Mart” written on the sign).

On the desk inside the building (the one with the cash register) we can find the dossier with the Evidence.

Hitman Absolution Hunter and Hunted Evidence 5 Location
Evidence 5

Evidence 6 – Chinese New Year

In the final part of the level, we have to eliminate three men in the area where people celebrate the Chinese New Year.

If we pay attention, this area is the same from The King of Chinatown mission, but with several alterations. First, we have to traverse the whole area through the crowd to reach the other side of the market that is guarded by cops. Larry Clay leads us to this area if we decide to eliminate him first (where he talks to a man near a sewer).

After we pass the cop that is guarding the alleyway, we can search for the dossier with the sixth Evidence in a pile of garbage. A better way to find the area with the Evidence is to remember The King of Chinatown level. In the beginning of that mission, after passing through the gates, we had to reach the central pagoda. Before reaching the pagoda, there was a luxury car in an alley on the left side.

The Evidence collectible is located in a newly opened adjacent area (also on the left side if coming from the gates) that is closer to the gates and farther from the pagoda.

We can actually see the Evidence dossier from the balcony that’s in the area that had the luxury car (this area now has a generator that can be rigged to a small three wheels car).

After we kill all three targets we can begin the next level, Rosewood.

Hitman Absolution Hunter and Hunted Evidence 6 Location
Evidence 6
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