Hitman Absolution A Personal Contract Evidence 2 Location

Hitman Absolution Evidence Locations A Personal Contract

Hitman Absolution A Personal Contract represents the first mission in the video game and it is the Prologue, where we learn the basics and the game’s mechanics.

It’s also the first level where we can find Evidence collectibles. A Personal Contract starts after the introductory cinematic in which the main characters are shown to us.

Diana Burnwood, Agent 47’s former handler, betrayed the agency, and now that her location has been found, it is 47’s job to kill her.

Also, he must find a girl named Victoria, which is very important to the agency.

The following guide explains where to find the Evidence collectibles in A Personal Contract level and it must be used in the same order as below, in order to acquire all Evidence pieces in the first playthrough.

Note: Challenges cannot be completed on EASY

Mission Details

Rogue Handler

“According to ICA division chief Benjamin Travis, my former handler Diana Burnwood has gone rogue, taking with her a valuable agency asset; a girl named Victoria. My objective: eliminate Diana and retrieve the girl. Personal note: Diana saved my life. Although the grounds for termination are just, I take no pride in this assignment. She is my target. I must not get personally involved.”

Evidence 1 – Cliffside

The first Hitman Absolution Evidence can be found in A Personal Contract mission after we pass the gardens, when we get inside the mansion using the ledges. We have to eliminate the first guard inside the mansion (the Cliffside area) and then we need to disable the security systems.

Near the controls of the security system we can find the Evidence collectible in the form of a video tape, on the shelves that are housing the computer servers. This is also the point where we find out the role of the Evidence collectibles.

Evidence 1

Evidence 2 – Mansion Ground Floor

The second Evidence in A Personal Contract is inside the living room located at the floor level in the mansion ground area.

In the room with many guards, where we have to get the keycard from the head of security, there’s a small circular waiter with a vase of flowers on top of it. Also on the table is a dossier with the Evidence we’re searching for.

A good way to infiltrate unnoticed is to acquire the chef’s suit from the kitchen.

Finishing the level unlocks the next mission named The King of Chinatown.

Evidence 2
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