Hitman Absolution Absolution Evidence 3 Location

Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations Absolution

Absolution is the final mission in Hitman Absolution, following the events of the previous level named Countdown.

Six months later, after saving Victoria, Agent 47 tracks down Travis at a church.

Travis is here to exhume Diana Burnwood, because he is unsure whether she’s dead or not.

Absolution features three Evidence collectibles, and the hints and tips in the following guide help us find them faster.

Note: Challenges cannot be completed on EASY

Mission Details

A Personal Contract

“Diana. I have kept my promise. Victoria is safe. Her future is now her own. Only one thing remains. Travis. He is out there. Hiding behind ICA muscle. His cowardice only matched by his increasing paranoia. This is how it’s supposed to be. Me. A target. A contract. I already know how this will end.”

Evidence 1 – Cemetery Entrance

When the mission begins, we are equipped with a sniper rifle and we are in a great sniping position. If we want the things to go faster, we could snipe a few enemies without being detected.

Otherwise, we should slowly ditch the enemies, one at a time, at least until we have one of the sides of the cemetery cleared.

Once we acquire a disguise, we need to head to the center of the area (at the crossroad). While facing the gate at the end of the road, we look on the small cement wall to our right side to spot the first Evidence in Absolution.

Hitman Absolution Absolution Evidence 1 Location
Evidence 1

Evidence 2 – Burnwood Family Tomb

When we arrive in Burnwood Family Tomb area, our task is to find Jade and then kill her.

The second Hitman Absolution Evidence is in the main region of this area, where most enemies are (and also Jade, if we go here first). Without the proper disguise is hard to collect it unnoticed.

Therefore, when we begin this part of the level, we walk on the path and we turn left at the second intersection. We take care of the enemy that’s inside (right side) and in the meantime the other two that are talking, will leave. We eliminate them as well, and then we climb the stairs.

At the top of the stairs is another patrolling enemy. We lure him away from the gate and then we head inside carefully. On some crates nearby is a technician uniform, and the other opponents can’t see through this disguise (apart from the other technician that it is here).

Now, we can go pass the tree, and near the stairs we can find more crates. The ones that have the computer briefcase hiding spot (it can be used if we’re wearing another disguise) also have the dossier with the Evidence.

Hitman Absolution Absolution Evidence 2 Location
Evidence 2

Evidence 3 – Crematorium

We finish Jade and we head to the Crematorium area. Here we have to get rid of the Praetorians, the most dangerous enemy in the game.

They’ve set up laser mines all over the cemetery, so it is a good idea to use Instinct as much as possible. The third Evidence in Absolution is at the top of the hill, ahead of the church.

Before going after it, it is recommended to eliminate the Praetorians in order to move freely. Once we deal with them, while facing the statue that’s just below the church’s level, we turn right.

We should see some boxes, and on top of them the dossier with the Evidence. This is also the last Evidence collectible in the game, and assuming that we followed the complete Hitman Absolution guide, we should receive the Information is Power achievement/trophy.

All that is left to do is deal with Benjamin Travis to complete the story of Hitman Absolution.

Hitman Absolution Absolution Evidence 3 Location
Evidence 3
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