Half-Life 2 Episode Two Cheats and Trainers

Half-Life 2 Episode Two Cheats and Trainers

The following game guide reveals a cheating method that can be used by all Half Life 2 Episode Two fans who want to beat the game faster.

Our Half-Life 2 Episode Two cheating guide introduces a trainer, tested on the Steam version of Half-Life 2, which is compatible with both Half-Life 2 Episode One and Half-Life 2 Episode Two .

Half-Life 2 Episode 2 is a first person shooter (FPS) video game developed by Valve Corporation and released on October 10, 2012 in North America, and Europe, for PC and Xbox 360.

The PlayStation 3 version was released several weeks later because it was produced in UK by Electronic Arts. The Steam version was released worldwide on October 10, 2012.

On October 18, fans from the rest of the world were also able to purchase their Half-Life 2 Episode Two copies.

Episode 2 follows the events of Episode One, with Gordon and his teammates moving from City 17 to a rural area.

Similar to previous titles, Half Life 2 Episode Two is played from a first person perspective, and the player controls Gordon Freeman in his fight against the aggressive aliens.

Solving important tasks is essential to move forward in the game, and multiple achievements can be unlocked after completing sepecific tasks.

Optional tasks will also unlock achievements for those who choose to finish them.

Half-Life 2 Episode Two Cheats and Trainers

Players who decide to cheat the second episode of Half-Life 2 have at their disposal DLH.net, a website that offers free trainers.

To use the trainer featured in our Half-Life Episode 2 guide, follow these steps:

Download the trainer from DLH.net

Extract the file included in the archive: half_life2_steam_trn+6  

Copy the file in the game’s directory

Launch the trainer, then the game

Press de following keys to activate the Half-Life 2 Episode Two cheats below.

List of Half-Life 2 Episode Two Cheats for PC

F1 – Sets unlimited health

F2 – Sets unlimited shield

F3 – Activates the unlimited ammo code

F4 – Activates the 1 hit kill cheat

F5 – Sets unlimited battery power

F7 – Activates the unlimited grenades option

Half-Life 2 Episode Two Cheats and Trainers
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