Hitman Absolution Fight Night Location Evidence 2

Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations Fight Night

In Hitman Absolution, the thirteenth level is called Fight Night, and it begins after 47 destroys the research data in Death Factory.

Agent 47’s mission is to get to a fight between Sanchez, Blake Dexter’s personal enforcer, and a man known as The Patriot.

He must deal with Sanchez by any means necessary. The hints and screenshots in the following Hitman Absolution collectibles’ guide will lead us to both Evidence pieces that can be found in Fight Night.

Note: Challenges cannot be completed on EASY

Mission Details

How the Mighty Fall

“Sanchez. Another victim of Dr. Ashford. Dexter ordered him to remove Victoria from the factory, just as I was getting close. Right now, he is my best chance of finding her. I underestimated the Mexican once. It will not happen again.”

Evidence 1 – Patriot’s Hangar

We begin the mission in Patriot’s Hangar area, where we must find a way to access the Arena. As soon as we start, we go in the main area, and while facing the men around the trailer caravan, we take the left path, around the wooden boxes.

We climb the ledge, we drop down, and then we turn right. Next, we walk until the next corner where we can find the first Hitman Absolution Evidence on the cardboard boxes in front of us.

Although there is a guard next to the dossier with the Evidence, we can easily distract him to walk away (or we can use the clothes of one of the guys from Patriot’s entourage).

Hitman Absolution Fight Night Location Evidence 1
Evidence 1

Evidence 2 – The Arena

Regardless of the exit door we use, we arrive in the area with the arena. However, if we acquire The Patriot’s disguise and we don’t use the door with the keycard, we must defeat Sanchez and only after that we can access the whole area.

Here, we must go to one of the bars in order to access the staircase leading to the catwalks. We walk around the catwalks to find the room overlooking the arena (where the staff is).

Inside the room, on the table with the TV, we can find the tape with the second Evidence in Fight Night.

Exiting the arena after getting rid of Sanchez will complete the mission and unlock Attack of the Saints.

Hitman Absolution Fight Night Location Evidence 2
Evidence 2
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